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The late Fr. Jacques Chaput

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pastor of Rougemont

Diane Boucher

by Thérèse Tardif on Monday, 31 March 2008. in Obituaries

In loving memory of our economist for Social Credit

Diane BoucherDiane Boucher, from Lac Delage, near Quebec, died on May 4th at the age of 55 years old. She received death with courage, her greatest sorrow was to leave her children: Louis-Michel, Anne-Gabrielle, Victor-Joel and Catherine-Sophie. She made many sacrifices to give them a good education and to transmit the Catholic faith, and left a very lucrative job in computer research (in which she had a Masters’ degree), in order to homeschool her children, something that she undertook on her own.

She learned Social Credit through her husband, Francois Couture, and decided to take courses in economic science at the University of Laval in order to prove the truthfulness of Social Credit.

She studied the theory in depth... And she compared orthodox economics and the new economy proposed by the Scottish engineer Major Clifford Hugh Douglas, she read all his books. Gifted with a brilliant intelligence, the deeper she went into the subject, the more she was enthralled. A professor recognized the value of her research and accepted to guide her work. She was then able to obtain her Masters’ degree in economics and she already had a Master’s degree in research.

She was illuminated by Social Credit: “I do not say that I believe that Social Credit is good, but I say that I KNOW THAT SOCIAL CREDIT IS GOOD.” She went to the bottom of the question...

She realized that her convictions did not bring her honors, applause or a higher level of living; because she understood the power against which she was fighting. She stood up to the consequences rather than renounce the truth.

At the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, on September 29, 2003 she told me:

“I know that the economists would never admit that they had studied an error, it had to be an engineer that discovered the grave errors in the present financial system.

“C.H. Douglas affirmed that this fault in the system of prices causes an accelerated reduction of the purchasing power and that it is impossible to correct this problem in the financial system where the money is a good that is fabricated and commerce is in view of the profits. According to him, the correction demands a financial system where the purchasing power and the currency is adjustable for the direct manipulation at the level of prices and the general distribution of a dividend based on the capacity of national production.

“So, my wish would be to form the economists of the future following the thoughts of Douglas.”

A little while later, at the office of the Michael Journal, we received a letter from Catholic Action from the Diocese of Cracow in Poland, dated September 29, 2003, which is the feast of St. Michael the Archangel that was the same day that Mrs. Boucher told me of her plans.

On December 5-7th, 2003, Catholic Action organized a seminar in Zakopane, in which the principal subject was Social Credit, and they asked us to participate.

Mrs. Diane Boucher and Mr. Alain Pilote accepted the invitation to represent the Institute of Louis Even for Social Justice at this seminar. They really interested the participants in Social Credit; this group consisted of intellectuals from different professions, who were already sympathetic to the idea: economists, professors, engineers, doctors and a deputy. Our two representatives were also invited to speak about Social Credit on Radio Maria. The seed was planted on good soil.

Since that time, Mrs. Boucher applied herself to conceive a model of the application of Social Credit. Providence will see that though her work is unfinished, it be continued, so that finally justice will be established in the world.

Spiritually prepared to enter into Heaven, she left us in May “the month of Mary, the most beautiful month.” A believer, she fought her whole life for justice, and Jesus opens His Heart wide in order to welcome her into His Kingdom where all is truth.

The Mass of May 24th will be celebrated at the St. Michael House for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Diane Boucher.

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Great benefactress of “Michael” and mother of Gilberte Côté-Mercier