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Canonization of Jacinta and Francisco Marto

on Saturday, 13 May 2017. in Apparitions

May 13, 2017: Centennial of the Apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima

Message of the Three Sacred Hearts

on Monday, 01 May 2017. in Apparitions, Saint Joseph


The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success

on Sunday, 01 January 2017. in Apparitions

The Fatima Apparitions 1917-2017

by Alain Pilote on Sunday, 01 January 2017. in Apparitions

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Our Lady of Good Success

on Saturday, 31 December 2016. in Apparitions

Prophecies for our times

“Lady in Blue”

on Monday, 01 August 2016. in Apparitions, Saints & Blessed

The Appparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary in San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Argentina

on Saturday, 30 April 2016. in Apparitions

Officially recognized by the Church

The Angel of Fatima

on Saturday, 30 April 2016. in Apparitions

100th Anniversary

Theresa Neumann

on Tuesday, 01 March 2016. in Apparitions, Saints & Blessed

Mystic, Stigmatist and Victim Soul (1898-1962)

The secrets of La Salette

on Friday, 01 January 2016. in Apparitions

Message of St. Michael

on Thursday, 01 January 2015. in Apparitions

Our Lady of Guadalupe

by Yves Jacques on Saturday, 01 January 2011. in Apparitions, Virgin Mary

Patroness of the new Evangelization

The 150th anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes

on Monday, 31 December 2007. in Apparitions

The final struggle between the Church and the Anti-Church

The vision of Pope Leo XIII

on Saturday, 30 June 2007. in Apparitions, Prayers & Rosaries

The prayer to St. Michael

Messages of Our Lady in Akita, Japan

on Saturday, 01 October 2005. in Apparitions, Virgin Mary

Serious Messages for the world, like at Fatima

The victory of Christ over hell

on Monday, 01 March 2004. in Apparitions, Jesus

As reported by Mary of Agreda

I am Our Lady of America

on Thursday, 01 January 2004. in Apparitions, Virgin Mary

Freemasonry is the beast like a leopard

on Thursday, 01 May 2003. in Apparitions, Freemasonry

A Message from the Blessed Virgin to Don Gobbi

Prayer, penance, and conversion asked Our Lady at Fatima

on Saturday, 01 March 2003. in Apparitions

Wars are chastisements for the sins of men

The Apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531

on Tuesday, 01 October 2002. in Apparitions

On July 31, 2002, Pope John Paul II canonized the seer, Juan Diego

Messages of Our Lady of Sorrows in Kibeho, Rwanda

by Thérèse Tardif on Monday, 01 October 2001. in Apparitions

In Kibeho, Our Lady had precited, in 1984, the horrible war of 1994