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We mourn Bishop Camille Lembi of Congo

on Monday, 01 August 2011. Posted in Obituaries

who attended our latest week of study in Rougemont

Bishop Camille LembiMost Rev. Camille Lembi, Roman Catholic Bishop of the diocese of Isangi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was one of the ten bishops who attended our latest week of study on Social Credit in Rougemont last April, and like the other bishops, he was really thrilled by what he had learned during that week, and said that he was even ready for martyrdom to make our message known. We were very shocked when we learned that he died in an plane crash on July 8, 2011, at age 61. He was one of the 112 passengers of the Boeing 727, operated by Hewa Bora Airways, that crashed in the city of Kisangani, in the north east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We mourn him deeply, but we are sure that from Heaven, he will surely continue to help our Movement and his dear fellow Africans. Here is what he said at our headquarters in Rougemont last April:

I retained the essential part which means to change the system that crushes us today, this steamroller, this bulldozer that crushes everything in its path. If we band together, we can find a way to crush the system. That is what interests me. I will apply at home what I have learned here. What is important is to start something. It has been said that first of all, Social Credit is a confidence between peoples and groups. Because if there is no confidence, then there is no means to advance and no way to be together. So this base element must first of all be there: confidence between people who wish to do something.

It is a battle that we are fighting and we must fight with faith (we must be ready to die for this battle) because without faith, we cannot win the battle. The enemy is super-determined, they have well developed structures. The battle is difficult and you will leave feathers behind. There will be victims. But this should not make us afraid. They can kill the body but not the soul. So we should continue the battle because today’s system is making many victims. We cannot be silent! We should say this: “Look, if we speak, they will cut off our head!” No, no, we must be pioneers. Even if they cut our heads off, others will come after us and continue to speak. The blood of martyrs provokes still more martyrs. We cannot be afraid. Only fear will cause the battle to be stopped. So pray for us, because it is not easy for us at home to speak with such direct words (as you do) but I know that God will be with us and we will be victorious. Thank you.

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