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Bringing the Rosary to the Four Corners of the Earth

Written by Yves Jacques on Sunday, 01 August 2021. Posted in Apparitions

“Those who pray, have hope. Those who pray little, are in great danger.

"Make me known and loved through the recitation of the Rosary."

This is the beautiful message from Our Lady given in a private revelation in San Damiano, Italy, in 1968 to the directors of The Pilgrims of St. Michael. This message prompted the first of many Rosary Crusades in which we visited homes throughout Canada, the U.S., South America and Europe to promote and spread devotion to the Holy Rosary.

Some people might say, "What does the Rosary have to do with Economic Democracy or Social Credit? I like Social Credit, but what does the Rosary have to do with it?"

First of all, if one truly desires the triumph of justice, promoted by The Pilgrims of St. Michael through Social Credit monetary reform, one must put the love of God first, followed by the love of neighbor. Loving one's neighbor must be complete and include a concern for both their temporal and spiritual needs. One of the spiritual needs so necessary today is the recitation of the Rosary in the family home.

How many times did our director, Madam Gilberte Cote Mercier, say to us, "If you want to obtain justice, you must pray the Rosary — spread the Rosary!" Those who listened to her counsel converted! To think it is possible to obtain justice without God is not comprehending the source of all justice, which IS God! So, in living the Holy Rosary, we can see how meditation on its mysteries teaches us to live as brothers and sisters and the desire for justice becomes realized and true.

Since 1968, The Pilgrims of Saint Michael have responded to Our Blessed Mother's request to make her "known and loved through the recitation of the Rosary". We have visited millions of homes and prayed the Rosary with individuals and families. We always invite each person to continue the practice every day, just as Our Lady asked at Fatima. For many, this is their first encounter with prayer as many people are not correctly catechised today.

Through the years, we have witnessed miracles as this prayer brings peace to hearts and comfort to those who are suffering. "There is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families… that cannot be solved by the Rosary" — Sr. Lucia of Fatima.

Our Lady's instructions were: "Make me known and loved through the recitation of the Rosary." Our Blessed Mother thus advised that we must hear and witness the Rosary being prayed. Special graces are received as we pray the Rosary with people in their homes.

Just as Our Lady instructed St. Domenic to promote the Rosary "to the four corners of the earth" as the means to "put down the heresy of the Albigensians", the evils of today will be crushed by that same Rosary! Even heresies circulating today within the Church will be vanquished by the Rosary! Some think that the Church must be "fixed" and that we must "save" the Church. The Catholic Church is HOLY! By criticizing, we are only risking the loss of faith in the true authority of the Church founded by Jesus Christ. He promised that, "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16:18).

This is not to say that we should not shine the light of truth and continue to condemn heretical teachings that may circulate but that we should also teach that the remedy is the Rosary and promote it more and more. Satan does not want us to spread the Rosary because he knows it will destroy his plans. It is Our Lady who heals hearts and converts heretics. She will be the one victorious in the battle.

This is a spiritual battle as we are fighting against Satan and the fallen angels. Our mission should be to make Our Lady known and loved through the recitation of the Rosary, teaching those we encounter how to meditate on the Gospel message contained in each of the Rosary's mysteries. We need humility, love and courage to reach out to our brothers and sisters with Our Lady's weapon, confident that she will do the rest.

We are entering the final battle predicted in Chapter 12 of The Book of Revelation. Many victories can be chalked up to the Rosary: Lepanto in 1571, Austria in 1955, Brazil in 1964 and Poland in 1981. There are many more. A one-world government, new age philosophies and the global elite are no match for the Queen of Heaven and her powerful weapon, the Rosary! We hold that the greatest victories of the Rosary are yet to come.

As Our Blessed Mother's faithful children, we can trust in her maternal care. She will crush the serpent's head and in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph. Let us rekindle our fervor to make her known and loved by the recitation of the Rosary and thereby usher in her triumph. She asks us to pray, do penance and make atonement for the conversion of sinners. We must see others as she sees them — with love and compassion. Many today are deceived by the dragon; the evil one. Our Lady wants us to pray for these lost souls. She is their mother and wants their conversion in order that they may be in Heaven with the Holy Trinity for all eternity. This is the good news!

Let us ask God, through Our Lady, for the grace to live in His Divine Will. She will lead us to the Eternal Banquet of Heaven. This is the work that St. Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort predicted for the Apostles of the Last Days. When God fills us with His flame of Love, it overflows, and we must extend that Love to the world. Our only desire should be for the holiness God wants for us. This is the Church's Universal Call to Holiness. This is when Jesus'and Our Lady's miracles will manifest all around us.

Many souls will be touched by our Rosary Crusades. Let us all renew our commitment that the Holy Spirit will guide us, as He continues to guide His holy Church.

Those who do not pray, are lost.”  — St. Padre Pio

“Our present life is given only to gain the eternal one, and if we don’t think about it, we build our affections on what belongs to this world, where our life is transitory. When we have to leave it, we are afraid and become agitated. Believe me, to live happily in this pilgrimage, we have to aim at the hope of arriving at our Homeland, where we will stay eternally. Meanwhile, we have to believe firmly that God calls us to Himself and follows us along the path towards Him. He will never permit anything to happen to us that is not for our greater good. He knows who we are, and He will hold out His paternal hand to us during difficulties, so that nothing prevents us from running to Him swiftly. But to enjoy this grace, we must have complete trust in Him...“ — Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina



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