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January - February 2018

Michael Journal january 2018 issueRead the entire issue


We will be Judged on how we Loved
The Poor, “Passports to Paradise”
For a Better World, a Social Credit Society
Social Credit Puts Money in its Proper Place
Jim Caviezel: “We Must Be Warriors for the Gospel”
Was the World Created by God?
St. John Paul II Defends Humanae Vitae
Hell is Real
The Vision of Hell of St. John Bosco
In Praise of Free Lunches
The Potential for Tech Tyranny
Moving Towards a Cashless Society
The Virgin of Guadalupe, Patroness of Estremadura
Saint Isidore of Seville — Patron of the Internet
“Stay with me, Lord”


March - April 2018

Michael Journal march 2018 issueRead the entire issue


Applying the Church’s Social Doctrine
Famous Quotes About Money
Protecting the Unborn
Message for Lent 2018
The All-Powerful Dictatorship of Money
It is Urgent to end the Scandal of Poverty
“We Came, We Saw and We Believed”
An Efficient Financial System
San Miguel”s Mission in Ecuador
Luisa Piccarreta, “The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”
The History of Banking Control in the United States


May - June - July 2018

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Do you wish to become a saint?
Apostolic Exhortation on holiness
Martha and Mary – action or contemplation?
Do not water down your faith in Jesus Christ
Saint Thomas More' Prayer
Mother Teresa’s admirer
Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
Christian motives for the virtue of purity
Prayer to Our Lady of Purity
The secret of Mary
Prayer of consecration to Mary
Salvation from doom
I am Our Lady of America
Why money matters
Social Credit in China?
What is due to everyone is a dividend
Three special events in Rougemont


August - September 2018

Michael Journal August 2018 issueRead the entire issue


May Jesus Reign in Every Heart!
God or Satan
Idols of Money and Drugs Enslave Us
Statement on the Legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana
Social Credit and the Kingdom of God
A National Dividend for All
Unpayable Debts Bear Bad Fruit
Social Credit Can Dramatically Reduce the Waste of Resources
Blessed Imelda Lambertini
God Wishes That We Receive Communion Often
Humanae Vitae, a Prophetic Encyclical
The Servant of God Rozalia Celakówna
Invitation to World Youth Day 2019 in Panama


October - November - December 2018

Michael Journal October 2018 issueRead the entire issue


She Will Crush Your Head
The Charisma of Louis Even’s Work
A Superpower Rules over Governments
Bertrand Gaouette has Passed Away
A Day in the Life of Louis Even
2019 Calendar
Social Credit and the Kingdom of God
The Prayer to St. Michael Is Back
I am the Mother of Disarmament
In Sine Jesu, the Journal of a Priest at Prayer
St. Padre Pio and the Rosary


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