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January - February 2014

Michael Journal january 2014 issueRead the entire issue


To render to each his due
Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium
Catholic teaching on capitalism
Message for World Day of Peace
Opening of a Holy Door in Quebec City
Solving the problem of hunger
Financing consumers
Towards economic security
Deadly “health” initiatives in Africa
Please, thank you, sorry
Take some Misericordina
Prayer to the Holy Family


March - April 2014

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Bear testimony to the truth
John Paul ll’s Veritatis Splendor
Let us give testimony to the truth
The miracle credited to John Paul II
Social Credit, for a healthy economy
The Sacrament of Reconciliation
Satan exists in the 21st century
How to make a good Confession
Message for Lent 2014
The Sacrament of Matrimony
Pope Francis with a 19-month-old pope
Social Credit Economics
Message of Jesus on the Eucharist
Pope Francis’ five finger prayer
When Martians visit us...
The lighter side


May - June - July 2014

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Historical canonization of two Popes
Canada’s two new saints
Pope Paul VI will be beatified
Anniversary of the work of Louis Even
Louis Even’s articles are still revelant
Historical notes on Social Credit
Public budgets and tax bondage
Money is only a symbol
I am a tapeworm
The present economic system is not good
Two great African prelates (Cardinal Agré)
Our final destiny: Heaven or hell
Message of Jesus on the Eucharist
Quebec legalizes euthanasia
Woman, you will be a queen or a slave
Give the people money
The Scapular of Mount Carmel
The testimony of Gloria Polo


August - September 2014

Michael Journal August 2014 issueRead the entire issue


Our Lady of Sorrows
Our Lady of Kibeho
61 Minutes
Birth Control
Progress — for Whom and Why?
The Conversion of Claude Newman
The Rosary Crusade
Discourse on the Family
Global Financial Ponzi Scheme
Gender Ideology is Demonic
The Five Stages in a Fall


October - November - December 2014

Michael Journal October 2014 issueRead the entire issue


Heaven does not leave us helpess
Pope Francis: World War III has begun
The right and duty to be apostles
The “false compassion” of abortion
Money is nothing but figures
How money is created
The mobilization of credit for production
Restore to the people the control of their own wealth
A Tale of Two Churches
800th Anniversary of the Rosary
The battle of Lepanto in 1571
Brief thoughts on the Rosary
The Synod on the Family in Rome
The family is the first cell of society
Beatification of Pope Paul VI
The devil exists, even in the 21st century
Two new Canadian saints
Blessed Mariam Baouardy
We have a guardian angel


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