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The late Mrs. Germaine Girard

Written by Thérèse Tardif on Sunday, 01 April 2007. Posted in Obituaries

"Nearer my God, to Thee"

Germaine GirardMrs. Germaine Bélanger Girard died peacefully at fifteen minutes past midnight on May 6. She was surrounded by her dear sister; Mrs. Cécile Larochelle and her brothers and sister, nephews and nieces, who accompanied her with hymns and prayers until her last breath. Her soul left for the Heaven while the hymn "Nearer my God, to Thee" was being sung by her family.

The parish priest had well prepared Mrs. Girard for this moment, for having given her the last rites, he came to bless her every day. Her long martyrdom is over; she now enjoys complete happiness with her God, whom she had loved and served by loving and serving others. Mrs. Girard was so charitable; one could have nicknamed her "Mother Charity". Her family and friends experienced her great charity, so it is easy to understand why she was surrounded with the love of her family during her illness. Dear Aunt ("Auntie") Germaine had been so good to her nephews and nieces!

She wholeheartedly loved the work of "Michael", and she loved all the full-time Pilgrims as well; it was a pleasure for her to help them whenever they were passing by her home. She also accompanied them on the door-to-door Crusade and the leaflet distribution with her sister, Mrs. Larochelle.

How delightful and encouraging it was for the full-time and local apostles of "Michael" to see the two sisters of Chicopee join them for the monthly meetings, yearly Congress and Siege of Jericho in Rougemont, Canada; they never hesitated to travel the long distance. All our apostles felt welcome in the home of Mrs. Girard and Mrs. Larochelle in Chicopee.

Mrs. Girard loved us very much, and we loved her as well. In Heaven she will certainly continue to show us love and tenderness, and keep up her fight against poverty. We thank you, Lord, for giving Mrs. Germaine Bélanger Girard to us.

Our Lady came to take Mrs. Girard to Heaven in the month of May, the month dedicated to Her. How many "Hail Marys" were said by Mrs. Girard and Mrs. Larochelle! Every day they prayed the fifteen decades of the Rosary and attended Holy Mass. The Holy Mass of our monthly meeting in Rougemont on May 27th was celebrated for the repose of her soul.

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