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The danger behind smart cards and microchips

on Thursday, 01 March 2001. Posted in Microchips

They lead directly to the elimination of paper money Big Brother gets into your wallet and skin

If the High Financiers have it their way, all cash will soon disappear, and be replaced by electronic money, which could be first used through smart cards containing microchips, but soon be replaced by microchips implanted under your skin, most likely in your right hand.

Seems far-fetched? Unfortunately not! It is true and happening here and now! The technology has even been tested for decades on animals, and is now ready to be applied on human beings.

Why would the top Financiers of the world want to do this? Simply to obtain total control over people. These tycoons of High Finance are so blinded by their thirst for power that they think they are the only ones capable of governing mankind properly.

But these same Financiers know very well that people won't give up the use of cash and accept these bio-chips to be planted under their skin, unless there is a worldwide financial crisis that will convince the population that the only way not to lose everything is to accept the bio-chip.

The smart cards

Huge campaigns are taking place to convince people to accept the smart cards. Unlike today's financial cards, the smart card doesn't need a magnetic strip on the back. Instead, it's equipped with a wiry silicon chip, often displayed at left center but sometimes hidden in the plastic. Traditional magneticstrip cards can hold one line of type, compared to 500 times more data for the smart cards. And unlike debit cards, smart cards allow retailers to accept payment without requiring any authorization from a bank.

To encourage people to do electronic commerce on the Internet, companies have created devices that can transform your PC (personal computer) into an automated teller machine, with which you can load money on your smart card directly from your home, without going to a bank or an ATM.

In their publicity campaign, smart card companies explain that their cards are more convenient than cash, that you no longer need to bother with change, etc. Beware, this is a trap! Once smart cards become widespread, cash will be eliminated, and smart cards will become the only means of exchange... for a short period of time, until they are replaced with the ultimate solution: the microchip implanted in the hand or forehead.

Smart cards have been popular for years in Europe and parts of Asia and Latin America. The industry says it has shipped more than a billion a year since 1998. MasterCard International has begun this year issuing smart cards in the U.S.A., joining American Express and Visa in trying to popularize the credit cards that have imbedded programmable computer chips.

A Mexican banking and telecommunications conglomerate plans to issue 6 million smart cards in 2001 that consumers will be able to use and reload at 350,000 pay phones.

The bio-chip inside the human body

As "smart" as they look, smart cards can always be stolen, lost, or be damaged. So the Financiers will soon after come with the ultimate solution: linking people personally to their card, so there is no way they can lose it! So the microchip will no longer be embedded in a plastic card, but be directly placed inside the human body, as it is done now with microchip-pet identification systems.

Infopet is one of several companies that provide a syringe-gun implantable bio-chip that is injected under the skin of an animal. The chip can be read by a scanner, and the code identifying the owner and pet will bring up a file on a computer. The system boasts that it can track over 1 billion pets by satellites and cellular towers. The bio-chip for humans will also be implanted through a syringe, and read by scanners.

Motorola, who produces the microchips for the Mondex smart card, has developed several human implantable bio-chips. The biochip measures between 5 to 7 mm long in width, about the size of a grain of rice. It can contain 34 billion unique sets of individual identification codes, which is more than enough to provide the capability to assign a unique code to every human on the planet today, since it was determined that using three entries of six digits each (666), each inhabitant of the world could be given a distinct international social security number.

This microchip would be utilized in every way in which we are now using plastic credit cards today, and in fact, it would replace them all: I.D. cards, passports, driver's licenses, etc. Nobody could withdraw money from the bank without it, receive benefits from the Government without it, buy nor sell anything without it. The chip would also include data on your family history, address, occupation, criminal record, income tax information, etc.

This tiny microchip contains a transponder and a rechargeable lithium battery. So it does not act only as an electronic wallet, but a device to keep track of every human being. The microchip will send out a signal, constantly throughout every day that will uniquely identify that person and his/her whereabouts. This signal will be picked up by a combination of earth-based antennas, such as the antennas now being feverishly constructed for the cellular phone network, and by stationary satellites in low-level orbit, so anyone could be tracked within three feet anywhere in the world! There will be no way a person can hide from authorities once this new microchip is installed.

Over 1.5 million dollars were spent studying where to place the chip in the human body, to recharge its battery. Only two suitable and efficient places were found: the forehead, just under the hairline, and the back of the right hand. (Researchers discovered that heat fluctuations are greater in the right hand than in the left hand, for reasons they do not fully understand.) When one learns this fact, one cannot help making the connection with this passage of Saint John's Book of Revelation (or Apocalypse, 13:16), that is really striking:

"And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead, and he provides that no one should be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

Digital Angel

So far, the closest thing to this "Mark of the Beast" is the chip called "Digital Angel" which sounds more like an angel from Hell... On May 13, 1997, US Patent # 5,629,678 was granted for a "personal tracking and recovery system," implantable in humans under the skin, the size of one-fourth of a grain of rice, which sends and receives data, and it can be continuously tracked by Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, the same technology used in new cars.

On December 10, 1999, Applied Digital Solutions (ADS), a company based in Palm Beach, Florida, and focused on electronic commerce, announced it had acquired, from a Boston-area group of inventors, the patent rights to this technology, which they call "Digital Angel". On October 30, 2000, ADS finally unveiled its long-touted and highly controversial "Digital Angel" - a subdermal microchip implant designed not merely for keeping tabs on pets, but for widespread, worldwide use in tracking human beings. They demonstrated how it could be used to monitor a person's key body functions – such as temperature and pulse – and transmit that data wirelessly, on a real time basis, along with the accurate location of the person, to a web-enabled ground station or monitoring facility. In addition, Digital Angel will also be marketed as a means of verifying online consumer identity for the burgeoning electronic commerce world.

Digital Angel is powered electromechanically through muscle movement, or it can be activated by an outside monitoring facility. This is one of the dangers of this chip: once you have it, you can be controlled by someone else. Since this microchip can send a signal to satellites, signals can also be sent to the chip. This is already in use with anti-theft devices for cars. Vehicle-tracking devices are commonly installed in luxury cars as well as in rental vehicles. When the car is stolen, the company tracks the car via satellite, and the remote control system can turn off the car's engine and lock the doors, trapping the thief in the vehicle.

The same technique is used in some U.S. jails. Prisoners have a chip implanted on them, and when they become too violent, guards just have to push a button on a remote control, and the chip paralyses the targeted prisoner. This is a "less pleasant" side of the microchip technology that officials won't tell you about, but it is all too real and scary: with this chip, they can control the movements of your body against your will.

A biblical viewpoint

In fact, the more one learns about this microchip, the more it fits the description given by Saint John of the "Mark of the Beast." Not until recent times did people understand how this prophecy could possibly come to pass. There was simply no way that anyone could control the buying and selling activities on such a large scale. But now it is technically possible, with the microchip implanted under the skin.

They will try to make the population accept the microchip with arguments like this: 

Through electronic transferal of money, one hand-sweep over the grocery store or other business' scanning device linked to the Central Accounts Database, and here you are, funds are automatically deducted from your personal account!

Parents, no more lost kids or runaways! Or perhaps you need to track down someone in an emergency! Just call you local Database for Human Control, and give the name of the child or person you need to get a hold of, and through cellular towers and satellite wizardry, and in no time, they have detected the coded digital-identification number, frequency output (acting as a locator device), and you've found your little Johnny or Suzy or whoever!

Isn't that fantastic and handy? Well, there is one problem, which is of the utmost importance for any Christian: as Saint John wrote, to receive the mark or microchip, you will have to renounce Christ and swear allegiance to the Anti-Christ. It will be very hard for many to resist this offer, because it will be very difficult to survive if you cannot buy nor sell, However, it is clear that he who wants to remain faithful to Christ cannot take the Mark, for it is clearly stated that those who do will burn in hell forever. On the other hand, God will help those who refuse to take the Mark. This is going to be a final test — a terrible one — to show if one really loves God or not. One will have to choose: God or Mammon.

Even those who do not believe in the Bible should refuse to take this microchip, for it has been proven in laboratory tests that the waves emitted by the chip could change human behavior, affect brain waves, and move parts of your body against your will. Moreover, by accepting it, you lose every freedom and privacy, and you are controlled by a heartless central computer at the service of a totalitarian world government.

In conscience and in justice, our governments do not have the right to abandon their citizens and go along with this diabolic scheme of the Financiers. If our governments create their own debt-free money, they will not be obliged to embark on this plan of world control with the microchip. That is why every person of good will must work to stop this one-world take-over by the International Bankers, by promoting an honest debt-free system like Social Credit, which is the solution to all of today's financial problems of every country in the world, and which frees these nations from the clutches of International High Finance.

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