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Freemasonry and the Christian Faith are not Compatible

on Monday, May 01, 2017.

A Call to Order by the Ivory Coast Bishops

Freemasonry is an “instrument of Satan” seeking to destroy the Church

on Saturday, December 31, 2016.

Interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Pope Leo XIII condemns Freemasonry and its agenda against marriage, family and education

on Tuesday, January 01, 2013.

Excerpts from the Encyclical Humanum Genus on Freemasonry, April 20, 1884

The evils of Freemasonry

by Melvin Sickler on Saturday, October 01, 2011.

Masonry and Marxism in Mexico

by Louis Even on Monday, August 01, 2011.

Freemasonry is the beast like a leopard

on Thursday, May 01, 2003.

A Message from the Blessed Virgin to Don Gobbi

HUMANUM GENUS - Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII on Freemasonry

on Thursday, May 01, 2003.

“They are planned the destruction of Holy Church publicly and openly”

Why Freemasonry has always been condemned by the Catholic Church

by Melvin Sickler on Wednesday, March 01, 2000.

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