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Confession: a vaccine for the salvation of souls!

on Saturday, 01 May 2021. Posted in Editorial

ConfessionThe Sacrament of Reconciliation help us remain in a state of grace and friendship with Jesus

More than a year after the start of what is called the COVID-19 pandemic, we hear more than ever about vaccines with the news media continually bombarding us with the same message: the vaccine is the only route out of the current crisis, and it is a safe one! However, after observing what has been happening for a year, we can express doubts and ask questions. A year ago, we were promised a return to normal – the end of masks, for example – once the majority of the population was vaccinated.

Today we are told that even though they are vaccinated, people will have to continue to wear masks for years to come, and also keep the other COVID-19 measures: social distancing, hand sanitizer, stay at home orders, curfews, business closures, mandatory quarantines, police powers, etc. And new viruses (called "variants") will require new vaccinations each year.

We are also told that many of the newer vaccines are not 100% safe, as reports of adverse effects of the rushed-to-market vaccines abound. Some doctors have predicted that the vaccines will weaken immune systems and also make the vaccinated more vulnerable to variants. Since only 0.03% of the population dies from COVID-19 (and the vast majority of these deaths are among the very elderly), it makes no sense to lockdown entire populations and impose freedom-destroying measures on all.

But it would seem that it is not "politically correct" today to ask such questions, because people should not be discouraged from getting vaccinated, as it goes against the common good and public health, as they say: We therefore absolutely recommend a "vaccine" that is 100% effective and that ensures eternal happiness: Confession (see pages 8-14)!

We should remember that, whether vaccinated or not, each of us will pass from this life one day. We will go to heaven or hell after this life, according to our works, faith and the condition of our souls at the time of death. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, there will be a Particular Judgment after death, and it will then be too late to change the state of one's soul.

Saints and privileged souls have predicted a great act of mercy by God in the last days called the Warning or Illumination of Conscience. All human beings on earth, at the same moment, will be shown the condition of their souls as seen by God. We will be given the understanding of our eternal destiny were we to die at that moment. Each person will know that God exists and that there is a life after death, in heaven or in hell. Many will take advantage of this moment of grace to confess their sins and return to God. Others, hardened, will sadly not convert.

To help us remain in a state of grace and friendship with the Creator, the Church has given us not only the Sacrament of Penance but also the Holy Eucharist (see page 44). Especially in this year dedicated to St. Joseph, we can live a life in union with the Holy Family. The saints provide us with role models, like Gemma Galgani.

It will be like a new Pentecost, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on each person, which will also allow them, we hope, to finally understand all the scam of the current financial system, and the solution presented by the Scottish engineer Clifford Hugh Douglas and advanced by Louis Even and the Pilgrims of St. Michael. This solution, Social Credit, is also known as Economic Democracy (see Money, an instrument of distribution, To render financially possible what is physically possible, Should Money Claim Interest?, The Goldsmith Who Became a Banker, Interest on Newly-Created Money Is Robbery, Usury is a sin that cries out in the presence of God).

We prefer to use the words "economic democracy" more and more because the term "social credit" is now associated with the surveillance system developed by the Communist Party of China to control its population. This Chinese system is completely the opposite of the "social credit" – or "Economic Democracy" – taught by MICHAEL, which respects human freedom and private property.

May God's grace help us persevere in the love of God and of neighbor, in the service of justice and truth!

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