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Good news for Canada! Quebec's separatist party defeated

Written by Thérèse Tardif on Thursday, 01 May 2003. Posted in Quebec

An open letter to Jean Charest New Premier of Quebec

We want Catholic schools
We want an honest money system
We want Quebec to stay in Canada


Jean Charest and Bernard LandryLiberal leader Jean Charest (left) IN, Parti Quebecois leader Bernard Landry (right) OUT

On April 14, 2003, Quebec’s electors voted for a change by electing Jean Charest’s Liberals, and rejecting Bernard Landry’s Parti Quebecois and his leftist policies.

We rejoice at the fall of the leftist Parti Quebecois in the last provincial elections in Quebec, for we consider that the party of René Lévesque, Jacques Parizeau, Lucien Bouchard and Bernard Landry never really represented the Quebecers, but was rather a left-wing party, at the service of Karl Marx’s doctrine. Far from defending the people of Quebec, they betrayed them, and they managed to destroy the Christian civilization of which the French Canadians were so proud, by chasing God out of schools. Young people leave schools debt-ridden, without any hope for the future, and many of them commit suicide. This is the result of godless schools, where the Commandments of God have been replaced by the commandments of Lucifer.

The separatist Parti Quebecois claimed to defend the French language, but thanks to its anti-family policies, there has been a huge fall in Quebec’s birth rate, and if this trend continues, there will soon be no more French Canadians.

The people of Quebec were fed up with the Parti Quebecois and its leftist policies, and threw it out of office last April 14. In his inaugural address in the Quebec legislature, new Liberal Premier Jean Charest pointed out this desire for change among the population. He remarked that Quebec is the most taxed state in North America, with an army of bureaucrats and state controls, but this does not bring more or better services to the people. Charest proposes less structures and more services, with the priority given to individual freedoms. The Parti Quebecois ignored the will of the people with the forced mergers, now the new Liberal government will ask people if they really want their cities to be merged.

Moreover, the people of Quebec are definitely not in favor of the separation of Quebec from Canada, and that is another reason why the PQ was defeated.

We dare hope that the new Liberal government in Quebec will abolish all the leftist and absurd laws passed by the Marxist Parti Quebecois. We dare hope that this new government will work together with the Primate of the Catholic Church in Canada, Archbishop Marc Ouellet of Quebec City (see article), to bring back Catholic schools in Quebec, that will teach children the truth in every subject. The first right of our children is to have access to the TRUTH. This right has been denied to them by the Marxists, who have infiltrated Quebec’s school system since the sixties, and destroyed all Catholic teaching. We dare hope the newly-elected members of the Quebec legislature won’t let themselves be brainwashed by this Marxist spirit, and will have the courage to promote just laws for the common good of the people of Quebec.

Correct the money system

Here is now another urgent reform, the very first one the new government must make: to correct the money system.

St. Louis, King of France, said that the first duty of a king is to issue money for the smooth running of the economic life of the nation. Citizens, through their work and initiative, supply goods and services in plenty, but they are forced to use the debt-money f the private bankers to have access to their own production.

It is high time to put an end to this swindling debt-money system, and establish an honest, debt-free money system, if not nation-wide, at least province-wide (a provincial credit system). Without this reform of the money system, the new government will solve nothing, and will fail, just like the one in office before it.

“To make financially possible what is physically possible” was in the platform of the Liberal Party in 1956. Of course, the Financiers intervened to make sure the Liberals were not elected. But now, Mr. Charest, you are elected and in office; you can apply this program. If you do it, the Government won't need to intervene in areas that can best be managed by the private sector, and people will be able to pay for the services they consume.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace! Without Him, there can be no peace, no justice, no prosperity. Bring back prayer in the Quebec Legislature.

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