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January - February 2017

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2017, a Year of Celebration
The Fatima Apparitions, Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
The Rosary is the Gospel on its Knees
Jesus Recognized as King of Poland
Peru Consecrated to Jesus and Mary
Why a Feast of Christ the King?
Questions and Answers from DOCAT
God’s Greatest Enemy is Money
The State of the Soul
Freemasonry, an Instrument of Satan
New Economics for an Age of Plenty
Social Credit and Foreign Trade
Our Lady of Good Success
The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success

Cover page:

The tallest statue of Jesus in the world is located in Swiebodzin, in western Poland. It was inaugurated on November 21, 2010, the solemnity of Christ the King.
It stands 118 feet (36 metres), 3 metres taller than Rio’s Christ the Redeemer.


March - April 2017

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The fast I like best
Message for Lent 2017
To promote each man and the whole man
For a better understanding of Social Credit
The greatness of St. Joseph
Prayer to Saint Joseph for the Church
Apparitions of St. Joseph in the U.S.A.
Make family great again
Knees to love Christ
Why a Eucharistic Rosary procession?
What makes a family holy?
Cardinal Nichols renews consecration of England and Wales to Mary
Act of Consecration of England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Indulgences for the 100th Anniversary of Fatima
Teaching on Communion for the divorced and remarried
Prayer of abandonment


Mai - June - Jully 2017

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Centennial of the Fatima Apparitions
Canonization of Jacinta and Francisco
Fatima’s mission is not complete
“Dear pilgrims, we have a Mother!”
Douglas conceived Social Credit in 1917
Social Credit in brief
Increased automation, blessing or calamity?
Consecration to Christ the King
Montreal was founded 375 years ago
Freemasonry and Christian faith are not compatible
TV? Turn it off
Message of the three Sacred Hearts
St. Joseph Chaplet
Heart speaks to heart
Men and women, the goal of economy


August - September 2017

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Removing the financial obstacle
Consecration of Canada to Mary
The Dogma of the Assumption and the Crowning of Mary
Abortion is not a Canadian “core” value
The Canadian Bishops denounce the gender theory
The Glories of Mary
To render financially possible
Social Credit is a conviction
The danger of microchip implants
Today’s new revolutionaries
To be able to enter Heaven
The Holy Relic of Our Lady of Comoroto
People become anesthetized
Prayer brings you closer to Jesus
The remarkable story of Francis Kelly
Jesus’ peace is real
Quis ut Deus? (The role of St. Michael)

Cover page:

The Coronation of the Virgin by Diego Velazquez


October - November - December 2017

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The Rosary will save the world
Love of money is at the root of all evil
Our economic liberation through Social Credit
Money created at the rate of production
Réjean Lefebvre leaves for Heaven
2018 Calendar
Money at the service of the people
Rosary on the Borders
Our Lady of Chiquinquirá, Colombia
Blessed Solanus Casey
Extraordinary signs
Our Mother’s tears of joy


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