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Raise Opposition to UNO Moving towards World Dictatorship

on Sunday, 01 August 1954. Posted in World Government

The following is from a Report by the Britons Bureau of Political Criminology, which appeared in “Free Britain", (Edited by the Britons Patriotic Society, 74, - Princedale Road, London, W. II.)

"A World Government; amounting to dictatorship; imposed by armed force after ratification by the United Nations Organization, without reference to the population of any country, is planned to take shape the year after next. (This was written in December 1953.)

"In that year (1955), the United Nations Organization, under the terms of its charter, will become free to change its whole constituțion by a simple majority vote of its General Assembly and a vote of any seven members of its Security Council. Not only will it be able to reconstitue itself into a World Parliament with supreme power over every nation, but also it will actually vote on this precise issue and informed circles believe the vote will be carried.

“There is no indication yet which way the British delegates at U.N.O. will vote. But even if they oppose the motion, their presence would commit this country to the majority decision. Great Britain would then be faced with the choice of ceasing to exist as an independent nation or fighting a war against most of the rest of the world.

“The facts as given here have not been presented to the public by the national press. But every delegate at the recent World Movement and World Association Joint Conference at Copenhagen knows of the agreed intention to convert the United Nations Organization into an effective World Government when the tenth annual session of the General Assembly takes place in 1955.

“Briefly, the scheme for enforcing all nations to submit to the new supreme authority involves the use of an international police force drawn from the armed forces of the various countries and used in such a way that, for example, the British contingent would be stationed somewhere in Asia, and Asiatic troops would enforce the new law and order on Great Britain.

“The plan depends on whether the World Government enthusiasts will be able to force the vote that will revise the Charter of the United Nations Organization. Mr. Grenville Clarke, one of the prime movers, writing on “Peace Through Disarmament and Charter Revision" considers "there is good reason to expect that such a vote will be adopted."

“There is one thing of which one can be quite certain between now and the fateful year 1955. There will be a general conditioning of public opinion in favour of World Government. That conditioning will take the form of carefully engineered crises in international affairs, scaremongering reports of new atomic weapons, continual tension, and - if that is not enough — war itself.

“For there is one truth to remember in all these elaborate preparations for a World Government, and that is that the sponsors — as distinct from the average well-meaning followers — are determined on setting up a Universal Dictatorship for its own sake, and that their motives have nothing whatsoever to do with maintaining peace. Their one object is Power and their weapons are wars and rumours of wars, unemployment, scarcity and revolution. In their own words of over half a century ago:

“The nations will be ready to sacrifice everything for peace, but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our International Super Government and that with submissiveness"...

"After 1955 there will be very little chance of combatting this plan for World Government. If it is difficult to rouse public opinion to resistance now, it will be even more difficult after the coup de grace when patriots and nationalists everywhere will be certified as insane and imprisoned.”

* * *

Exposing this evil scheme, which is of course not proclaimed openly by its promoters, may spoil their game.

Social Crediters oppose centralization of power, even at home. The more so, do they condemn all steps towards an investment of absolute power over the lives of us all, or all nations, into the hands of an international gang over whose decisions we would not and could not exert the shadow of a control.

Surely, Social Crediters are for co-operation between nations, as they are for co-operation between individuals. But co-operation presupposes distinct parties, each with sovereignty. There is no more sense in abolishing nations to compel co-operation, than there would be in beheading individuals to secure their co-operation.

The promoters of the scheme are non-Christian power-lusters, contemplating a servile world state under their black sword. But, as the Christian knows, Satan often appears as an angel of light. And so the promoters of the World State parade their proposition under the cloak of universal brotherhood, in order to deceive and rally the support of well-meaning, but gullible, Christians.

We constantly deny with our lips what we are doing with our hands. (P.E.P. — Moving spirit: Moses Sieff.) Not brotherhood, but universal slavery, is the only fruit to be expected from concentration of power. The more absolute the concentration, the more complete the slavery.

Concentration of power — political, finance and military — means certain slavery for the people. One need only look to the Iron Curtain section of the world today to see what happens to free and independent nations and peoples when they come under a policy of centralization of power. They lose the right to make their own decisions and so become the servant and slave of that centralized power which makes the decisions for them.

Any World Government or World State, built upon principles of Compulsion, is merely an extension of the U.S.S.R. pattern, is a complete negation of Christian principles of free and voluntary association, and is the last long step to ultimate world dictatorship.

— Ah! someone says: but such is necessary in order to deal with lawless nations and groups.

— Really! But if these lawless and evil forces are so powerful today that the free world in cooperation cannot deal with them effectively, then what guarantee is there that these evil groups will not end up in control of the World State apparatus?

Voluntarily giving up our sovereignty to an international organization, control of which by sheer weight of numbers will be non-Christian, if not anti-Christian, can only be described as lunacy. Far from an expansion of freedom, it is the surrender of liberty. It is national suicide.

And the 'peace' and 'security' dangled as bait is the 'peace' and 'security' of the concentration camp. For true peace and security can flow only from a spiritual foundation and application of Christian principles — not from the Force and Compulsion of centralized power and bureaucracy.


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