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Messages from heaven given to Luz de María de Bonilla

on Friday, 01 January 2021. Posted in Apparitions

Luz de María de Bonilla is a Catholic mystic, stigmatist, wife, mother, Third Order Augustinian, and prophet from Costa Rica, currently residing in Argentina. She grew up in a very religious home that had a special devotion to the Blessed Eucharist and, as a child, experienced heavenly visits from her guardian angel and the Blessed Mother, whom she thought of as her companions and confidants.

On March 19, 1992, the Blessed Mother began speaking regularly to Luz de María. Since then, she has mostly received two messages each week and occasionally, only one. The messages originally came as internal locutions, followed by visions of Mary, who came to describe Luz de María’s mission. “I had never seen so much beauty,” Luz said of Mary’s appearance. “It’s something you can never get used to. Each time is like the first.” Several months later, Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel introduced her to Our Lord in a vision, and in time, Jesus and Mary would speak to her of coming events, such as The Warning. The messages were private initially but then became public, and by divine command she is to communicate them to the world.

Father José María Fernandez Rojas has remained confessor to Luz de María from the beginning of her locutions and visions, and two priests work with her permanently. The messages she receives are audio recorded by two people and then transcribed by a religious sister. One priest makes spelling corrections and another gives the messages a final review before uploading them to the website,, to be shared with the world. The messages have been gathered into a book entitled, Thy Kingdom Come, and on March 19, 2017, Juan Abelardo Mata Guevara, SDB, Titular Bishop of Estelí, Nicaragua, granted them the Imprimatur of the Church. His letter began:

The volumes that contain “private revelation” from Heaven, given to Luz de María from the year 2009 to the present time, have been given to me for ecclesiastic approval. I have reviewed with faith and interest these volumes entitled, THY KINGDOM COME, and have come to the conclusion that they are a call to humanity to return to the path that leads to eternal life, and that these messages are an exhortation from heaven in these times in which man must be careful not to stray from the Divine Word.

The messages in these volumes are a treatise of spirituality, divine wisdom, and morality for those who welcome them with faith and humility, so I recommend them for you to read, meditate upon and put into practice. I declare that I have not found any doctrinal error that attempts against faith, morality and good habits, for which I grant these publications the Imprimatur. Together with my blessing, I express my best wishes for the Words of Heaven contained here to resonate in every creature of good will. I ask the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and our Mother, to intercede for us so that the will of God be fulfilled “on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt. 6:10).

Here are excerpts from three recent messages received by Luz de Maria:

Message from St. Michael the Archangel, November 21, 2020

People of God, the history of salvation has always been infused by Divine Mercy but mankind has disobeyed the Will of God. This fact has resulted in mankind facing the consequences of the misuse of free will. Still, man has not taken previous lessons seriously and continues to refuse to obey and turn to God. Totally blind, the Creator is denied and mankind distances himself from the good, creating a future reflecting the great pride that it currently possesses.

It is essential that those with spiritual awareness remain alert to what is contrary to the Divine Will. The current antichrists that make up the world elite are deciding the destiny of humanity and handing it over to the devil. For this reason evil is awakening to such an extent at this time.

This generation has been entrusted with special love for the Holy Spirit, and people may open themselves to receive the gifts and virtues of the Holy Spirit for this moment. Listen! You must become fully converted and fully oriented to the spiritual so that the sacred Trinity may deserve “honor, power and glory for ever and ever” (Rev. 5: 13).

People of God, be firm in faith in the face of world globalization. It is not the Divine Will but rather the will of the world elite to dominate and bind humanity through the misuse of technology. Human beings with stunted faculties will not be capable of making decisions for themselves and will depend on those in control.

Men welcomed the modern world and erected sculptures that represented the devil as a sign of the power of evil over human beings. For this reason, I urge you to invoke Our Queen and Mother with the prayer, “Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin” at all times of the day. Remain in a state of grace, otherwise the devil mocks whoever says this prayer who is without merit.

Under the pretext of the present disease, the human body will be adulterated and this is not the Divine Will. The antichrists of the world will send another disease for men to surrender and willingly allow themselves to be sealed with the seal of evil.

Mankind, without being certain that they are manipulated, are aware of it because the Holy Spirit in each person gives the discernment to intuit what is being faced. For this one must pray in a state of grace, otherwise one will fall into the claws of the Antichrist, who is served by the current antichrists.

People of God, do not fear, but trust and increase faith, perseverance and the assurance that God protects his own and that the faithful will find the prize of eternal life. Do not decline in the faith. Move without fear, with the strength of the Holy Spirit and the protection of your Queen and Mother who does not abandon you.

Children, I see people disturbed by so much discouragement everywhere; who renounce good and exalt evil, thereby giving it strength to continue devastating humanity, mercilessly, not only through the economic power that the elite have, but also with the power yielded to freemasonry. Human creatures watch the advance toward total domination with great indifference. Open your eyes and see what is happening worldwide! The microchip is not a fantasy.

I do not speak to you as I spoke in the past. I speak to a generation that has achieved great discoveries, but have not discovered whom they serve as they agitate against the Law of God. In the past, armies went out to conquer lands and kingdoms. At this time, disease has been sent as an emissary to defeat the spirit of humans and conquer them, sealing them for the antichrist.

God is mercy, love, kindness, charity, forgiveness, surrender and hope. He is omnipresent and omniscient, he is almighty. Yes, he is!

And man? Man fights for supremacy and power. He is determined to dominate the entire world and stages attacks against the gift of life, rushing toward the extermination of man by man.

People of God, wake up! Our King and Lord Jesus Christ covers you with His Precious Blood. The Immaculate Heart will triumph. Queen and Mother of the last times, give us the protection of your Sacred Heart.

Commentary by Luz de Maria

We know that economic power has manipulated mankind, it has been imposed throughout history but we also know that throughout the history of salvation, heaven has continued to guide His people. Faced with the escalation of current events, we are heading for greater events already revealed, but that have not been fully explained. At this moment we see that the curtain is drawn quickly and we are looking at the scenario of world power showing itself more and more without reservation. We know who is behind it all. That is why Saint Michael insistently calls us to convert, to save our souls, to be witnesses of the great love of God toward His people, with certainty, faith, strength and without staggering. Amen.

Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary, November 16, 2020

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart, I am here to call you to conversion, which you must approach with determination to renounce what the world and its machinations offer which is designed that you would lose eternal salvation.

You find yourselves in a time of great trials. You are heading toward the greatest desolation you have ever experienced because of having turned away from God, denying him, rejecting him and accepting the devil as your god.

This generation is heading without stopping toward its encounter with the fulfillment of what the Father’s house has announced to you. The devil has put his poison into you, knowing in advance the greatest weakness of each of you; hence he has entered little by little, crawling smoothly like the poisonous snake that he is, and through habit, he has led you to view evil as good and to reject what is right and pleasing to God.

You must understand that Divine Mercy stands before His children. It is necessary not to confuse Mercy with ignorance, with excuses for continuing on the devil’s path, hoping to have time to save your souls when you have accepted what is worldly and replaced God’s law.

Beloved children, pray for America. The upheaval of man against man will recall the cruelty of the past. Pray for California as it will be forcefully shaken. Beloved children, pray that confusion would not lead more souls astray within my Son’s Church. Beloved children, pray. Another disease will take man by surprise through its aggression. I suffer for you, my children. Beloved children, pray, war between nations has become present; the nations are silently preparing for the dreaded Third World War.

My Son loves you; do not forget that He loves and protects you. I am here to protect you but you must turn away from evil. Go forward, form your human ego so that it would work and act for the good. Be wise, dearly beloved children: you need to return to my Son’s house.

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ, November 7, 2020

My beloved people, at this time, the powerful who govern the world are emerging. Within each order that they put out they are embedding the directives that are guiding this generation toward its encounter with pain, with the error that gives rise to pain, to chaos, to false religion that is not Mine, to a spirituality that is deliberately distorted so that you would lose your souls. Do not leave My side, do not leave, be firm!

Global economic power has among its objectives to alter the human mind, making you think that staying apart from one another is the remedy for eradicating disease. Children, not only are you confronted with this disease, but more diseases have been prepared for you, the product of human will, not My Will.

I call you to be My own love: transparent, so that you would trust each other and mutually protect one another, as they will succeed in keeping My churches closed and will distance you from Me. Successive uprisings of brother against brother are coming; human cruelty will come to light, as well as the global elites’ manipulation of nations.

My beloved people, do not wait for tomorrow. There must be change now! Shocking atmospheric phenomena will come from on high in connection with the approach of a celestial body that will unexpectedly draw near to Earth.

Do not wait for signs and signals to come. You are living in their midst and each moment will be greater and more extreme. My people, remain alert: do not fall into the clutches of the devil. You are expecting that they will call you to be sealed by the devil, but given the knowledge that man has acquired about evil’s objectives, the seal of the devil will be introduced without your realization. Do not lose your souls. Save your souls.

My people, in order to come to Me, you must pass through the crucible and be worthy. The will of proud man has accelerated events; the desire of the economically powerful for control has awakened disease; there is worldwide uncertainty. My people will not have foreign gods, but “they will be My people and I will be their God” (Jer 7:23) for ever and ever.

Commentary by Luz de María

This Word of our King and Lord Jesus Christ is a warning to humanity and a call to our conscience so that every human being would unmask their errors in advance and bring them before the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Do this before the pain of looking inside oneself is such a shock that one would feel the extreme pain of the Divine absence.

We see with pain, but attentive to the reality of the current situation, that the churches are being desecrated; that demonic fury decapitates images with a level of obsession that should put us on alert. As Our Lord announces to us in this message, communism has been reborn before the eyes of humanity and is advancing, not with its troops, but through activists trained to stir up mobs. These are the devil’s strategies at the present time, which is why our Mother says: “In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph”. Amen.

New invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

“Queen and Mother of the end times”

On August 28, 2006, a new invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was revealed to Luz de María by our Lord Jesus Christ under the title of “Queen and Mother of the end times”. A great part of the invocation to the Blessed Virgin Mary is gathered in one single image that represents her. Luz de María wrote, “ I share with you the description that our Blessed Mother explained to me regarding the symbols that make up the image of this invocation”:

“Upon my image rests the Holy Spirit, of whom I am Temple and Tabernacle.”

“My crown has three crosses: the middle cross belongs to my Son’s cross, the one on the right to remind you of Divine Mercy and how the repentant thief attained forgiveness and won heaven. The one on the left is for you to keep in mind who mocked my Son being on a cross and condemned himself.

“The scapular on my chest is a sign of the commitment that my children have so that their life will be like mine, in obedience and faith to the Word of God.

“My Sacred Heart illuminates the life of men and, in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

“In my Womb, my Son is seen in the Holy Eucharist, unfolding His Love through yellow rays.

“On the wrists of my hands you will notice a star, so that you remember that I am the Morning Star of the New Dawn and guide my Son’s people.

“My hands shine with light so that my children do not go astray. They see the light of the beacon of my hands, from which rays emanate that converge with the rays of my Son, present in the Holy Eucharist. The rays deposit themselves in blessing on the newborn child, who represents, firstly, Our beloved Angel of Peace — fruit of the Trinitarian Will — who is offered to humanity by the Hand of God the Father, who is guarding him. Secondly, the child represents the Holy Remnant that is being protected and maintained on the Earth by the Hand of God the Almighty Father.

“The Earth, at this instant, is surrounded by my Holy Rosary, just as the renewed Earth will continue to be surrounded by my Holy Rosary. And with each Our Father and every Hail Mary that you have prayed in the Rosaries and in other prayers, you have multiplied them to infinity, because prayers will always bear the fruits of life in abundance.

“The earth is shining, and the darkness will have passed. My invocation represents the hope of a new heaven and a new earth. Amen.”

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  • Diane

    13 March 2023 at 20:56 |
    Where can we get a picture of the Blessed Mother that was described in this post


  • Ang

    01 December 2022 at 15:30 |
    Is Luz de MarÍa de Bonilla approved by the church as a seer to follow?


  • Ken

    12 October 2021 at 17:16 |
    What is the best way to stay up to date on the latest divine messages?


    • Gabriel

      16 January 2022 at 23:27 |
      Go to Countdown to the Kingdom for the latest messages.

      God bless you


  • mary jane

    14 May 2021 at 15:30 |
    How beautiful the love of our Heavenly Mother is! I praise God for the beauty of her creation and for His love of mankind!


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