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You won't be able to buy nor sell cattle

Written by Thérèse Tardif on Friday, 01 March 2002. Posted in Microchips

If they are not identified with a chip

For several years, the “Michael” Journal has been warning its readers on the possibility that soon a world government will exercise complete control over every inhabitant of the globe through microchips implanted under the skin. In the province of Quebec, a system is already in place to know the pedigree, and to keep track of every animal, from birth to the slaughterhouse. The farmers who do not want to install the microchip in the ear of their livestock won't be able to sell them, and small butchers won't be able to buy them. What is left now of the small farmers and butchers will disappear, for the benefit of large industrialized farms and supermarkets that belong to the Financiers.

Microchip description

Pictures taken from Time, Meet the Chipsons, March 11, 2002 


Next step: every human chipped

Moreover, this same identification system with a chip could soon be imposed upon every individual on earth, to watch their every move from the cradle to the grave. And then, you can say goodbye to freedom, this great gift that even God respects.

VeriChipApplied Digital Solutions, a Florida-based company, has received the go-ahead from the Food and Drug Administration to sell in the U.S.A. its “VeriChip”, a chip the size of a grain of rice (see picture) that can be injected into your body and give detailed information about you to anyone with the right scanning equipment. The company would like every new-born baby to be injected with this chip in order to “prevent kidnapping”, and is planning to soon sell a chip that can be tracked by satellites, so they can know at any time where you are.

The “Mark of the Beast”?

We really wonder if we are now living the times foretold by St. John in the Apocalypse (Book of Revelations, 13:16-18), where it is written that no one will be able to buy nor sell without the “Mark of the Beast”. This very question was recently asked (Feb. 28, 2002) to Father John Echert, a specialist on Scripture, on Mother Angelica's website, EWTN. Here is Fr. Echert's answer:

“There has been much debate about the detail of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and how such a thing might be physically manifested. Regardless of a specific application, what we can affirm is that it represents alliance with the power of Satan, rather than of God. It is a parody upon the mark which Christians bear by reason of their baptism and the Sign of the Cross which we invoke upon ourselves. The Mark of the Beast may have its origins as early as the mark placed upon Cain, as described in the Book of Genesis: This mark placed by the Lord was not likely a sign of divine favor, but a warning that this man was a son of his father, the devil, who was a murderer himself from the beginning. Similarly, as at the beginning of our race, so near the end, those who ally themselves with Satan are marked for him, and not for God.

“Recently there have been indications of micro-technology currently available to place a locator/processor underneath the skin of a human being, which provides tracking identification of the one who bears it. And while I generally exercise caution when it comes to matters that may manifest aspects of the Apocalypse, I will state this definitively: I will not submit to such a procedure nor allow such a chip or device to be planted on my person, regardless of the consequences. Such is an invasion of privacy, represents excessive government control upon the individual, and corresponds too closely to a possible fulfillment of the Mark of the Beast of the Apocalypse.

“No doubt the argument will be that we need such chips implanted for security purposes, and to many people this seems reasonable or preferable to stolen identities or violence by unknown perpetrators. But I would prefer to take my chances with the uncertainty of terrorism than to the absolute control of a government over us by such devices. None of us can know with absolute certitude whether or not we are approaching the enigmatic warnings of Revelation regarding the rise of the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, but I view a microchip under the skin as sufficient evidence along such lines to refuse it. So, do not overreact for now, but simply resolve to live faithful to Christ, and if the day does come that something so terrible is attempted as this chip, I recommend its refusal. God has marked His own, and He will spiritually protect them.”

Tracking livestock

Regarding the implantation of chips for livestock, read the following excerpts from letters received by Gaby Bédard, a small farmer of St. Theophile de Beauce, Quebec, and by every cattle breeder:

“The Quebec Department of Agriculture announced, on October 18, 2001, the creation of `Agri-Tracabilité Quebec'. Thanks to this new tracking system, each animal will be identified by two tags on their ears: one an electronic tag, and the other with a visual panel with bar codes, both with the same number. This system will facilitate the reading of the number on the livestock, and allow to keep track of all of their moves, from their birth to the slaughterhouse. The pedigree of the animals will also be recorded. Other participants (auction sales, slaughterhouses, etc.) will also have to register the animals that pass through their premises.”

The first step of this huge identification of the province's livestock was done in March, 2002, and the costs were covered by the Government. After, the costs will have to be paid by the producers.

According to the information given to us by Mr. Bedard, the cattle that are not identified with the chip won't be allowed to be sold off by auction. There will be only one auction room for the whole province, located at St. Isidore de Beauce. All other auction rooms will disappear. Buyers won't have to be present at the auction room to buy the cattle. They will sit in front of their computers, and through the Internet, they will be able to see the animals and buy those they want. The electronic tag on the ear of the animals will give them their whole pedigree.

Why such a tracking system?

The reasons given by the Quebec Government to install such a tracking system is the recent mad-cow disease in Europe, which was caused by meat-based animal feed, invented by government experts in agriculture, in order to fatten cattle more rapidly, and make more profits... Cows are not carnivorous, but herbivorous. Every farmer knows that. Yet, it is this kind of government experts who want to control and dictate to the farmers. Farmers never made their cows mad; they always knew how to feed them properly. This science was handed down from generation to generation, and people did not to go to the university to learn how to feed animals.

One wonders if this contaminated animal feed that brought about the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of cows in Europe and Japan was willingly created in order to create a scarcity of meat, and to keep the prices higher for some cattle breeders. Or else, was it simply to have an excuse to make farmers accept all of these controls and tracking systems?

Eliminating small farms

Gaby Bedard told us that thirty-four years ago, there were 144 farmers in St. Theophile. Now, there are only two left. The same thing is happening in every village in Canada, the  U.S.A., France, etc. In the sixties, so-called specialists decided to make people believe that small farms were not profitable, despite the fact that people, from generation to generation, were living happily on these family farms, raising many children, the true wealth of a nation.

These farmers were told by the Marxist-minded specialists: “You must modernize your farms, enlarge them, and buy new expensive equipment. Don't worry, the banks are there to lend you all the money you need, provided your farm is big enough.”

A majority of small farms have disappeared because of that. Those who became bigger became so deep in debt that their incomes were not sufficient to pay term-and-interest charges. They too filed bankruptcy, and disappeared, to increase the amount of unemployed people in our large cities. The few farmers who held out are now forced to work like slaves, because all the money they earn goes to the bank to pay the interest. They are owners by name, but the actual owners are the bankers, for they are the ones who collect all the money.

Gaby Bedard of St. Theophile had managed to hold out until now, but he is now forced to sell his cattle, because of the laws of the Government. And how many farmers are in the same situation! Besides forcing him to identify his cattle, the Government obliges him to build a tank for liquid manure, which will cost between $50,000 and $70,000. The Government is offering subsidies, but only for farms with over 65 animals. Mr. Bedard has only 29 animals. He would have to go into debt to purchase 36 others, and work twice as much to take care of the cattle. If he wants to stay with 29 animals, he still has to build the tank, without subsidies, and get into debt, to finally work full-time for the banker.

All the small farmers should join toegther to fight these restricting laws that deprive them of their freedoms and belongings. Together with us, they should demand the implementation of a honest and sound money system which would allow us to exchange our goods freely, without the controls of the one-worlders. God must be praised, loved and served in our homes, schools and governments, so that truth, justice and peace will prevail on earth!

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