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North American Union update

Written by Marie-Anne Jacques on Monday, 31 December 2007. Posted in North American Union

Henry Kissinger said in 1993: "NAFTA is the architecture to a greater integration of North America."

North American Union LogoThe Security and Prosperity Partnership is really a conglomeration of the treaties used to create the European Union. The S.P.P. utilizes the same undemocratic means to execute policies and laws without the knowledge or consent of the citizens they are forced upon. These same tactics will be used in our continent of the Americas, when these governments establish the North American Union. The S.P.P. stands for the integration of the United States, Canada and Mexico into what equates as a complete loss of sovereignty for the three nations.

The Montebello Summit Meeting

On August 21, 2007 the leaders of North America met in Montebello, Canada. Meeting under the guise of the S.P.P., they discussed the "opportunities and challenges facing North America and to establish priorities for further collaboration." Proponents of a plan were discussed to make all of North America a single "competitive player in the global markets" so that globalization will advance for the United States, Canada and Mexico. Among the topics considered was the mass movement of military personnel deployed in North America. The S.P.P. requires that procedures be developed for "managing the movement of goods and people across our shared borders during and following an emergency." Our leaders continue to publicize the NAFTA trade agreements and the importance of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, despite the fact that 18 states in the United States are opposing both of these measures with legislation.

The Montebello Summit was held in secret with no press coverage. The protesters, who arrived from all over Canada and the United States, were kept away by a large cordon of police and barbed wire fencing. President George Bush laughed at concerns that the meeting was not allowed media coverage, saying "I’m amused by some of the speculation, some of the old – you can call them political scare tactics. If you’ve been in politics as long as I have, you get used to that kind of technique where you lay out a conspiracy and then force people to try to prove it doesn’t exist. That’s just the way some people operate." Canada’s Prime Minster Stephen Harper dismissed the demonstration even after he was told that there were hundreds of protesters involved. "I’ve heard it’s nothing. A couple hundred? It’s sad," he said.

Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon has established that he will introduce state legislation in the next session of the House opposing the NAFTA treaty. Senator Brogdon’s plan is to remove Oklahoma’s membership in the North America Super Corridor Coalition. He elucidated that "NAFTA is not free trade; its managed trade", and "the S.P.P. is sold as security! But it’ll have the exact opposite effect…and the European Union started in the same way as a trade agreement." Judging by the number of states opposing NAFTA and the NAU, there are a growing number of state officials who are beginning to think the same way as Senator Brogdon.

The United States dollar

The US dollar is sinking very quickly, and if it collapses, and it seems to be heading in that direction, then America would be removed as a global power. Now in 2008, gas is three dollars a gallon, which is 150% higher than it was in 1967. This is not accidental; the International Bankers want the Americans to accept a global currency, as the countries of the European Union now have. South and Central American economies will be severely affected, as well as the Asian community which has invested heavily in the United States.

downward slide of the US dollar

This chart shows the downward slide of the US dollar, which went down 30% in five years.


Kenneth Rogoff, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, expounded: "This is all pointing to a greatly increased risk of a fast unwinding of the U.S. current account deficit and a serious decline of the dollar." Economists are now starting to debate the possibility of another dollar disaster similar to the Great Depression. The demoralization of the US dollar is in fact the best excuse that the Federal Reserve could give the American people to encourage them to accept the Amero dollar. Indeed, there hasn’t been much talk of a new currency before now because the banking conglomerates know that the American people would never give up the dollar without a battle, but the equalization of the US dollar these last few months show that we are heading in that direction. We have only to compare ourselves with the already chaotic European Union. When the EU changed their national currencies to the euro, those who had large (or even small) savings lost 60% of what they had. They were only allowed a certain amount of days in which to exchange their money into euro, otherwise their money would be devalued and they would get nothing. So they really had no choice but to accept whatever the EU banks would give them.

The European Union: a future North America

The European Union grows more undemocratic with each closed-door meeting. In Portugal, in October of 2007, the European leaders met in Lisbon to revise the European Constitution. There were over 200,000 citizens who protested on the secrecy of the meeting and the fact that they are no longer allowed any say in the running of their countries. The protest was ignored completely by the press, although it was the largest Portugal had seen in 20 years.

A quote from Thomas Rupp, who is a leader of the European Referendum Campaign, affirmed that "they boasted that they have managed to get over an international crisis, but in fact they just increased the EU’s democratic crisis by completely avoiding the citizens." (EU Observer, Oct. 3, 2007)

Democracy, according to the philosophy of the European Union Commission, is slighted to be replaced by imperialism. France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy takes it one step further by stating the benefits of a "new world order" based on United Nation policies with a "change of mindset and behaviour." The ultimate goal for all ‘New World Order’ propagandists is the One World Order. This is the reason the European Union was created, and why the elite are pushing for the North American Union.

Germany terrorizes homeschoolers

German families have been fleeing the country in an attempt to have some control over the education of their children. Germany has outlawed homeschooling since the time of Hitler, but it’s only now that the government has started re-enforcing the policy. This is another sign of the evils of a Germany that is part of a EU controlled imperialistic constitution. WorldNetDaily reports that in early January of 2008, a man from Bavaria sent this message: "This morning we received a call from the German ministry of education. Tomorrow they will send the police to our home and take Josia (6), Lou Ann (10) and Aileen (13) by force to the public school."

Joel Thornton, who is the president of the International Human Rights Group that advocates for the homeschoolers in Germany, avowed that "German government officials are willing to violate their own procedures to take the custody of children from parents for nothing more than homeschooling. Were there criminal activity going on that was being avoided would be understandable, however the system would probably not be so quick to act."

In Communist Russia, the control of the state over the nations’ children was a perfect way to ensure that they would be indoctrinated at an early age in the teachings of Socialist Marxism. This is the plan of the New World Order followers, and this policy will soon become the norm in all EU countries.

Trans-Texas Corridor

In the latest news, taken from the website for the Trans-Texas Corridor, details are given for the expansion of toll highways through Texas. As one of the reasons is for this effort to expand, they say that the Corridor(s) will help to "increase trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, contributing to a rise in regional mobility and economic status for all the nations." Many states are fighting the expansion of the Corridor, although the media coverage has been non-existent. The Corridor has been promoted and in process since the establishment of the Security and Prosperity Partnership in 2005.

In the "vision statement" issued by the United States Department of Transportation, it articulates: "The United States freight transportation system will ensure the efficient, reliable, safe and secure movement of goods and support the nation’s economic growth while improving environmental quality." By having such highways pass through North America, it would be impossible to control who is coming in and out of the country. Immigration will grow on an unprecedented scale with no security or direction. In Europe, they are already experiencing this on a huge extent to the great discontent of the populace.

So the expansion continues, and we as citizens of North America cannot allow our nations to experience the loss of sovereignty and global chaos that the NAU will bring to us. We must take a stand and inform the people by ordering the leaflet on the North American Union from our headquarters today, spreading them everywhere and letting the population know what is happening and how we can fight against this diabolical plan.


The European Commission puts pressure on Africa

The European Commission is already casting a voracious gaze upon the often overlooked continent of Africa by putting pressure upon the African Union to sign trade agreements that are intended to force them to open their markets to include more goods and services. Alpha Oumar Konare, who is the chairman of the African commission, said that "a hasty deal might come at a tremendous cost to the rural African populations and to African industry." EU President Jose Barroso defended the treaties and said that "some countries had already agreed to sign." Eight countries have already begun interim agreements with the EU. The enormous natural wealth of Africa makes it an economically profitable target for the multinational corporations.

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