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Woman, you will be a queen or a slave

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Thursday, 01 May 2014. Posted in Modesty & Chastity

The importance of being dressed modestly

Woman you will be a queen or a slaveThe mission of woman

If our contemporaries undress instead of getting dressed, it is the result of a whole machination whose author is Satan. If the women of our century do not cover their bodies properly, it is because they obey, consciously or not, the will of Satan, and not the Will of God. It is the kingdom of Satan that is coming and not the Kingdom of Christ. Of Satan, the rebel against God. The one who said “no” to God. The enemy of God, of Christ. The enemy of man too.

Women have an irreplaceable mission to fulfill in the world, a mission of high civilization. They are formers of men, creators of civilizations. Consequently, they can also be destroyers of civilizations.

The morals of an epoch are deeply marked by the action of women. When women are good and generous, the world lives in joy. When women are selfish, intriguing, the world is unhappy.


Dignity, civilization

If women behave with dignity in their lives, in all their lives, their thoughts, their intentions, their desires, their wills, their manners, their clothing, their relations, if women shine forth with purity, humility, modesty, then the society that surrounds them will be honourable, noble, orderly, leaving things in their place and respecting the mysteries of life. This society will be good, beautiful, strong, sane and peaceful.

The point of departure: dignified women. The fruit: a well-balanced and happy society.

A dignified woman commands respect. She commands, she reigns like a queen over those who live around her. She has the aspirations of a queen. But the only reign that suits her is that of true love which directs the hearts to the spiritual eternal destiny which is theirs. Woman shares with Christ the royal honour to lead men to the Father.

To fulfill this role, women must not attract the others’ attention on themselves by their pride, their coquetry, their carnal tyranny. By their discretion, their modesty and purity, they must be the beauty which directs towards God and the rampart which holds back passions.

Women will be generous and noble queens. Or else they will be robbing and degrading mistresses, despots who crush souls and bodies until they become the slaves of their own victims who will want them to pay a high price for, having led them in the downfall, like Eve had led Adam. And the degrading women will soon be despised, chained, held prisoner by brutes whom they will have formed. It is in this way that our civilization, formerly Christian, can go down into paganism and savagery.


The prostitute’s clothing

You know with what contempt the prostitute was covered for all ages. This is not without reason. Would not the priest who would fail to his dignity be more guilty than a lay person who would act the same? The priest is sacred. His wrongdoings bear the mark of a sacrilege. Woman is also sacred. If her actions are not marked with the greatest purity, they are similar to a sacrilege.

Woman is sacred by her mission. She is sacred with all her being. Is she not like a ciborium that keeps in her soul and body the powers of life? And human life is a reflection of Divine Life. And man’s destiny is to share, for all eternity, the intimacy with the three Persons in God. God asked woman to collaborate intimately with Him, the Creator, in the birth and blooming of His chosen ones. And it is God Himself who has given woman all the qualities of soul, of heart and body to accomplish this sacred ministry.

The woman who does not strive towards this great vocation betrays her life; she diverts it from its goal. She prostitutes her life; she prostitutes herself. For prostitution is the diversion of creatures towards another goal than that which the Creator had fixed for them.

Undoubtedly those who expose themselves in sun-dress, bikinis, or worse would be insulted if we would call them prostitutes. But, it is beyond all question, their clothing is to prostitute since it is diverted from its goal which is to veil the body; their social relations are to prostitute since they use them for purposes of damnation. How could their intentions remain pure in such circumstances ? And above all, how can the scandal of which they certainly are the cause not bear the name of prostitution? The Gospel tells us that adultery begins in the heart. The one who offers her body to all without distinction, is she not at least provoking adultery of the heart into a great number of people?


Mother and childsMarylike

To lead men to God: this is our mission, ladies. Therefore, let us be proud of it. And let us put all our heart and strength to realize it. Let us not neglect anything. And above all, let us not take such big chances to miss the goal by an indecent dress, even simply risky.

Let Mary be our light, our model in this matter of clothing. Do you think that Mary, the Immaculate, would dress like us in 2014? She does not despise beauty, She who is a queen, Queen of Heaven and earth, Queen of the Angels. When She shows Herself in Her Apparitions, She is always so beautiful, in bright and majestic dresses. Mary is a queen. She dresses like a queen. She does not dress like the women whom we see on the streets during summer, and in the houses of our Christian families in winter or summer time. Then let us dress like Mary!

Mary is a mother. We, women, are also mothers. It is Mary who is able to teach us how to love our children and brothers. Our clothing of today does not give happiness to our children and brothers. A young man said to a priest: “Father, please, get our mothers and sisters dressed!” Does not this cry of despair go straight to your hearts, to you mothers who love so much your sons, to you young girls who rightly desire to be dispensers of happiness in the world?

Can happiness be found on earth outside of purity in morals? And modest clothing is essential to keep a climate of purity which permits the minds to develop in a world of ideas, of wisdom and of grace. Immodest clothing excites the instincts and tries to bring to men carnal joys which weaken them, ruin their physical strength and degrade their souls. Modest clothing favours intellectual, spiritual joys, a superior life which is always rejuvenating and already paves the way on earth to the complete life of eternity.

Let us get dressed modestly! Let us get dressed, women, in order to remain what we should always have been: sowers of pure, elevated joys, dispensers of serene and lasting happiness, guardian angels who direct men towards God.


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  • Adam Zathey

    09 August 2020 at 17:13 |
    I do not get it why women show too much skin? Be so kind and leave something to disclose during honeymoon. In any case do not show it to me.


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