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In loving memory and gratitude for Pierre Marchildon and Diane Boucher

on Saturday, 01 November 2008. Posted in Obituaries

This is a memorial testimony given by Dr. Jan Wilk for two colleagues from the Pilgrims of St. Michael who passed away last year. Dr. Wilk is Vice-President of the central board of Catholic Action in Poland, and the organizer for several Polish science conferences in Zakopane. Economist Diane Boucher from Canada participated in these conferences in 2003.
The year that passed between the two Congresses in Rougemont from 2007 to 2008 were marked by a sorrow caused by the deaths of two people – Pierre Marchildon and Diane Boucher. The sorrow was even greater because, humanly speaking, their departure from the revered group of the Pilgrims of St. Michael was premature. The time of grieving after the loss of Pierre Marchildon had not yet passed, when we were stricken by the news of the death of Mrs. Diane Boucher. The day before we learned about her death, I was asked by Dr. Roman Szostek of Rzeszow Polytechnic University to send him the text of a report given by Diane Boucher at the conference in Zakopane in 2003. This is the same text published in the Polish edition of Michael Journal. Was this the way Diane wanted to rejuvenate us from Heaven, in order to propagate and implant the principles of Social Credit in our lives? I think we could understand it this way.
I was moved to read Miss Therese Tardif’s memories of a conversation with Diane Boucher on September 23, 2007. It was on the feast day of St. Michael that she (Miss Tardif) linked the invitation to the conference in Zakopane, that took place on that same day in 2003. According to the Directress, Diane said, “I know that the economists wouldn’t admit that they have studied error. It took an engineer who discovered the continuous error in the present financial system. Clifford Hugh Douglas stated that this error in the system of prices causes the increased reduction of purchasing power, and that the correction of this problem in the financial system where the money is only fabricated welfare and that commerce is being run for the sake of profit, is impossible. According to him the financial system needs to be corrected so that purchasing power and currency are regulated by direct operation on the level of price and by means of the universal distribution of dividends adjusted to the national production capacity. So I would like to educate the economists of the future who would follow the way of Douglas.”
While in Poland Mrs. Boucher demonstrated her knowledge of the subject of Social Credit on Radio Maria and at the conference in Zakopane. After the conference in Zakopane she wrote in the memoirs book: “I have finished this conference in a nostalgic mood. Warm reception and gentleness of one to another, open spirit on ideas of Social Credit, snowy fir trees – so much of these splendid memories I will hold in my memory and heart.”
Diane Boucher admitted at the Congress last year in Rougemont that the more she plunges into the theory of Social Credit, the more she was convinced of it… so much so, that she could say: “I do not believe that Social Credit is good, I KNOW IT IS GOOD.” From this statement comes A FLAME OF STRONG HOPE, because we know that this was said by a person who did enormous research using modern methods and modern techniques in the fields of mathematic modeling and computer stimulation in reference to complex systems. The results of this work are waiting to be duly put into general use and farther development.
The news of Diane’s death moved us. What we could read in the Michael Journal – the declaration of our Directress and the remembered lecture of Diane Boucher at the conference in Zakopane in 2003 – became to us a new challenge to propagate Social Credit, using both her written and spoken knowledge.
In commemorating Mrs. Diane Boucher, I see her as a person of unusual keenness, criticism and precision in the formulation of theses and conclusions. Her work, publications, and precise deductions are given to us as a collection of valuable arguments that are the specific language of understanding to those people who are open to work in economic science. Her deep analyses that she shared with us (Polish people) with great encouragement and concern for justice (to help the poor) on Radio Maria, at both the conference in Zakopane or the International Congress in Rougemont, are priceless materials that oblige us to develop and share with those who are capable of implanting Social Credit in life. The precise formularization of Douglas’ idea accomplished by Diane Boucher in form of mathematic models and conveyed through computer simulation is an important step in the direction of practical implantation in life of Social Credit as a system which may and should – in a smart and righteous way – serve all the people. We wish with all our hearts to do this. We count on Diane’s help from Heaven, praying sincerely that she will be there and pray for the necessary grace.
In commemorating Mr. Pierre Marchildon, I have before my eyes the memory of his honest, radiant and friendly smile when he welcomed us when we landed in Toronto with Fr. Joseph Jakubiec, who is Assistant of Catholic Action and Archbishop of Cracow. We were invited to Canada by Directress Therese Tardif for the International Congress of the Pilgrims of St. Michael in Rougemont in 2004. We could experience his friendliness each time we saw him at our numerous Canadian meetings.
One year prior to the conference organized in Zakopane by Catholic Action that was dedicated to the idea of Social Credit, Pierre Marchildon gave a talk on Radio Maria and denounced the gigantic fraud of International Financiers and secret societies that usurp the right to decide the fate of the world by playing with finances. Simultaneously he pointed out the idea of Social Credit as the medicine for a financial system that would serve all people instead of the present system that usurps the right to decide the fate of countries and all the people. Masses of people are condemned to live in misery and poverty, and only a small group are getting rich at their expense in measures that are in extreme disproportion and profoundly unjust.
As a guest of Radio Maria, Pierre Marchildon said: “I am happy to be on this land where the Polish people fought courageously against Communism. I also came to Poland to help the Polish people understand the damage that globalization and the New World Order made in Canada and to see the development of Social Credit in Poland.”
Mr. Pierre Marchildon, with the enthusiasm of an apostle, delivered his last speech a year ago at the Congress at the Institute of Louis Even in Rougemont. He wanted to infect his listeners with his enthusiasm. This desire of his obliges us to continue. He clearly pointed out the structure of evil that enslaves the entire world and did all he could, paying with his health, to clear the way of the idea of Social Credit as a counterweight to this gigantic evil. He did not live to see victory but showed his listeners the way to it. His work confirmed his words and was supported with his keen prayer. His speeches, pronounced with force and saturated with deep belief, fell strongly into the hearts and minds of his listeners. They were transparent with the vision of reality and the means of drawing people out of the shackles of which this inhuman, unjust system has tied them. His voice has to mobilize us to continue the work he started thirty-three years ago. Help us, Pierre, and pray for us so that we may have the necessary gifts from the Holy Spirit and that St. Michael will protect our work, so that our enemies cannot destroy us or our efforts.
The noble idea of Social Credit was soon in many of the Polish hearts because of the interventions of Pierre Marchildon, Diane Boucher, and Alain Pilote. At first they spoke on Radio Maria, next at the conference in Zakopane – to the hearts and minds of a chosen group of Polish people, deputies, self-government people, scientists and the members of Catholic Action and members of KSM (a radio station for the Catholic Youth in Poland). The dedication of these Honourable Lecturers who came with their whole heart, talent and rich knowledge to speak and defend the idea of Social Credit elaborated by Clifford Douglas with strong arguments, became for us a challenge and mobilization so that we could, with a greater effort, clear a path for this noble idea so that it could be implanted in society as soon as possible to replace the contemporary diabolic system.
The idea of Social Credit is alive in us even if the fruits are not yet visible; they are living like an embryo that is under a mother’s heart growing into a human being. At the same time, it gives us the hope that soon a time will come when the idea of Social Credit will see daylight, and, little by little, will be implanted in human life to liberate all misery and to establish justice. This particular relation of God and (His) people, that is to spread God’s Kingdom – the Kingdom of Peace, Love and Joy, whose Lord and King is Jesus Christ Who is still waiting to be introduced in the entire world – patiently waiting for the initiation of this act in Poland as it is demanded by Christ in His revelation to Blessed Rosalee Celak.
Let us hope that Diane and Pierre joined the zealous Pilgrims who preceded them: Louis Even, Gilberte Cote-Mercier and all the others; that they may help us together from Heaven.
We will develop their message and propositions with all our hearts and minds, in the hope that the idea of Social Credit will serve humanity very soon.
May the Lord embrace you, Honourable Pilgrims of St. Michael, and keep you in His Kingdom close to His Divine Heart full of love, and imbue your hearts with joy and peace forever. We ask you to help us and pray for the grace that a righteous economic system will be introduced soon.
Jan Wilk

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