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A better world is possible

on Thursday, 01 October 2020. Posted in Editorial

Pope Francis spoke on the theme, Healing the World, in a recent Wednesday general address. He remarked that we must fight the virus of social injustice and the destruction of the environment which threatens the planet and consequently the future of our children. He noted that an unjust distribution of wealth resulted in some people not having access to the goods of the earth which have been created by God for all men.

These criticisms are justified, and most agree that the current economic system is not working well. Thus many argue that we should take advantage of the current coronavirus crisis to rebuild the world and the economy on new foundations.

We must approach cautiously however, and not throw out the baby with the bathwater. What works well must be retained in order that the solution does not become worse than the problem. This is unfortunately what the World Economic Forum (WEF) proposes with “the great reset”.

We must accept a “new normal”, we are told; that the world we knew in February will never come back. They say the world must change and so we must be conditioned to expect permanent public health measures and restrictions to freedoms. The financiers have their solution ready: “the great reset” and “Chinese social credit”, with a one-world government, mandatory vaccinations, depopulation, tracking, constant and continuous surveillance, digital currency, etc. With horror we see the threat that human beings will be merged with artificial intelligence and transformed in our very nature.

The elite want the entire planet to follow the lead of communist China’s technological dictatorship, which they call social credit. The Chinese system bears no resemblance to the economic system of Social Credit (also known as Economic Democracy) developed and advanced by C. H. Douglas and Louis Even. Indeed, they are opposites.

MICHAEL has been teaching and advocating real Social Credit for more than 60 years. The system of monetary reform you will see in our publications corresponds to the demands of the Holy Father by ensuring the economic security of the person with the distribution of “daily bread” to all, in the form of a Social Dividend. We teach that money derives its value from the productive capacity of a nation and therefore belongs to the people and not to the private banking system.

Another world is possible that is much better than what is planned by international financiers and psychopathic billionaires. This is the Social Credit system of Douglas and Louis Even. Our system respects the human person in his freedom and dignity. It aims to make financially possible what is physically feasible, and to ensure that goods reach the persons who need them. Each nation must issue its own debt-free currency instead of borrowing from private banks. If the financial system reflected reality, development would not indebt a nation but rather enrich it.

The choices are slavery, represented by the international financiers’ system of “Chinese social credit” and freedom via the Social Credit system of C. H. Douglas. People must be educated to ensure an informed choice.

But this is not enough. We are in a battle with the forces of evil and need help from heaven. In this fight, the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the most powerful weapon. It “solves all problems, even international ones”, said Sister Lucy of Fatima. It is noteworthy that Our Lady appeared with a vision for the North American republic to the future President of the United States, George Washington.

The Rosary’s recitation will enable the Holy Spirit to enlighten us in the current situation. It was Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus who said: “Through the Rosary, we can obtain everything. It is a long chain that connects heaven and earth: one end is in our hands, and the other in those of the Blessed Virgin.” Ave Maria, let us wage this good fight for justice!

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