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The United Nations prepares an atheistic world government

Written by Yvette Poirier on Thursday, 01 March 2001. Posted in World Government

We congratulate Msgr. Shooyans who courageously denounced the future world government prepared by the barons of High Finance. (See article page 16, "The world government denounced in the Vatican".) As Msgr. Shooyans concludes, "the U.N. is now aiming to create a new world order over which a supergovernment would preside."

This world government will be the union of all nations under a Communist dictatorship, the worst slavery the world has ever known. Globalization is "a concentration of power that has the odor of totalitarianism." It is a global conspiracy for global control of economics and politics.

"This powerful new government would suppress intermediate structures," says Msgr. Shooyans. This is what is taking place now with the amalgamation of cities in Ontario, in Quebec, and even in other countries. These mergers are ordered by the International Financiers to achieve their world government.

U.N. officials want to merge all the nations of the globe into a world government. All national boundaries will be eliminated, every nation will have to give up its sovereignty, all natural resources will be confiscated, a world army will replace all national armies, there will be only a world constitution, with a world court before which will appear every citizen who does not want to abide by the requirements of the world government.

All the news media — television, radio, newspapers — are completely controlled by the barons of High Finance, who want to establish a world religion and a world government. As Msgr. Shooyans puts it, this powerful new government seeks "more and more centralized control of information."

The New Age

The United Nations, observed Msgr. Shooyans, "thinks that the world in its entirety has more value than the person." He added that this view is "heavily influenced by New Age thinking."

We know that the New Age advocates a new world order and a world religion to replace Christianity, and especially the Roman Catholic Church, the only true religion founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Despite its name, there is actually nothing new with the New Age; it is still Satan's old lie in the Garden of Eden, when he said to our first parents, Adam and Eve: "You shall be as Gods" (Gen. 2:5), appealing to their ego and thirst for power.

The New Age Movement is a mixture of heresies issued from Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, the false gods of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Babylon, and a heavy dose of spiritualism, the occult, and even Satanism, to make people rebel against the true God of the Bible, and think that they are deities. All you need is within you; there is no sin, no need for repentance, nor a Savior. You just need to be awaken to the fact that you have extraordinary "super powers" in your subconscious that are just waiting to be used! (This is the lie of Satan that attributes supernatural powers to the creature, not to the Creator.)

For New Agers, there is no unique Supreme Being; we are all Gods! For them, Jesus is not God, but one of the several manifestations of a "messenger" of the "cosmic consciousness" who reincarnated in various religious leaders: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc. For them, God is an impersonal cosmic energy, and all things in the universe, including man, constitute the ONE, "The Force", your "Higher Self", etc. New Agers hold that Mother Earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars, indeed all of Nature, can be worshipped as God.

For New Agers, God and His creation are only one substance; they do not make any difference with the Creator and His creatures. They say everything that exists in the universe is part of God (the "cosmic consciousness"), or is God.

This is false. On the contrary, all the creatures, although they have been created by God, are not Gods themselves, and are neither part nor an emanation of His substance. Every human being is unique; we are not similar to any other being, and we are definitely not Gods. Man is made up of a body and a soul, and has been created by God in His image and likeness. This does not make us Gods, but beings created by God. We have been put by God over all other created beings in the universe, except angels.

The New Age does not admit any difference between living beings and lifeless things, between mind and matter, between human intelligence and animal instinct, since everything is God.

With this New Age thinking, the United Nations say that the human person has no more value than any matter or object in nature. They say that man has no personality of his own (we are all part of the "cosmic consciousness"); we are nothing but a number in a computer, who can be treated as a slave. The electronic money, with the microchip injected under the skin of individuals, will allow the world government to spy on everybody, know all of their private lives, goings and outings, everything they buy and sell.

The United Nations wants to control human life, the private life of every individual, and even births. It encourages nations to vote laws against the family, in favor of contraception, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, euthanasia, etc.

The U.N. Charter of the Rights of the Child maintains that the child belongs to the State, not to his parents. The State can remove children from their parents under any pretext, through organisms that are above judges and governments, and come under the immediate jurisdiction of the United Nations, like the Children's Aid Society in Ontario or Youth Protection in Quebec.

Since U.N. authorities, who are New Age followers, put human beings on the same level as animals, plants, or any matter, they have no scruples about preventing "population growth" which, according to them, "overtaxes economic and social systems."

The Great Masters of the world who guide the United Nations are ready to eliminate, if needed, two-thirds of the population of Africa, which they say is not profitable. They finance civil wars in African countries so that people will kill each other. They promote artificial birth control, and want to impose it to third-world countries, where the birth rate is higher than in industrialized nations, where people have become too selfish to have children. These Financiers and their henchmen are hypocritical destroyers of society.

We don't need family planning, but a correction of the financial system, that must be put at the service of the human person. God has put everything needed on earth to satisfy the basic needs of every person on earth, and thanks to today's technology, we can feed more than ten times the present world population. It is the present economic system that is at fault, that prevents the distribution of goods. Pope John Paul II called, in his first encyclical letter, for a "wider and more immediate redistribution of riches." (Redemptor Hominis, n. 16.)

The one-worlders try to conquer the world to destroy Christianity and Catholicism, for the loss of souls. As Msgr. Shooyans wrote, "the underlying philosophy of the Earth Charter sees all religions — but particularly the Catholic faith — as obstacles to progress." These powerful destroyers of Catholicism guide the U.N. and leaders of nations so that they will establish atheistic constitutions, atheistic school systems. Some people, brainwashed by the propaganda of the one-worlders, secularists, Marxists, and atheists, would like the Canadian Government to remove any mention of God in the Constitution of Canada. They will ask for the dissolution of existing religious institutions, the closure of all churches, and the ban on any religious practices (that are not in line with the new world religion of the New Age).

A global dictatorship

Christianity has built civilizations, allowing peoples to leave barbarism and paganism. The aim of the Great Masters of the world is to replace "Christian humanism" with "a neopagan cult of Mother Earth," a return to the paganism of ancient civilizations. These servants of Satan want to annihilate Christian civilization and the Church itself, with the implementation of a global atheistic dictatorship. Despite all the efforts of Satan and his henchmen against the Church, "the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." (Matthew 16:18.)

In 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, the Blessed Virgin Mary brought to the world the spiritual remedies to cure mankind from the hideous wounds of sin, and to prevent global take-over by Communism: the consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, the recitation of the Rosary in families, conversion and penance.

The same year as the Apparitions in Fatima, in 1917, Scottish engineer Clifford Hugh Douglas, certainly inspired by Saint Michael the Archangel, the "Angel of Justice," conceived the Social Credit philosophy, a temporal remedy to stop Communism. In fact, the implementation of the Social Credit financial proposals would guarantee the financial autonomy of each country, and allow it to issue its own debt-free money. Nations would then be freed from the tyranny of the International Financiers, and the world government would have no hold on these nations.

Alas, Communism has spread its errors throughout the world, because a majority of Catholics did not listen to the warnings of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And governments refused to apply the Social Credit proposals. They preferred to remain the lackeys of the International Financiers, and bow to their orders.

"The Church will have no choice but to fight against such a form of globalization," concludes Msgr. Shooyans. As Christians and Catholics, we cannot approve of an atheistic world government, and we must fight against it. Let us repent, let us pray the Rosary, let us find new subscribers to the "Michael" Journal to make the Social Credit philosophy known, and then we will work efficiently against the rise of a future world government. Our Lady promised at Fatima: "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph."

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