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The late Maurice Dénommé

Written by Thérèse Tardif on Friday, 01 May 2009. Posted in Obituaries

Come good and faithful servant, enter into the Kingdom

Maurice DénomméMaurice Denomme, of New Liskeard, Ontario, died on April 27th at the age of 74. April 26th, Sunday, was the great feast of Divine Mercy. Mr. Melvin Sickler and Pascal Richard, two of our full-time Pilgrims, were at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Denomme to hold the monthly meeting of the Pilgrims of St. Michael. Mr. and Mrs. Denomme, in union with all of our full-times, were making the novena to the Divine Mercy. On Sunday morning, they went to Holy Mass and Holy Communion, then at the beginning of the meeting they recited the Rosary and the litanies of the Divine Mercy. Mr. Maurice Denomme was an asthmatic, and he was obliged to wear an oxygen mask. That evening he suffered an attack of asthma and had to be brought to the hospital, and he died at 5 o’clock.

We pray in union with our dear Mrs. Maurice Denomme and all the members of her family, for the repose of the soul of her husband, a fervent propagandist of the Work of the Pilgrims of St. Michael. What a treasure the Denomme family is for the Pilgrims of St. Michael, first in Laverlochere and then in New Liskeard! Tenacious to the point of bravado, faithfully devoted, charitable, and generous; those are the dominant qualities of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Denomme that come to mind. They were an example of a couple united in indissoluble marriage, who accepted with joy God’s gift of ten children, five boys and five girls.

The family of Maurice Denomme, 10 children and the family of Donat Bernier, 12 children, often united to distribute leaflets of MICHAEL in their region. They constituted a large group just by themselves: 25 distributors with the 22 children and 4 parents. "Happy the man who fears the Lord; his spouse will be a fruitful vine in the heart of his home, his sons olive plants around his table," says the Psalmist; we can attribute this to these two courageous and fervent couples.

M. and Mrs Maurice DenommeSince their youth, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Denomme were solid pillars in the movement. Fervent propagandists for MICHAEL, they did the Rosary crusade on weekends. Their home was a meeting place for the Pilgrims of St. Michael. Directors and full-times were received as brothers and sisters at their table and for lodging. Knowing the efficacy of the white beret, they always wore it, even to go to Holy Mass. And the white flag of the Pilgrims of St. Michael was always on their car, floating in the wind like a herald announcing to the population a new spring, better days to come.

They continually supported all of the decisions of the directors without objection, with a total confidence. No-one could attack the movement in front of them, they were straight like a sword and nothing could make them abdicate.

Their battle to teach their children at home cost them dearly, they were really persecuted. They were threatened by agents from the Children’s Aid; and they were obliged to go explain themselves in front of the judge, all this because they wished to defend the faith of their children. Mr. and Mrs. Denomme were inflexible; I don’t know many people who have done so much for their children.

God was their strength, and they reserved for Him four hours a day, two hours of prayers in the morning and two in the evening. Maurice Denomme is present in front of the Merciful Jesus, the King of love, with his arms full of merits. Can we cry, dear Mrs. Denomme, when we know what joy that he is now receiving, in recompense for the persecutions that he was subject to and the to the suffering that he endured?

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