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The late Mrs. Isabelle Mikolainis of Toronto

on Thursday, 01 March 2012. Posted in Obituaries

Mrs. Mikolainis with Gerard Mercier in 1976.

Mrs. Isabelle Chartre-Mikolainis of Toronto, died at the age of 98 years of age, on March 5th. You see her, here in the photo, with Gerard Mercier who is giving her a medal of honor for her great apostolate.

Mrs. Mikolainis was struck by the light of Social Credit when she was still a young girl and living in Abitibi, Quebec, with her parents. At the beginning of the movement, Pilgrims of St. Michael organized tours of apostolate in Abitibi and were all lodged at the house of the Chartre family who also helped to organize meetings.

Mrs. Mikolainis was faithful to the apostolate work of the Pilgrims of St. Michael until she died. She married Walter Mikolainis, a Lithuanian man from Toronto. In this great city, she continued to do her apostolate with the families. Even though she was quite old, Mrs. Mikolainis distributed many leaflets of MICHAEL in her apartment building and took subscriptions to the magazine. She also helped in organizing the monthly meeting held on Bloor St. in downtown Toronto, she would help to call the people to invite them.

We thank God for the gift of Mrs. Isabelle Chartre-Mikolainis, for her great efforts to support and propagate the mission of the Pilgrims of St. Michael. May her soul rest in peace; she is now receiving from Heaven the reward of her labours.

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