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Videos on Social Credit Philosophy

This series of animated lessons was produced by advocates of Douglas Social Credit in Australia and addresses all aspects of Clifford Hugh Douglas' analysis beginning with Lesson 1, What is the Purpose of Money through Lesson 18, Social Credit and inflation.

The videos provide an analysis of the economic system developed by Douglas in the early part of the 20th century; an analysis that holds true to this day.

A sound money system is the answer to every social and economic problem - from highway congestion to paying property taxes to eradicating the causes of war! Enjoy this great teaching tool suitable for young and old.

Episode #1: What is the Purpose of the Economy?


Episode #2: What is Money and Where Does it Come From?


Episode #3: Money and the Economy


Episode #4: The Gap


Episode #5 - The Causes of the Gap


Episode #6 - Conventional Methods of Dealing with the Gap


Episode #7 - A Favourable Balance of Trade?


Episode #8 - The Consequences of the Gap


Episode #9 - Full Employment


Episode #10 - A National Monetary Policy


Episode #11 - The Compensated Price and Affordability


Episode #12: The National Dividend and Leisure


Episode #13 - Why Social Credit is not Socialism


Episode #14 - Scottish Social Credit vs. Chinese Social Credit


Episode #15: The 9th Consequence of the Gap


Episode #16: Social Credit and Usury


Episode #17: The Distribution of Credit


Episode #18: Social Credit and Inflation


Episode #19: Social Credit, MMT, and the Great Reset


Episode #20: Why Social Credit is not Capitalism


Episode #21: Social Credit and Classical Distributism


Episode #22 - A National Dividend vs. a Universal Basic Income


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