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God or Satan

Written by Louis Even on Sunday, 06 January 1974. Posted in Roman Catholic Church

We Must Choose Between the Two

Louis Even in 1971Louis Even in 1971

This is from a conference given in Montreal on January 6, 1974 by Louis Even. At 89 years of age, Mr. Even thundered forcefully against the agents of Satan, and attracted enthusiastic apostles he would send into battle. In January of 1974, Louis Even had only nine more months remaining of his earthly life. He was getting close to climbing the last steps in his ascent to Heaven. Before this conference, he asked that the beautiful hymn, “We want God in our families, in our schools…” be sung.


We Want God

Christ RoiThere is a reason why I asked that this hymn be sung. We must choose between God and Satan. We must choose between the two. Those who do not choose God are for Satan. Those who do not want Satan choose God. And who can help us to choose God ? The Blessed Virgin Mary can. This is why we call to her. We are soldiers, but, at the same time, we invoke her as our tender mother. “Bless, O tender Mother, this cry of our faith.” It is a cry of faith: We want God!

Today, people say: “We no longer want God.” Scientists, people in power, heads of state, diplomats, everyone cries out: “We no longer want God!” They may not say those words, but they set Him aside. He is set aside completely: No invocations, no God served first...none of this. This is why peace cannot be achieved in this world.

We are more knowledgeable in physical matters than were our fathers and grandfathers. But we send more people to hell than they did, because we ourselves are on our way to hell. Not you; when I say we, I mean people at large. Only a few people are saved from hell.

The entire world is corrupt today. This must change, because the world belongs to the Lord. Satan has no right to remain on earth. Yet he is here. Our Lord came upon earth. He was the Son of God, the second Person of the Trinity.

One God: there is only one God; there are three Persons in God, and each Person is not one-third of God. Each Person is the whole God. This is a mystery.

The second Person of the Holy Trinity, the God who created us, by whom all things were made, came upon earth to save us, to reconquer the earth that Satan had conquered in the Garden of Eden.

Those who do not believe this have their religion all wrong, that is, if they have a religion at all. And there is a lack of religion. They say: “Original sin is an invention; it is made up.”

It is not an invention. God did not create man as he is today. Man was perfect when he was created, and he is no longer perfect. God created Adam as a well-balanced, perfect being. He was not an animal, although his body is that of an animal. Man was created as an animal but God gave him a soul, a soul that is made in the image of the divine God. Our soul is an image of God, and God made a perfect soul and placed it in Adam’s body. Adam’s body was perfect. God gave Adam a soul in order to adore Him; to praise Him throughout eternity after the soul’s duration on earth, and to attain happiness.

God created man through love, as he did the angels. He also created angels in His likeness, not as spirits to be united to a body, but immaterial spirits created in the image of God. But some angels fell because of their pride.

The Original Sin

Adam and Eve casted out of the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve are cast out of the Garden of Eden after having disobeyed God.

Adam and Eve also fell because of pride, wanting to become like gods. They believed Satan who told them: “Why not eat of that fruit ?” They answered: “Because God forbade us, and He told us that if we ate of it, we would die!”

This means that if Adam had not committed that sin, he would not have died, and none of us would die. We are all related to Adam, and we came from Adam after his fall, with his debased nature, broken because of his sin. Without this we would not have died, nor would have He. We would have spent a number of years upon earth, according to God’s will, and we would have risen to Heaven, body and soul, as did Our Lord and Redeemer. Adam lost this privilege, the privilege of immortality.

He also lost the privilege of integrity. This privilege consists of the perfect submission of our body to our soul; the perfect submission of our senses to our reason; the perfect submission of our natural animal instinct to human reason. This represents perfect order.

Adam was in a state of innocence and in a state of grace. His sin upset God’s plan, in the same way Satan and the fallen angels contradicted God’s plan. Those who remained faithful were later confirmed in grace. Satan was confirmed in sin. It is not God who confirmed Satan in his sin. It is Satan who sinned, and was not able to repent.

Angels are not made like us. They are spirits not united to bodies. But they are more perfect than us in their nature. When they decide something, they cannot change their mind. Satan disobeyed God, and now he is unable to humble himself before God to ask His pardon. Satan has no regret, he hates God. He wants to do God all the harm he can. This is why he visited the Garden of Eden to smear God’s work at the dawn of man’s creation.

This is what sin is. We are born with this original sin. We did not commit this sin personally; Adam did. For Adam, this was a personal sin. Since he was the first man, and all of mankind rests upon him, all of mankind was, in fact, broken by Adam’s sin.

We are born with an inclination to sin. This is called concupiscence. It is concupiscence of the flesh that leads us to sins of impurity. There is also the concupiscence of the mind that leads to pride and selfishness. There is concupiscence of the eyes: curiosity that wants to see and know everything without submitting to the order willed by God.

Everything was created for God’s glory: animals, plants, minerals, mountains, rivers and forests. All of creation glorifies God and follows God’s order. The elements of nature are not disordered.

But man was created with a mind and a soul created in the likeness of God. A soul has both freedom and responsibility since it has intelligence and volition. Man can say either yes or no. He can say yes to one thing and say no to another. He has the power to choose between matters set before him. I understand that at times, this freedom is taken away from him by other men. But, in his nature, he has the freedom to choose.

Adam was free to choose to eat or not to eat the apple, and he knew he must not eat it. Whatever the nature of the apple, this is how the Bible presents the situation. In any case, the Lord’s command was clear. He disobeyed the Lord and knew he was disobeying. He could have chosen to obey, but he chose to disobey. He was tempted. Eve was tempted by the demon who said to her: “You will not die! This is an invention of the Lord who is jealous of you! He dœs not want you to become gods like He! If you eat this apple, you will become gods! You will know good from evil!”

From that moment on, Adam knew evil. He only knew good before that moment. Satan said that knowing good and evil was to be “like God”. This is horrible, and Adam and Eve fell. Instead of listening to the Lord’s command, they took Satan’s suggestion, the attraction offered by Satan. And we are the victims of that decision.

A Woman Will Crush your Head

But God did not abandon Adam. Adam is not an angel. God knew that Adam could change his mind. God took pity on Adam. He could have left him under the influence of the devil forever, and all of Adam’s children would have been born with the original sin as we all were. This sin might not have had a remedy but God had pity on man. And from the first day, God promised Adam and Eve He would come to their rescue to repair the evil they had committed. He told the devil: “A woman will crush your head.”

She will do so! This woman will crush the devil’s head. He won in the Garden of Eden. He was master on earth for centuries until Christ was born. But since Calvary, Our Lord has re-conquered the earth.

But men must side with Him. Men are still free today, as was Adam in the Garden! Men are still free to tell God: “I do not want You! I would rather serve myself and my ego.”

For all sins are a disobedience to God, a preference given to the sinner rather than to God. The sinner chooses himself over God, as Satan made Adam choose himself rather than God, just as Satan had chosen himself over God. But Satan has learned his lesson: he is not redeemed.

Today, after twenty centuries of Christianity, all men have not sided with God. As far as structures and groups are concerned, there is in the world approximately one Catholic for every six people. That is, five people are not Catholics.

As for Christians, many are baptized without belonging to Christ’s Church, the Roman Catholic Church. One person out of three is baptized. Meaning that two people out of three have not received the sacrament of baptism that erases original sin. This dœs not mean they will go to hell, but they do not have the sacraments for purification. Other means will be needed to allow them individual salvation through God’s grace. However, they will not be saved by the religions to which they belong.

There is but one religion that saves men. We must proclaim it always: it is the Roman Catholic Church that saves men, because it is Christ’s Bride. This the religion that was established by Our Lord. Christ did not tell the crowds: “Upon you I found My church.” He told Peter: “Peter, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church. And the gates of hell will not prevail against Her.”

And when I say that there is one Catholic for every six people in the world, dœs this one person practice his faith ? There are lukewarm Catholics, and Catholics on a downward descent, who capitulate and pervert themselves and who wander while spending their lives in all manner of sin. They do not follow their ancestors’ ways.

As for conversions, instead of increasing the numbers of Catholics, we find numbers dropping in favor of sects that are protestant. How far away from God some people are! This is a genuine pity when considered over twenty centuries of Christianity.

The more educated people are and the more progress is achieved, the more God has allowed our minds to develop and the more perverted our minds have become. Why ? Because God is not given His proper place. God must come first.

We recite, in our consecration to Saint Michael, that we are pilgrims who pursue on earth the establishment of a freedom and prosperity willed by God who certainly wants men to achieve some prosperity. God is Providence. He has placed on earth all the things we need. On the earth, underground, deep underground, in the sea, deep under the sea, in forests, high on the mountains, He has created all that is needed for man’s material well-being.

And He has given us all we need, mostly since Calvary, for our spiritual well-being. Since God Himself, the second Person of the Trinity, assumed a human body and soul, and was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary, through the action of the Holy Spirit. His human soul was received directly from the Divine Trinity, as is each of our souls. With a human soul He had what was needed to suffer — imagine, He! God!

As Son of the eternal God, He could not suffer. The Son of God non-incarnate cannot suffer, since He is in glory, in infinite and absolute happiness.

Jesus on the CrossBy his sacrifice on the Cross, Jesus redeemed mankind and defeated Satan definitively.

But He took a human body and a human soul so he could suffer physically and morally until death for our salvation, an excruciating death, after hanging from the cross for three hours under His Mother’s gaze who shared in His suffering. This is how He salvaged mankind. He sent His apostles. Millions became Christians who succeeded in spreading His religion everywhere, and who practiced it well.

We benefit from the material goods created by God when we discover His creation on earth which we can exploit. This is true when we make discoveries created by God, and made possible by the actions of angels who have charge of the universe, such as electricity, steam power and the atom. Instead of thanking God, we use these gifts to stuff ourselves or to bring harm to others. How ungrateful we are.

We have received visitations of the Blessed Virgin upon earth more frequently as man becomes more and more corrupt. She began her visits in 1830; political visits I might add, in the true sense of the word – visits to change the state the world is in; to try to bring the world back on track.

No longer do we hear, in our churches on Sunday, priests who remind us of our final end: death, judgement, heaven and hell. “We must no longer speak of these things. These topics scare people! They could be traumatized!”

We surely need to be traumatized a little bit. People should be a little afraid, for they know no fear. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We must fear God to love Him. We must believe in Him. And belief no longer exists. Of course, they will say: “We believe in God.”

What did you just say: “I believe in God.” — You believe in God, yet you live like an animal! You believe in God but you do not act like an intelligent being, as a person governed by reason!

I do not wish to insist on the topic. This only gœs to show how, today, the kingdom of God is not yet established upon earth. It was earned, but it is not established because men are opposed to it and they serve the enemy instead. They serve the devil. We must choose: God or Satan. If we choose Satan, we choose hell for eternity. Better that we should choose God and Heaven.

The Final JudgmentThe Final Judgment taken from the Illustrated Catechism

You will die! After death comes your judgment! After the judgment, there are only two places to go for eternity. Some may go to purgatory, the anteroom to Heaven, a small prison where we complete our sanctification. In the end, there is only Heaven or hell. After the end of the world, there are only two destinations for eternity. And those who enter either of the two will never leave.

Some people say: “God could not have created an eternal hell!” They who speak thus have no idea of God’s nature. God, the great eternal Being created all things for the good of the spirits created in His image, in order that they be with Him in Heaven, so that they might lead a divine life for eternity. They turn their back on Him, go against His will, and this should not be serious! Those who go to hell go there because they have chosen to do so, since they have chosen hell over God. They have chosen Satan over God.

You might say that they have not written the following on a piece of paper: “I choose Satan.” — No, they listened to Satan’s inspirations, to the concupiscence of the flesh, and they fell into hell. And there they will be forever! That is terrible. While on earth, we can confess, we can change, we can improve ourselves. But when we die, it is over. When we die, when our soul leaves our body, it is over. Our body returns to the ground while our soul gœs to the place where it will live for all of eternity.

All of these truths must be taught! People need to be taught. We have a major role to play. When I asked that the hymn “We want God” be sung, it is because I know that you want God. If people outside do not want God, you want Him. You want Him; you want all things to belong to Him: families, schools, homes, earth, cottages, mountains, large and small rivers. The whole world belongs to the Lord. We sang these words earlier, “Earth belongs to the Lord.” Therefore, no part of the earth must remain for Satan. We are taking part in a battle against Satan since we are in a battle for God.

Moses’ Prayer

The Hebrews were busy fighting against an enemy, the Amalekites. The enemy was greater in number but the Hebrews had their little country to defend. And so Moses walked to the mountain top. He went there to pray to the Lord. He prayed that the Hebrews be saved. He knelt and raised his hands toward Heaven asking God’s mercy in helping the Hebrews.

The moment he raised his hands, the Hebrews advanced. When tired, his arms would fall. The Hebrews would retreat and the enemy would advance. The Hebrews soon realized that it was Moses’ prayer that would lead them to victory, more so than their weapons. They were not to drop their weapons, for they played a part. But the greater part, victory, would come from God. So that Moses could keep his hands raised toward Heaven, Aaron and Hur joined him on the mountain. They held his arms up. Moses’ arms were held raised long enough and the Hebrews were granted victory.

Prayer together with action: this is our Movement. We are a Movement of action as well as a Movement of prayer.

Modesty and Decency

What else dœs the Blessed Virgin tell us in her various apparitions around the world ? We are told to dress in a Christian manner. Some people cannot understand this. Thirty or forty years ago, we used to dress like Christians. This is no longer the case. To find Christians who dress like Christians, one needs to go to meetings held by the White Berets, the Pilgrims of Saint Michael. There you will see people who dress like Christians.

What will you see when you walk down the streets or take part in everyday gatherings ? Our young people who visit families from door to door must possess God’s grace not to be scandalized. When they enter different homes, they find people who have more of their bodies uncovered than covered. What a sight. Why is this ? It is because disorder reigns.

After Adam had sinned, he had the good sense to hide in the bushes! He hid to avoid the Lord, so as not to be seen by Him, because he was naked. Before, he was unaware of his nakedness. Like the saints in Heaven, he was dressed In virtue, grace and light. But after having sinned, he was filled with shame. He now knew decency. When God cast him out of the Garden, and before chasing him away, God first gave him the skin of an animal to wear so as to hide from his own flesh.

Clothes are not meant only to protect us from the cold and heat. They are meant to hide us, to cover our flesh — to cover what must not be shown.

Today, we expose what should not be seen, and we hide our faces in mops of hair! People hide their faces but expose everything else. How dreadful!

This is an example which proves that when we part with God, we fall from humanity and become like animals. When we reach a point of no return, God will destroy the works.

If someone tells a woman she is not dressed modestly, she will answer: “Not true, I am wearing a dress.” — But how long is it ? “Quite long.” — Dœs it cover your knees ? — “Nonsense, today’s dresses do not cover the knees! We must show our legs! Legs are shown in pictures and on television to show who is the most beautiful girl in the world. Girls are asked to undress! All must be shown as being beautiful and gracious.”

How scary! One could tell them: Say, dœs your dress cover your knees ? — “Somewhat.” — When seated, dœs your dress cover your knees ? — “My dress gœs up a bit, but I pull down on it when I am seated in front of someone who is a better Christian than I am. I pull down on it, but that dœs not always do it.” — You will stop pulling down on it when it reaches let us say 3, 4, 5 or 6 inches below the knees, and your knees will remain covered, and that which must remain unseen will remain unseen. — “So what! Today, everyone dœs it!” — Yes, but will you follow everyone ? Everyone dœs it and many go to hell because of it. And you want to follow them ?

Like the Prophets

Catholics, or at least the Pilgrims of Saint Michael who have joined in the battle, will have to speak like the prophets of old: “You do not have the right to do such things!” Prophets do not only foretell the future. They also call people back to order. One such prophet is the patron saint of French Canadians, St. John the Baptist. He was not afraid to tell Herod, before his court and before the world: “You do not have the right to act as you do. You do not have the right to live with your brother’s wife!”

Our Work and Prayers

We must return to a Christian civilization and to a financial system that is in conformity with justice and the common good. For this to happen, we must work and pray. The work consists of spreading the Michael Journal, our literature and our Michael offprints. We must also pray and sanctify ourselves.

Our work, as Pilgrims of Saint Michael, is to engage in battle. St. Joan of Arc told her soldiers: “Soldiers are meant to fight wars, but God is the One who grants victory.” He grants victory to soldiers who are Christians, who pray and engage in battle. We are the soldiers of the Blessed Virgin. Each one of you is an officer, a soldier of Mary at the service of the Father.

The devil dœs not sleep. All day and all night he is awake. He has well-designed plans to destroy the Church as much as he can. Even more so today, he plots to destroy the Church from the inside, the only Church capable of leading us to Christ. The devil has plans to divide and conquer.

In the face of all this, we must engage in battle. We cannot go on sleeping. Yes, we must rest eight hours a day and we must earn a living, but we must do as little of this as is required to feed our family. One must set a limit to these activities in order to have more time for our apostolate work.

When we think and speak of, and when we work for the Blessed Virgin, if we love her in the least, if we understand how great Our Lady is, if we know how great is the Son of God made man, we are pleased to have the honour to do so. This is so even though it will cost us, even if sacrifices are asked of us, even if it is tiring, and even if we have the odd accident.

Ask God for the strength, courage and the energy to be someone who accomplishes things; to be someone who devotes himself and who dœs not stop; someone who endures whatever comes!

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