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Prayer brings you closer to Jesus

on Tuesday, 01 August 2017. Posted in Prayers & Rosaries

“Prayer brings you closer to the Heart of my Son Jesus.”
Edson  Glauber

From May 1994 through 1998, two cities in the Amazon, Manaus and Itapiranga, have been chosen as the places of many Apparitions by Jesus, Our Lady, and Saint Joseph. These extraordinary events have taken place in the lives of Edson Glauber and his mother, Maria do Carmo.

Numerous messages urge more prayers for personal conversion, for sinners, and that violence in the world would end and peace would reign. Jesus and Our Lady also ask of the Church an increased devotion to Saint Joseph and to his Most Chaste Heart. The following is taken from a talk given by the visionary, Edson Glauber, on September 4, 2016:

Our Mother has said: “Peace, my beloved children, peace. My children, I, your mother, love you and I come from heaven to bring you peace and the love of my Son Jesus. My Divine Son sends me here to call you to sanctity and to conversion. Pray, pray, pray much, my children, because prayer brings you closer to the Heart of my Son Jesus. When you pray, the love of God envelops you and heals your soul and body. Have faith, I am here to make you men and women of faith and of prayer. The world needs much prayer. Many of my children have allowed the devil to blind them, and they have alienated themselves from God. Help your brothers and sisters by bringing my message and my love to all of them. Be a light to all those who find themselves in darkness because of sin. When you open your hearts to my Son Jesus, you shine in grace and in sanctity. I grant you my love as a Mother, so that you may be able to love my Son Jesus. Go back to your homes with the peace of God. I bless you all, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

The Virgin has said that she gives us her love as a mother, so that we can learn to love her Son Jesus. When our Blessed Mother comes, she wishes peace to all of us, and she looks at all of us with the gaze of a mother, because she loves us all. She wishes peace to all of us, the peace and love of her Son.

She comes here to make of us men and women of faith and of prayer, because when we do not pray, we cannot move closer to the Heart of God. The Blessed Mother says that we need to try to pray, because it is prayer that changes our lives. Prayer does miracles in our lives. When we are united with Jesus, we receive the grace of healing in our soul and in our body because God is with us, and we are with Him. Jesus loves us so much, and His Mother tells us that, “In prayer, the love of God envelopes us, healing our souls and our bodies.”

Mary Queen of the RosaryStatue of Mary, Queen of the Rosary and Peace, in the sanctuay at Itapiranga

One day, when we were united in prayer, the Blessed Mother said to me: “My Son [Jesus], more shining than the Sun, comes down from heaven into your homes to bless all of you.” Think of it: if the sun would come down upon all of us, we would die in a certain sense. Jesus, Who shines more than the sun, comes into our homes when we pray, and many people are not aware of it; He is God. God has created everything. When we are united with God, we have everything in our life because it is Jesus who accomplishes everything in us. This is the reason why we have to love. Families do not live love anymore. Families are destroying themselves for lack of love because fathers and mothers do not pray with their children. The father works, works, works, and the mother too, so busy with so many things. When it comes time to pray with their children, they are all too tired. The Virgin in the Amazon has taught us: “Get up at four or five in the morning and pray the Rosary.” It is better to get up early and pray. When you come from work, you pray badly; you are too tired. You pray with no faith, no life. When you go to pray the Rosary you are tired; but when you watch TV…you are wide awake.

The Blessed Mother has said, “Pray well, because this prayer, the Rosary, is holy.” We have to understand that it is a holy prayer, a prayer of so many graces and so many blessings. In the Amazon, the Blessed Mother has asked us for the four rosaries. Before, we were praying three, then the Church taught us to pray the Luminous Mysteries. The Blessed Mother told us: “Everything is in your body, in the fingers of your hands and in your feet. Five Joyful mysteries, five Luminous, five Sorrowful, five Glorious.” When the Blessed Mother had asked us to pray the Rosary, the people would say: “I do not pray because I do not have a Rosary.” And the Virgin responded: “How many fingers do you have on your hands?: first mystery, Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory be, second mystery, Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory be,...“ She had said, “If you do not have your fingers, you have your feet.” Jesus has given us our fingers to pray the Hail Marys to His mother. There should be no excuses to God, but to pray always with love and from the heart.

One day, a person asked me: “But how does one pray with the heart?” The Blessed Mother taught us that “it is when you do not feel the time of prayer go by. When the prayer is not a burden, but rather, an encounter with the love of God. When you do not realize that the prayer is over, you only want to continue to pray and to remain with God because you feel peace, you feel joy.” When we have felt this in our prayer, then we have prayed with the heart.

When we begin our journey of conversion with God, He manifests Himself to us with all His graces. The love we feel, the joy, the peace, is like nothing that we have ever felt in our lives before. We want to pray, to adore Jesus, to go to church, to read the Bible,... This is at the beginning of our conversion, this is a grace from God. Then comes the time in our life when we feel bored, we do not feel like praying, and we ask, “Lord what is happening? Before I used to pray so well, it was so easy, but now I can’t. Everything seems so difficult.” Why does this happen? It is because, at the beginning, the grace that God was giving us was freely given. Now God wants us to walk with our feet, to walk in faith. In the beginning God desired to be closer to us in a special way, but after He “moves away”, so that we can “choose” to walk with Him. “Come Edson, I am here, walk with faith.” We have to walk with faith. This happens with all of us, and we have to persevere, to have faith, to continue the walk, because every time we take a step forward, God grants us still more graces.

The Blessed Mother today has presented all our petitions to her Son Jesus... To all of us here, the Blessed Mother, with her hands extended, has prayed before her Son for all of us... The Blessed Mother has taught us to pray the Rosary, to go to the Holy Mass. She asks our conversion, to avail of the sacraments, Confession, Holy Communion, to pray for the Church, for the Pope, the Bishops, and priests. The Virgin has shown us the Catholic teachings. She has shown us where the True Faith is, and that we have to pray and love our Faith.

When people do not pray Hail Marys to the Blessed Mother, they are not full of the Holy Spirit. When the Virgin visited Saint Elizabeth, what happened? Saint Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and said aloud: “Blessed are you among women.” If you do not pray Hail Marys to the Blessed Mother, then you are missing out on the Holy Spirit in your life because the Virgin is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Wherever it is that the Blessed Mother comes, the Holy Spirit also comes. We must ask the Holy Spirit for light, and for faith. Whenever the Blessed Mother appears anywhere in the world, it is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Every place in which the Blessed Mother has appeared, there is a fountain of graces.

The Church, the Holy Mass, these are special moments of encounter with God. So often though, people go to church, or to Mass, and they do not change their lives. But when they go to a place where the Blessed Mother has appeared, then they convert; then they change their lives. Why does this happen? Why does someone, who has gone to church for many years and does not change, but then goes to a place where the Blessed Mother has appeared, and they change their lives completely? It is because there are special graces that God, many times, grants in these places, so that His Mother may be more loved and known.

In the places where the Blessed Mother appears, God grants special graces. What is a special grace? It is when the impossible becomes possible in our lives. When the Blessed Mother grants these special graces, these special blessings, it is as the Word of God says: “And it shall be in the last days...that I will pour forth of My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams” (Acts 2:17). The Lord says: “I will pour forth of My Spirit.” It is not the devil who “pours forth” his spirit, but it is the Lord. He says it in the Word. The Word of God cannot deceive us because they are true Words. For this reason the Blessed Mother appears in so many places in the world. She has come even here, in the Amazon, because she has not forgotten us.

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