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The secrets of La Salette

on Friday, 01 January 2016. Posted in Apparitions

The Secret of La SaletteOn October 2, 1999, the “secrets” revealed by the Virgin Mary to the two shepherds of La Salette on September 19, 1846, were discovered in the archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (formerly the Holy Office) by a French priest, Father Michel Corteville. The texts, written by the two seers, Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud, were handed to Pope Pius IX on July 18, 1851. These documents were the subject of a doctoral thesis in theology which was supported by Fr. Corteville in 2000 at the Angelicum, the Pontifical University of the Dominicans. This thesis of more than 1000 pages was summarized in 2002 in a format more accessible to a wider audience, in a book published by Editions Fayard, under the title “Découverte du secret de La Salette” (Discovery of the Secret of La Salerre) by Father Corteville and Father René Laurentin.

The prophecies of La Salette, like all prophecies, are conditional («if they do not convert [...] if the face of the earth does not change»). This is the case for example of Jonas who had prophesied the destruction of Nineveh, which did not occur, because its inhabitants did convert and repent.

Maximin’s secret (1851)

Maximin wrote his Secret at the bishop’s palace in Grenoble on July 3, 1851. The sealed envelope was given to Pope Pius IX:

On September 19, 1846, we saw a beautiful Lady. We never said that this lady was the Blessed Virgin but we always said that it was a beautiful Lady. I do not know if it is the Blessed Virgin or another person. As for me, I believe today that it is the Blessed Virgin. Here is what this Lady said to me:

If my people continue, what I will say to you will arrive earlier, if it changes a little, it will be a little later. France has corrupted the universe, one day it will be punished. The faith will die out in France: three quarters of France will not practice religion anymore, or almost no more, the other part will practice it without really practicing it.

Then, after [that], nations will convert, the faith will be rekindled everywhere. A great country, now Protestant, in the north of Europe, will be converted; by the support of this country all the other nations of the world will be converted.
Before all that arrives, great disorders will arrive, in the Church, and everywhere. Then, after [that], our Holy Father the Pope will be persecuted. His successor will be a pontiff that nobody expects. Then, after [that], a great peace will come, but it will not last a long time. A monster will come to disturb it. All that I tell you here will arrive in the other century, at the latest in the year two thousand.

Melanie’s secret (1851)

Melanie wrote her secret on July 3, 1851 in Corenc, at the Sisters of Providence. This is the following text:

Secret which the Blessed Virgin gave me on the Mountain of La Salette on September 19, 1846

Melanie, I will say something to you which you will not say to anybody: The time of the God’s wrath has arrived! If, when you say to the people what I have said to you so far, and what I will still ask you to say, if, after that, they do not convert, (if they do not do penance, and they do not cease working on Sunday, and if they continue to blaspheme the Holy Name of God), in a word, if the face of the earth does not change, God will be avenged against the people ungrateful and slave of the demon.

My Son will make His power manifest! Paris, this city soiled by all kinds of crimes, will perish infallibly. Marseilles will be destroyed in a little time. When these things arrive, the disorder will be complete on the earth, the world will be given up to its impious passions.

The pope will be persecuted from all sides, they will shoot at him, they will want to put him to death, but no one will be able to do it, the Vicar of God will triumph again this time.

The Priests and the Sisters, and the true servants of my Son will be persecuted, and several will die for the faith of Jesus-Christ. A famine will reign at the same time.

After all these will have arrived, many will recognize the hand of God on them, they will convert, and do penance for their sins. A great king will go up on the throne, and will reign a few years. Religion will re-flourish and spread all over the world, and there will be a great abundance, the world, glad to be lacking nothing, will fall again in its disorders, will give up God, and will be prone to its criminal passions.

[Among] God’s ministers, and the Spouses of Jesus-Christ, there will be some who will go astray, and that will be the most terrible.

Lastly, hell will reign on earth. It will be then that the Antichrist will be born of a Sister, but woe to her! Many will believe in him, because he will claim to have come from heaven, woe to those who will believe in him! That time is not far away, twice 50 years will not go by.

My child, you will not say what I have just said to you. (You will not say it to anybody, you will not say if you must say it one day, you will not say what it concerns), finally you will say nothing anymore until I tell you to say it!

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  • Christine Christine Conlon

    09 August 2022 at 13:02 |
    Dear Michael,
    Have you translated the entire La Decouverte du Secret de la Salette? I ask because, during the first Lockdown, my husband and I translated it fully for a Polish La Salette missionary in Peterborough.


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