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1955 Quebec City Congress

Tuesday, 07 December 2021
Entrance to the Victoria Park grounds
Victoria Park Arena
Mr Louis Even, General Director of the movement
Ms. Gilberte Côté-Mercier, First Assistant
Madame Côté-Mercier addresses the participants
The Parliament of Quebec, invaded by the Social Crediters
A sea of white berets in front of the Quebec Parliament
The Creditist flag flies victoriously over the Quebec City Parliament
Preparing for the congress: decorating at home
A well-decorated shop window: that of Mr G. St-Hilaire
Mr. J. Couillard's gas station
Another vitrine announcing the congress
Creditist flag in the spotlight at Garage Paradis & Fils
The interior of the arena is being decorated
Flags are put up outside the arena
Alphonse Pelletier places large flags
The speakers' table is decorated
Running an iron on the crumpled flags
Mounting flags on poles
Getting ready to sell the small flags
Still at work setting up flags
A small flag seller ready to go: Even Provencher
A whole section of the arena covered with maps
The decoration of the stage is finished
A map of Quebec City guides foreigners
Queen Victoria wears beret and flag
Map of the Quebec City area inside the arena
In a corridor inside the arena
On the road to the congress: caravan of cars
caravan of cars
caravan of cars
caravan of cars
caravan of cars
Caravan of cars
Caravan of cars at the Quebec Bridge
Caravan of cars
The Victoria Park Bridge. The parking lot In the background
On the parking lot
On the parking lot
On the parking lot
On the parking lot
On the parking lot
On the parking lot
These flags can face any speed
Arrival of congressmen
The Marseillaise song, all together
Saturday afternoon: the arena is full
The crowd is overflowing outside
Welcome by H.H. Mayor Wilfrid Hamel, of Quebec City
Mr. Louis Even gives the opening address
Mrs. Côté-Mercier reads a parchment that she will give to Mr. Louis Even on behalf of the Social Crediters
Mr. Louis Even and Mayor Hamel shake hands
The Honourable Edgar Fournier (New Brunswick) welcomed to the podium
Mr. Antonio Mignault at the microphone
Part of the audience. Mr. Even at the microphone on Saturday evening
The conqueror Paul L'Ecuyer decorated by Mr. Even
Conqueror Gérard Ledoux receives a decoration
The conquerors J.-Émile Ouellet and Roméo Clément
Distribution of flags to the year's subscription aces
The General-Director communicates his determination
The great missionary director, Gérard Mercier
Mr. Even introduced Mr. Borge Jensen and Miss Richardson from Scotland
Mr. Ron. Gostick, Ontario Social Crediter and journalist
Mr. Borge Jensen from Scotland
From left to right: Miss Richardson, Mrs. E. Fournier, The Honorable E. Fournier, Mr. Borge Jensen
The Creditist flag in front of the balustrade, in the church of St-Roch
In St-Roch church during the sermon
St. Roch church is full
The large number of communicants - St-Roch church
During mass - St. Roch church
At St-Roch, at the exit of the church
At St-Roch, at the exit of the church
At St-Roch, at the exit of the church
At St-Roch, at the exit of the church
At St-Roch, at the exit of the church
A band from Quebec City opens the big parade on Sunday afternoon
In the big parade: a part of the flags
The big parade to the Parliament
The big parade to the Parliament
The big parade to the Parliament
The big parade to the Parliament
The big parade to the Parliament
The Parliament of Quebec, in early afternoon
Parliament stormed... peacefully
The Directors, followed by the honor guard
The guard of honor divided
The guard of honor moves to each side of the Parliament
Part of the crowd in front of the Parliament
Ottawa's Champlain Guard (right)
The white berets take the field
Honor guard and crowd north of the stage
Honor guard and crowd south of the stage
Parliamentarians surrounded by flags
Parliamentarians surrounded by flags
Parliamentarians surrounded by flags
Parliamentarians surrounded by flags
Mrs. Côté-Mercier opened the meeting with a vibrant speech
Mr. Louis Even exposes the requests of the social crediters
"Gentlemen, the dictatorship of money is unjustifiable... "
Me J.-Ernest Grégoire thanks the speakers
The Honourable Jacques Miquelon
The Honourable Edgar Fournier of New Brunswick
MP René Hamel
MP Jean-Paul Noël
MP Reynold Bélanger
MP Bernard Pinard
MP Antonio Marquis
Crowds in the vicinity of the Parliament
The Creditist flag in a window of Parliament
Creditist flag on the 2nd floor of Parliament
Creditist flag on the 2nd floor of Parliament
Creditist flag on the 3rd floor of Parliament
In front of the Parliament of Quebec
In front of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré basilica
In the arena on Sunday evening. On the stage, mayors and aldermen
The arena is full for the session dedicated to the municipalities
The arena bleachers are also filled to capacity
A part of the audience, on Sunday evening, during the speech of Mr. Even
Mayors and councilors on the stage. At the microphone, Alderman F. Bouffard
Alderman Fernand Bouffard of Ville Jacques-Cartier
Some mayors and aldermen on the stage
Some of the mayors and aldermen
The arena is packed on Sunday night
At the microphone: Mr. Roméo Vadnais, Mayor of St-Nicéphore
Alderman Germain Morris of Dolbeau
Alderman L.-P.-Antoine Bélanger of Beaupré
Alderman Antonio Baril of Drummondville
The Mayor of Rouyn, Mr. Maurice Caouette
The Mayor of Dolbeau, Mr. Armand Vézina
The Mayor of Ste-Monique, Mr. Arthur Larouche
Some of the mayors and aldermen
The Mayor of Ville Montmorency, M. Magella Laforest
Alderman Gérard Voyer of Shawinigan
Alderman Julien Vallières of Shawinigan
Councillor Alfred Gagliardi of Montreal
Mr. Alfred Gagliardi receives a beret from Mrs. Côté-Mercier
Mr. Alfred Gagliardi, wearing the beret, shakes hands with Mr. Even
At the door of the Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré basilica
In front of the basilica of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré
In front of the basilica of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré
In front of the basilica of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré
In the basilica of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré
At the altar, the officiant, the deacon and the subdeacon during the mass
The blessing at the end of the mass
Creditists at the foot of the statue of the maid St. Anne
Veneration of the relic of the good St. Anne
Creditists pray privately
Devotees to their private devotions
Part of the crowd leaving St. Anne's Basilica
In the courtyard of the Collège de Ste-Anne, the Champlain Guard and the Garde des Loisirs
In the courtyard of the College, despite the fatigue, we stand
How to decorate your car
After the sign, the flag
The joy of meeting again
A warm handshake
Mr. and Mrs. Louis-Philippe Bouchard with a friend
Creditist songs keep things lively
We sing all along the congress
The organizer of the Congress, Mr. H. Provencher, with fellow workers
At work before the convention: Messrs. C. Giguère, P. E. Guay and Gignac
The housing committee is busy
The Decorations Committee
Les préposés à la réception de l'abonnement ont fort à faire
The activity is blowing up at the subscription committee
"A beret, sir! "
A group that also wants to wear the beret
Mrs. Michel Charette offers a badge to Mayor Hamel
Mrs. Germain Bertrand offers flags to a group from Chicoutimi
"That Michael magazine is interesting, isn't it? "
During a session: one that will have a memory to keep
Crowd in front of the Basilica of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré
The whole family is very interested
Why not a flag on the back to display better!
Creditists from different places gathered for the improvised snack
Lac Megantic group
Congressmen at the restaurant
At the restaurant: modest meals but overflowing joy
In another restaurant
On the ground: sandwiches and baked beans are served
They brought their lunch
They too prefer to eat their own food
It's almost a picnic for all these young people
Near the truck where baked beans are served
Directors eat in a hurry too
We're packing up but there's plenty of room!
Mr. R. Duchesneau offers his apples. He has two truckloads of them
What good baked beans!
The smallest delegate, Jean-Luc Lapierre, 13 months
At the arena's playground. For young people it's sometimes tempting to go there to play
You have to study the map of Quebec City when you don't know the city
Group from St-Césaire in Montmagny where we went to sleep
Social Crediters from everywhere, even the Magdalen Islands and the United States
Social Crediters from Labelle County
Canada's Capital Creditists, Ottawa, in Quebec's Capital
Ontario is well represented
In the arena between two sessions
Creditists do not stay in hotels
We sleep on the floor
Improvised dormitory
The Boutin Choir singing with the crowd
The Boutin Choir in uniform
Another picture of the Boutin choir and its director
The Boutin Choir, in uniform, in front of Ste-Anne's Basilica
The Boutin choir during a performance
The Champlain Guard of Ottawa
The Champlain Guard on the move
Ottawa's Champlain Guard performing
Mackayville Recreation Guard
Other photo of the Recreation Guard
The Border Guards whose service of order was so appreciated
A member of the Ottawa Champlain Guard
Lieutenant Lemire, Quebec City Police, with Mme Côté-Mercier and Mignault
From left to right: Mr. Even, Mr. R. Caouette, Mrs. Côté-Mercier, MPs P.-E Goulet and J.-P. Noël
In front of Parliament
Visitors from New Brunswick with the Directors
From left to right: Mr. L. Even, Mrs. Côté-Mercier, the Honorable E. Fournier, MP L. Fortin from New Brunswick
Mr. Borge Jensen and Miss Richardson with the Directors
The municipal authorities of Quebec City with the directors of the movement
Saguenay and Lac St-Jean Group
At Ste-Anne's: the College Gallery serves as a forum for Directors and Fulltimers
Full-time missionaries and directors on the arena stage
Full-time missionaries and directors
Congress over, the flame of Social Credit is burning brighter than ever
All the people standing: the best hope for success

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