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Salvation from doom

on Tuesday, 01 May 2018. Posted in Historical Events

"If Poland does not revive spiritually and does not abandon her sins, she will perish. Only a complete spiritual revival and surrender to the reign of my Heart may save not only Poland but also other nations from complete doom."

Fr. Mieczysław Piotrowski S.Chr.

This is what Jesus said to the mystic Rozalia Celakówna (1901-1944), asking her to convey his call to mend their ways. This message was not only addressed to Poles, but also to people of all countries.

In one of her mystical visions, the servant of God, Rozalia Celakówna, saw the figure of the scourged Jesus. His entire body was covered with wounds from which blood poured out. Jesus told her: "Look, child, what a terrible offense and pain are inflicted on me by sins of im­purity, murders (of children) and intense hatred. I can't stand any­more these offenses and insults that sins of impurity inflict upon me. If Poland does not revive spiritually and does not abandon her sins, she will perish. Only a complete spiri­tual revival and surrender to the reign of my Heart may save not only Poland, but also other na­tions from complete doom."

Writing on the moral decline in Poland before the Second World War, Rozalia Celakówna maintained that the authorities were largely to blame for the nation's moral corruption, be­cause of the example they gave from their depraved lives. The mystic asked further: "Why did our Episcopate tolerate those things as it did? Why did our Bishops and Priests remain silent? Not a single man, with the exception of Piotr Skarga, came forward to rebuke the Presi­dent of the Republic for his misde­meanors, and the entire Cabinet too, because they all were like that, from the first to the last, until the very last moment. Jesus turned away from the former Polish Government with greater revulsion than from Herod, because horrible, dreadful sins of im­purity had been committed by them. Warsaw is a city worse than Sodom."

This is where salvation lies

As long as man lives on earth, he al­ways has a chance to return to God, who forgives all sins and frees one from the terrible captivity of Satan. Jesus calls on people in many ways to mend their ways, reject and loathe sins, and accept the gift of his infinite mercy. In an unusually strong call to mend our ways, Jesus addresses us through the servant of God, Rozalia Celakówna.

On a certain day during her prayers, Rozalia was given a mys­tical vision. She found herself on a high mountain and saw a large globe, on which she recognized parts of the world and various countries. A mysterious figure began to speak to Rozalia with great concern: "My child, for sins and crimes (nam­ing murders and debauchery) com­mitted by mankind across the world, God will send terrible punishments. Divine justice can­not stand these misdeeds any longer. Only these countries will survive in which Christ reigns. If you wish to save the world, the Sacred Heart of Jesus must be enthroned in countries and nations through­out the world. It is here, and only here, where salvation is found. Those countries and nations which do not accept it and do not surrender to the reign of Jesus' sweet love, shall be wiped off the surface of the earth forever and shall never be restored!!! Remember, child, that such an im­portant matter must not be over­looked and forgotten. Everything has to be done for the enthronement to be carried through. This is the last effort of Jesus' love for these latter days! Poland shall not perish, pro­vided she accepts Christ as king in the full meaning of this word and submits to God's law, the law of His love. Otherwise, my child, she will not survive. [...] Only those countries shall not perish which are given to the Heart of Jesus through enthronement and which recog­nize him as their King and Lord. Countries given to the reign of Christ and his Divine Heart will reach the peak of power and there will be one Fold and one Shepherd. A terrible disaster will come onto the world — [...] a war that is to complete the work of destruction."

In one of her mystical visions, Rozalia saw the destruction of Ger­many and other European coun­tries. After receiving Holy Commu­nion, she asked Jesus what this was to mean. The answer was: "This is what will happen, my child, if man­kind does not turn back to God. The matter of hastening the moment of enthronement in Poland should not be neglected."

During prayers on March 15th, 1939, Rozalia heard a voice deep in her soul: "Great and horrible are Po­land's sins and crimes. Divine jus­tice wishes to punish this nation for sins, in particular for sins of impurity, murders and hatred. There is, however, a way Poland can be saved: if she recogniz­es me as her only King and Lord through enthronement, not only in individual parts of the country, but in the entire State, headed by the Government. The recognition must be confirmed by abandon­ing sins and completely turning to God... only in me is there help for Poland [...]. The very fact of of­fering Poland to my Heart through enthronement will bring salutary effects, such as the conversion of many souls to God by submitting to his law." Enthronement, or the com­plete surrender of all aspects of life to the reign of Christ, is not only a mere external formula, but also the expression in the depth of one's soul of actual submission to the require­ments posed by Christ's love.

Rozalia wrote that Jesus wished Poland, through her example, to en­courage, in its turn, all countries on earth to make an act of enthrone­ment, in particular Russia, Mexico, Spain and Germany, as well as the United States and Australia. "I dare claim in earnest", Rozalia wrote, "that Poland will be a strong power, the most powerful, not only in Eu­rope, but in the world, provided that she heeds the call of Jesus, or else she will perish. These are not my thoughts and words. What God showed me on July 4th, 1938, will certainly come to pass."

The enthronement of Christ the King, or the Jubilee Act of Accepting Jesus as King and Lord, by the Poles, took place on November 19, 2016, in the Shrine of Divine Mercy in the presence of the episcopate and presi­dent of the Republic.

This momentous act obliges each of us to give ourselves up to Christ in our hearts as his exclu­sive property and to make him our sole Lord and King. Practically, this means to live in sanctifying grace and not delay rising from any mor­tal sin by making use of the sacra­ment of penance. Anybody who rejects Divine Mercy, refuses to go to confession and persists in mortal sin, willingly gives him­self up to Satan's captivity and belongs to his kingdom of ha­tred and death.

Shortly before her death, Rozalia wrote with great sorrow: "In my soul I feel great pain at the sight of such terrible blindness and decline of moral standards in so many people, especially the intelligentsia." They live as if God does not exist. "These are people who live like animals; these are freethinkers, for whom Jesus is of no significance. [They be­lieve] religion to be something that exists at a very low cultural level, not for them, who consider them­selves learned, but for the thick­headed rabble. They have very proud minds, those innumerable fools, but despite their university degrees, they are rushing into the abyss of perdition. If they do not humble themselves and accept Jesus Christ as the aim of their life, they will fall into the abyss that will claim them forever. Pride is terrible because it blinds man and makes a person an idolater" (January 30th, 1943).

Aversion to sins of impurity

Appearing to Rozalia Celakówna, Jesus said that the sins that inflict­ed the greatest suffering on him, which destroyed man and human relations the most and led to eternal damnation, were the sins of impuri­ty, murder (abortion) and hatred.

In the daily repeated act of en­trusting ourselves to Jesus through the Virgin Mary, we should offer Christ all the aspects of our life and ask for aversion to even the slight­est sin.

Our Lady, appearing to St. Jacin­ta in Fatima, also said that the sins of impurity were the main cause of condemnation of those who are sent to hell.

The purity of heart is won in a dramatic spiritual struggle taking place in a human heart. This is a bat­tle against not only one's own weak­nesses and sins, but above all against the forces of evil. Jesus makes us aware of this: "For our struggle is not against the enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, [...] against the spiritual forces of evil in the heaven­ly places" (Ephesians 6:12-13). Satan who is "a liar and the father of lies" (John 8:44), falsifies the truth about God and man in human minds. A special attack by the forces of evil is directed at the sphere of human life that relates to sexuality.

Human sexuality is proof of the great trust God has placed in woman and man. This is a sacred area be­cause the loving God is present in it and it is there that the miracle of cre­ating new human beings occurs. It is there that God revealed to us that sexual intercourse is a sign of this sacrament, and therefore should be experienced only in a sacramental marriage union. Through the sacrament of marriage, Christ guarantees to spouses his per­manent sanctifying presence. When spouses are in a state of sanctifying grace, their giving up to each other in a sexual intercourse can be seen as a sharing — as St. John Paul II taught — in the life and love of the Triune God. A sacramental marriage is an icon of the Holy Trinity. Sexual in­tercourse should not take place outside of the sacrament of mar­riage. If intercourse takes place outside marriage, it is detached from God's love and against the Sixth and the Ninth Command­ments of the Decalogue. Premari­tal or extramarital sex, pornography, homosexual acts, use of contracep­tives, masturbation and all other sins of impurity are the manifesta­tions of disobedience to God — that is, great selfishness and betrayal of love. These sins cause disastrous damage to man's spiritual sphere. Any sexual activity outside of the sacrament of marriage aggravates selfishness, destroys the capacity for love, and introduces man into the re­ality of spiritual death and captivity by the forces of evil. Sins of impu­rity, dangerous as they are, are equivalent to murder being per­petrated on love and as such in­flict terrible suffering on Jesus.

Satan resorts to all means possi­ble to make man ignore God's Com­mandments, to stop believing and trusting God, and to satisfy without any restrictions his desire for sensu­al pleasure; to make men "lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God" (2 Timothy 3:4), that is, to follow the road of selfishness. This road leads to spiritual death, addiction to sexu­al sensations, use of contraceptives, killing of unborn children, divorces, euthanasia, and finally to absolute selfishness, that is, hell.

God leaves us no illusions: "Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idola­ters, adulterers, male prostitutes, sod­omites, thieves, the greedy, drunk­ards, revilers, robbers – none of these will inherit the kingdom of God" (1 Cor 6:9-10).

"Put to death, therefore, whatev­er in you is earthly: fornication, im­purity, passion, evil desire, and greed" (Col 3: 5-6). God appeals to each and everyone of us: "Do not follow your inclination and strength in pur­suing the desires of your heart" (Sir 5:2); "Do not fall into the grip of passion, or you may be torn apart as by a bull. Your leaves will be de­voured and your fruit destroyed, and you will be left like a withered tree. Evil passion destroys those who have it, and makes them the laughing stock of their enemies" (Sirach 6:2-4). In this spiritual struggle with our own passion and the forces of evil, Jesus is with us. We shall win only when we stay closely united with him, if we put ourselves completely at his disposal every day.

Roads to healing

Any person who cannot and will not control his sexual desires remains in the captivity of these desires and the forces of evil. Such an individual has no love in his heart as he persists in a state of spiritual death. Only Jesus can free him from the terrible cap­tivity of sins of impurity, provided he agrees and closely works together with the Savior.

All wounds, bad inclinations and sins must be given up into the hands of the loving God; you must have complete trust in him and sub­ject yourself to the healing power of his mercy. Jesus says: "the greater the misery of a soul, the greater its right to My mercy" (Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalsha, 1182). Hence, you must immediately rise from each heavy fall by going to con­fession and pray to loathe all sins of impurity. To effectively master your desires of the flesh, it is necessary that you eradicate bad habits and ac­quire good ones. If the cause of sin is pornography on the Internet or tel­evision, you must radically cut yourself off of these sources of dia­bolical evil. You must organize your day in such a way that praying the rosary receives the highest priori­ty (since it could be prayed instead of watching pornography), followed by Bible study, the Eucharist, decent work and rest. If you are overcome by laziness, apathy or dejection, you must force yourself to carry out good resolutions. This is the practical way of "putting to death the desires of the flesh" and rejecting the treacherous temptations of the evil spirit.

Controlling the desires of the flesh and putting to death "fornica­tion, impurity, passion, and evil de­sire" are fully possible only in close unity with Christ. Only with him, our only Lord and King, shall vic­tory be ours. Hence, we must make the effort to live a life of faith every day. We have undertaken to do this in the Act of Enthronement — accept­ing Jesus as a King and Lord. For this reason, we should:

1. Regularly, each month, go to confession and immediately rise from every deadly sin by going to the sacrament of penance so that we are always in the state of sanc­tifying grace. 2. Every day pray the rosary, study the Bible, and, if it is possible, participate in the Eucha­rist [at Holy Mass] and adore Jesus, who is present in the Blessed Sacrament. 3. Carry in ourselves aversion to any sin and to all the opportunities that lead to sin, and act in compliance with the Decalogue [10 Commandments] and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The only effective medicine heal­ing all spiritual wounds, addictions and problems is Jesus' love. If we sub­ject ourselves to the treatment Jesus proposes, if we let him heal us with his love in praying the rosary daily, frequenting the Eucharist, every day if possible, daily Bible study, adora­tion of the Blessed Sacrament, the miracle of a spiritual metamorphosis and healing will take place in us.

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