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Globalization in its final stage

on Saturday, 01 January 2000. Posted in Microchips, World Government

Smart Card; Biochip; One-World Government

Many people must be wondering why there were no major disruptions due to Y2K on January 1, 2000. Because nothing seems to have happened, many people think that all worries are behind us, even that the "millennium bug" never existed, that it was only a hoax.

Like everyone else, we are happy that nothing happened. However, many experts say that there are still risks of Y2K computer glitches throughout the year. As the "Michael" Journal kept explaining to their readers, the Y2K problem will not come until a few weeks or months later into the new year 2000. This is partly due to the fact that most companies, corporations and government agencies have not finished their fiscal year end. They are still operating under the year 1999.

Anyhow, with or without a Y2K problem, the Financiers have more than one trick up their sleeves to bring about a One-World Government, and force people to take the "Mark of the Beast", the biochip underneath the skin. One of these means could be a crash of the stock market.

A global takeover

A lesson from the past will show us how the same International Bankers and the media, controlled than as now, misled people. Will what happened in the 1800's happen again?

Nathan Rothschild, (1777-1836), by his secret web of communications, which included carrier pigeons, learned the true outcome of the battle of Waterloo. Although Wellington and the British decisively defeated Napoleon and the French, June 18, 1815, Rothschild, a Member of Parliament, announced that the opposite had happened. That news precipitated a selling panic on the British Stock Market. As he planned, Rothschild bought all the stocks, which had plummeted to virtually zero value. All the other investors were fearful that the stocks would become worthless, since they expected Great Britain to be conquered by the French very soon. When the true news arrived, the stocks quickly advanced in value, stronger than ever. This rise gave Rothschild the complete control of the economy of Britain and also control of most of the defeated and devastated continent of Europe.

Would a stock market crash not give a perfect opportunity for the International Bankers to buy up devalued stocks like in the past, but this time with electronic money through their corporations to complete the plan for globalization?

In this new globalization there is no room for small businesses and cash because the only means to buy or sell through these conglomerates will be with smart cards, the Internet, and a chip implanted under your skin. See "Time" Magazine, April 27/98, "The Future of Money", for details.

Y2K bug: an excuse to renew systems

On January 1, 1999, the corporations and the banks of the world were ready to exchange the euro. Electronically trading approximately 3 trillion dollars a day through the NEW Internet system, the corporations not only were ready, but advised businesses and governments to get on line if they were to survive in the next millennium.

By replacing entire networks with expensive new computer equipment instead of repairing older systems, everyone was made ready for the electronic money, transactions with microchip smart cards, and electronic commerce. During this past Christmas season, Canadians purchased on the Internet an estimated $12 billion worth of goods.

In the "Toronto Star" of December 9/99, in the Business Today section, it stated: "The move of banking from bricks-and-mortar branches to the virtual world of the Internet raises many questions, including the future of money itself. The number of jobs at new banks will fall as they phase out telephone services, and shift to wholly Internet-based banking." In an Internet or call-center banking environment, "banks will locate their staffs in the cheapest centers, probably well away from the markets they are serving." For example, the Royal Bank of Canada could run its Canadian Internet banking activities through an internet bank located anywhere in the world.

Already a Canadian chartered bank, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, has sold its Commerce Court head office in downtown Toronto, Oshawa, Hamilton, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal. This shows that the old banking ways of brick and mortar are a thing of the past, and they will be replaced by the Internet with its digital cash (smart cards or biochips) and e-commerce.

Jubilee Year 2000

The year of liberation

If we want to be free from the control of the one-worlders, we must know and understand the power of the creation of money by private corporations called banks. This power was illegally handed over without the consent of the population. There are people who still believe that elected governments are serving them and legislating laws according to the country's constitution. This famous phrase from a European banker, Meyer Anselm Rothschild, proved the contrary when he said: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws." So therefore, we are all subjected to their will.

We must, for the Jubilee Year 2000, rethink the economies by, first, the cancellation of the International debts of all nations, which have been already paid off many, many times through compound interest. Secondly, change the structures of the monetary and financial system so that each country could create its interest-free money to finance all the capacity to produce.

In this modern age of technology, it would be possible to guarantee every citizen of Canada's monthly national dividend of $800, based on the gross national production, much of which is produced automatically by the robots, and which is a heritage passed down from generation to generation. We must realize and live according to this progress. This can only be achieved by applying the principles of Social Credit, as they are proposed by the "Louis Even Institute" and the Pilgrims of St. Michael in our economics. These principles of money reform are well explained in our best seller entitled "In This Age of Plenty", written by Louis Even.

The "Michael" Journal is in accordance with the social doctrine of the Church, especially when the Popes, both past and present, are outlining the guidelines of economic reform to guarantee the basic necessities of life. This would bring peace through justice. Justice cannot come without charity, and charity cannot come without the giving of ourselves to apostolate work in reaching out to our brothers and sisters of the world. There are people in Canada who are not aware of the cancer in our economy, nor the remedy to cure it with.

Join us in this final battle to liberate all the nations from this world dictatorship of the International Bankers and their One-World Government, currency and religion. The signs are all around us, and the time is short. Let us get motivated by ordering free leaflets for distribution in your area and by subscribing your neighbors, friends, and family members to "Michael".

The Pilgrims of St. Michael hold regular meetings in different cities, provinces, and countries to inform the people. We must make it not only a duty to attend ourselves these meetings, but to bring along a friend(s). If you want to have a meeting held in your place, please contact us. God bless you!

Yvon Nantel

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