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The State of the Soul

on Tuesday, 01 July 2008. Posted in Confession

The State of the SoulOn Sundays, most people go to Mass and receive Communion, yet there is virtually no line outside the Confessional. This picture shows that the importance of having a clean soul to receive Jesus in the Eucharist has been lost. It is of the utmost importance that people understand that you must have a clean soul in order to be in perfect union with Jesus. A person that is in union with Jesus is full of His love and that love flows into the world, they are a reflection of Christ on Earth.

In the picture, the wineglass on the left represents a soul in the state of mortal sin. A soul in this state is dead, but has not lost the Love of God. God is not able to enter or live in this soul because it has chosen sin over God. Jesus says that one who eats unworthily brings condemnation on himself. A soul in this state should NEVER receive Holy Communion.

The second wineglass represents a soul that has sin, but is not in the state of mortal sin. The purpose of the Christian life is to be completely filled with Jesus, to be His hands and feet. The stain of sin, though venial, taints the purity of the soul. There is less room for Christ because of the space occupied by sin. God is able to live and dwell within this soul, but the light of Christ that flows out to the world is dimmed. A soul in this state is called to Confession to remove the stain of sin and receive the fullness of Jesus.

The crystal clear wineglass represents a pure soul, completely clean and ready to receive it’s God. Many graces and gifts of God are given to a pure soul, which enables them to bring the Light of Christ into a darkened world. This is the state that your soul should be in to enter into complete union with Jesus Christ.

The last cup is a soul that has received the closest union with God possible outside of Heaven. It is completely full of the Love of God and His graces. This soul is especially loved by God, ready to go out into the world as a true reflection of Jesus to the lost, the last and the broken.

Is your soul clean enough to receive the True Presence of Jesus Christ?

Where would you be if Jesus showed you the state of your soul today? How do you think God sees your soul? Do you go to church every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation? Do you observe all of the teachings of the Catholic Church, whether you agree with them or not (as the Church, led by the Holy Spirit, is infallible in faith and morals)? Do you go to confession at least once a year, in accordance with your Lenten obligation? Are you faithful to your spouse, in mind and body, that includes being single and chaste? Do you watch or read things that lead you into the occasion of sin? What about the good you fail to do? If Jesus Christ stood in front of you right now, what would He say? Would He say, "thank you good and faithful servant," or, "I do not know you?" Is your soul ready to have Jesus Christ Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity enter in the most intimate way possible? Would He find a house of order, swept and well kept, or would He find disorder and filth. (Editor’s note: prayer cards are available with the image and explanation.)

Robert Murphy

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