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Consecration of the Work of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael to Christ the King

on Monday, 01 May 2017. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

Christ the King

The consecration ceremony of the Work of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael to Christ the King that we celebrated in Rougemont on May 7th was beautiful and touching. Thank you to all of those who prepared this grandiose ceremony: Fr. Patrice Savadogo of Ivory Coast, who wrote the act of consecration; Daniel Dauphinais, who made the crown and scepter; Fr. Martin Tshibumbu, a priest from Rome originally from the Congo, who gave a speech on Christ the King, and crowned the statue. (See picture.) Here is the act of consecration to Christ the King, written especially for this occasion:

Christ, King of the Universe, together with the Father and the Holy Ghost, You are the Creator! By Your sacrifice on the cross, You are the Savior!

We deplore the denial of the Faith and the refusal to obey God’s laws by so many amongst us, by governments who would rather serve Mammon than serve God, and by all who are subjected to the slavery of money.

Together with Paul, the apostle, we wish to remind everyone: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” (1 Tim 6:10.)

Money, Mammon rules over most of the world’s countries through a system of debt-money. All are bound by the chains of unpayable debts. This infernal monster gives birth to a culture of death and leads to choices that go against nature: abortion, mercy killing, same-sex marriage... These enforced choices and satanic laws are in opposition to the Reign of Christ, the King of the Universe.

Christ, King of the Universe, cast Your sovereign silence over the disquieting turmoil that has overtaken our economic life.

O Jesus, Most Adorable King of kings, millions of human beings die of hunger every day, whilst the Eternal Father provides for everyone’s basic needs in abundance.

Adorable Jesus, King of peace, of justice and love, King of the Universe, reign over the world so that each individual might enjoy his basic right, the right to feed himself.

Adorable Heart of Jesus, our beloved King, reign over all nations, over all families, over all of Your children upon earth.

Consecration to Christ the KingLord Jesus, we are gathered here today to proclaim Your most absolute Kingship over our family, the Pilgrims of Saint Michael. Lord Jesus, King of the Universe, from this moment on we want to partake in Your life and spread Your kingdom around us.

Lord Jesus, King of kings, may the virtues that run against the spirit of the world flourish amongst the Pilgrims of Saint Michael.
Reign over our minds through the simplicity of our faith.

Reign over our hearts through our unconditional love.

Reign over our lives through our frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist.

O divine King, preside over our meetings, bless our spiritual and our temporal endeavors.

O divine King, sanctify our joys, sooth our sorrows, free us from worry.

O divine King, foster the calling of young men and women who will become fearless apostles of Social Credit and Social Justice.

Should a Pilgrim of Saint Michael sin against You, O divine King, kind and merciful to the contrite, may Your pardon be Your victory.

And when the hour has come to part, when death casts its grief amongst us, deign to hold back Your justice for those departing, and for those who remain, to be forever subjected to Your eternal decrees.

In faith and in hope, we take comfort in awaiting the day when the whole family of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael will be reunited in Heaven to sing forever Your glory and Your blessings.

Through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, through the benevolence of Saint Joseph, the glorious patriarch, may our consecration find favor with the Lord Jesus, King of the Universe.

Long live the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Long live Jesus, King of our hearts and of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael! Amen.

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