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'Co-existence' — An Old Red Strategy

on Friday, 01 July 1955. Posted in World Government

Following are the major portions of an address delivered to service clubs, church groups and public audiences across Canada this last winter and spring by Ron Gostick, Director of the Canadian Anti-Communist League.

We are republishing this address from the July issue of The Canadian Intelligence Service.*

Mr. Chairman, fellow Canadians:

I am here today to place squarely before you certain facts and information, without which Canadians cannot be expected to understand world developments or make wise decisions. "The over-all strategy of those forces bent upon the destruction of Christendom has been to divide the nations of the West through a series of wars that pitted brothers in faith against each other. And during the last forty years, the nations of Christendom have twice bled and wounded each other, as the cancer of Communism spread in all directions.

The greatest consequence of World War I was the establishment of Bolshevism in the USSR. It was as the nations of Europe convulsed in their own blood in 1917 that the forces behind international Communism moved and established a base in Russia.

World War II

In 1939 we went to war again. Germany, as in 1914, was the 'enemy'. We were told that it was our duty to save Poland from Hitler's invading armies. We went in good faith.

Little did we dream then that before the end of the war our leaders would meet with the rulers of Moscow at a series of secret conferences, culminating in Yalta and Potsdam, and sell into Red slavery not only Poland, which we were saving from Hitler, but all of the little Baltic states in the north right down to the Balkan countries in southeastern Europe.

We are now finding out that not only was Eastern Europe betrayed into Red slavery, but by the terms of the Yalta Agreement our ally in Asia, Chiang Kai-shek, was also betrayed and ultimate control of China turned into Red hands. President Roosevelt, at Yalta, invited the Reds to march with us in the last days of the war against Japan, offering them the Kurile Islands, the southern part of Sakhalin, pre-eminent rights in Dairen and Port Arthur, and virtual control of Manchuria, the great industrial province of China. Thus, unbeknown to Chiang Kai-shek, the Reds (who all during the War actually had a nonaggression pact with Japan) received all the fruits of our victory over Japan, and occupied Manchuria at our invitation, from which base they were later to conquer the Chinese mainland.

Blueprint for World Revolution

One of the first things we must grasp is the fact that the international Communist conspiracy is not just stumbling along without any fixed goal or strategy. Not only does the Communist goal of world revolution and a world Marxist, Godless state remain constant; but the Reds are working assiduously to a plan and blueprint, a time table and strategy, laid down years ago. Lenin, in 1923, laid down the Red order of conquest when he said:

"First we will take eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia, then we will encircle the United States, which will be the last bastion of capitalism. We will not have to attack. It will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands."

And, concerning the method to be used to achieve this goal Lenin said that they must: "secure the goodwill of teachers and professors in schools and universities, of liberal ministers of religion..." in order to create a mental condition or psychological state in the West which would render difficult any firm stand against international Communism. In other words, we were to be "brainwashed" by our own leaders!

Examining Yalta in the light of the Communist blueprint, as laid down by Lenin, we see that it was a huge victory for the Reds, as they were handed their first major objective (Eastern Europe) and a powerful base in the East (Manchuria) from which to launch out towards the conquest of Asia, their second major objective.

Incredible Retreat from Victory

During the last ten years, from 1945 to 1955, we have lost in the 'cold' war to Communism ove 600 million friends and allies. During this one decade the Red empire has swollen from 200 million to more than 800 million. Never has the West suffered such an immense defeat in such a short time. The net results of our foreigh policy since World War II constitute nothing short of an incredible retreat from victory — a disaster withou parallel.

But even more incredible was the fact that we had become so blind and indifferent that we couldn't tell the difference between victory and defeat, between right and wrong. And we have witnessed the spectacle of one university after another, without public protest, bestowing honourary degrees upon those so-called statesmen who were responsible for the policies of disaster!

So many of our leaders — our teachers, professors and clergy – as Lenin's plan called for, have fallen into a deep sleep or silence while others have actually joined the anti-Christ conspiracy to paralyze the West.

Our Present Position

International Communism today is taking its second major objective in its blueprint for world power. Today the Reds are using 'hot' war in the East to swallow up the rest of Asia, their second major objective. At the same time they are waging a 'cold' or psychological war against the West. They are conditioning us to accept policies of appeasement and surrender which we would never accept were we not first 'brain-washed'.

The Red psychological line today is known a 'peaceful co-existence'. Like so many Red euphemisms, this term implies a spirit of live-and-let-live, which is ingrained in Western man. But behind this high-sounding Red phrase is a nasty Red trap.

Perhaps no man in the East better understand Communist double-talk than the old Christian leader of South Korea, Syngman Rhee. Recently he warned that: 'Co-existence' is a Communis tactic to "lull (us) into a sleep of death."

Senator William Knowland, Republican Senate leader, warns that:

"The Communist concept of 'peaceful co-existence' means that the United States or other free nations of the world will be allowed to exist only until Communism is able to subvert them from within or destroy them by aggression from without... (ultimately) we shall be allowed the choice to surrender or die."

Completion of Red Blueprint

Seven years after Lenin laid down the order for world conquest, Dmitri Manuilsky, then head of the Comintern, or Communist International, in a lecture at Moscow to agents from all parts of the world (1930) said:

"War to the hilt between Communism and Cap italism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in 20 or 30 years. To win we shall need the element of surprise. The bourgeoisie will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There wil be electrifying overtures and unheard-of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to co-operate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down we shall smash them with our clenched fist.".

Examining the Red leader's words, we note that the time element is rapidly maturing. He said the Reds' time would come in 20 or 30 years. That statement was made in 1930, which brings us to 1950-60, in the midst of which decade we live today.

Just as laid down in the blueprint, about five years ago the Reds did launch their 'spectacular peace movement' - known as the Stockholm Peace Petition. And as Lenin planned, this Red propaganda was helped along by the Red Deans, the Dr. Endicotts, and thousands of our liberal clergy and teachers.

And, just as foretold by Manuilsky, this peace propaganda was followed up with the promise of trade with the West, and the promise of markets for our products and 'full employment'. 'Electrifying overtures, and unheard of concessions' is indeed the Red line of 1955.

And so we see that Lenin laid down the order of conquest; and Manuilsky inferred that while the Reds were taking their first objectives they would put the West to sleep with an anesthetic of 'peaceful co-existence' propaganda.

This is the Red blueprint for world conquest, as laid down by their own leaders. We need only glance around us today, and compare a 1955 atlas with a 1945 edition to appreciate how closely and successfully this blueprint is being followed.

Not a New Strategy

This strategy of ‘peace and co-existence' is nothing new for the Reds. Following the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, until 1939, the Kremlin pursued a foreign policy of 'peaceful Co-existence' with the West. Why? Because she needed time — time to digest her captive peoples, time to liquidate anti-Communist opposition in the lands she was enslaving, time to build up her industry and military machine. And because of these internal problems, and the need for time to solve them, the Reds naturally wanted peace to carry forward their plot.

In 1933 Moscow won a great victory. One of the first acts of the new Roosevelt Administration was to grant official diplomatic recognition to the Kremlin regime. This enabled the Reds to open up an embassy in Washington and consulate offices in the great cities across America. Recent investigations have shown that these diplomatic facilities were used to build up Red espionage fifth columns inside this continent.

Likewise, in 1945 the Gouzenko revelations in Ottawa showed that the Reds had used their embassy in Canada not to build up genuine friendship with Canada, but to build up fifth columns on our soil, directed against the security of this nation.

The Petrov disclosures last year in Australia revealed the same pattern.

Recognize Red China?

There are those who seem incapable of learning from experience, who advocate the granting of diplomatic recognition to the Red Peking regime. But is it reasonable to believe that the road to security and peace lies in the direction of granting further espionage and blackmail facilities for Red agents on our soil?

Others, with their feet firmly planted in mid air, suggest that the road to stability and security is to be found by giving the Chinese Reds a seat in the United Nations. Again we ask: Can anyone seriously contend that we can enhance our own security by increasing the power and influence of Red regimes in the councils of the world?

Canada Used by Reds

Prime Minister St. Laurent's world 'goodwill' trip last year is an example of how Western leaders, with the best of intentions, fall victims to Red psychological traps.

The Canadian press on Feb. 25, 1954, reported in these terms Mr. St. Laurent's participation in a press conference in India:

"Asked about Russia, he said he did not suggest that the form of government existing in Russia should be changed, since it was a matter for the Russian people."

How can we, as Christians, watch millions of our brothers-in-Christ groaning in slavery and persecution, and smugly announce that we do not suggest that that form of government should be changed? Our P.M. was the honourary head of 'brotherhood week' at the time he made this statement!

Can the Christian watch his neighbor attacked and bound by a gang of thugs, his neighbor's wife and children assaulted and property seized, and then in good conscience shake the hand of the criminal interlopers in a pact of 'co-existence'! I say that, from the moral point of view, our duty is to help our neighbor, not his assailants.

From the viewpoint of our own security we might realize, and so might our Prime Minister, that until the anti-God tyranny ruling the Kremlin is changed, and the captive peoples set free, there will be no peace or security for us or anyone else. Because until the form of government is changed, the lives and resources of these millions of enslaved peoples will be used, exploited and harnessed to support, subversion and aggression the world over.

The same press report read:

“Later he (St. Laurent) said the nationalist government on Formosa does not represent the great mass of the Chinese people.“.

Then a Canadian press dispatch, March 8, reported our P.M. as saying in Korea:.

"I do feel that some day we are going to have to be realistic (and) admit the present government of China is the government the people want."

This statement is simply without foundation in fact, and is a monstrous insult to the Chinese people. We know that the Reds seized and retain power in China by the sword. No 'government the people want' has to slaughter millions of citizens each year in order to continue representing them!

As a matter of fact, the only opportunity in recent years the Chinese people have had to express themselves in any number was when the thousands of Chinese prisoners in Korea were given the choice of returning home or remaining in exile in Formosa or South Korea. In spite of Red brainwashing, over 90 per cent of these young Chinese men chose exile rather than return to their loved ones and homeland as long as it was under Red domination. How can leaders ignore such a ringing expression as this?

It is 'realistic' to realize that the Peking regime is in control of most of China; but it is nonsense to view it as the rightful spokesman or the 'government the people want.'

It is 'realistic', when combatting crime, to recognize the extent and power of the underworld; but it would be folly to attempt to combat crime by granting to the underworld official status, a seat on the city council and representation on the police commission!

It is 'realistic to recognize the existence of evil. But it is folly to grant it official status and elevate its promoters. The next realistic step, after recognizing evil, is to co-operate with all men of sound principle in a determined effort to isolate and topple from power the evil elements.

Hitler's Defeat in Russia

In his book, Hitler's Defeat in Russia, Gen. Anders, former leader of the Free Polish Army, points out that when German armies rolled east in 1941 they put out the propaganda to the peoples of the USSR that they were coming not as conquerors, but as liberators. The result, says Gen. Anders, was that in the first weeks of the war more than two million prisoners — Poles, Ukrainians, Russians and other captive peoples — were taken by the Germans, many of the prisoners voluntarily joining the Germans and asking for guns and ammunition so that they might help the 'liberators' in the fight to overthrow the Reds.

It is this internal weakness WITHIN the USSR, and these potential massive fifth columns, which constitute one of the greatest deterrents to large scale military operation by the Reds against the West at this time.

The eminent journalist, Eugene Lyons, who served many years in Russia, in Our Secret Allies records the following conversation: "Do you know where we lost the war in Russia:?" asked a former German officer of an American. "In Stalingrad", was the answer. "No, we lost it long before that — in Kiev, when we hoisted the swastika, instead of the Ukrainian flag."

In the early months of the war in Russia, Hitler's secret allies were the captive peoples themselves, yearning for liberation and freedom. And it was not until they found that instead of their freedom and independence being proclaimed, they were placed under the jurisdiction of Himmler's gestapo, that Hitler lost their support and the complexion of the war turned.

The Lesson We Must Learn

The great lesson for the West is that, in any future conflict with the Reds, our secret allies are the millions of enslaved peoples behind the Iron Curtain. They, not their Red master, are our real friends. And all our diplomacy and foreign policy should be directed towards encouraging these peoples and forging and cementing our friendship with them. They must know that we do care.

And we must keep ever in mind that any act or word on our part which tends to lend official status or prestige to the Red rulers is a slap in the face to our real friends and allies.

Viewed in the full light of Red strategy and psychological warfare, we begin to see the great damage our Prime Minister did to the cause of freedom during his 'goodwill' tour. It was a fantastic Communist victory. And yet Mr. St. Laurent's loyalty to this land is every bit as intense as yours or mine. He wouldn't consider, for all the gold in Fort Knox, any action detrimental to Canada. He was simply manoeuvred and duped — the victim of bad advice.

Red Asian Strategy

The Communists' problem today is this: having Eastern Europe in the bag, and having conquered half of Asia — how to conquer the rest of Asia without getting involved in an all-out shooting war with the U.S. and British Empire?

The Reds could not win an all-out war today for many reasons, not least of which is their internal weakness and the restive anti-Communist populations over whom they rule. The Kremlin needs time today as she has not needed it since 1917.

Then, too, why risk a shooting war when they are winning the world around the conference tables?

The Reds in Asia, in order to reduce to a minimum the risk of all-out war with the West, are pursuing a policy best described as "Operation Nibble". They are biting off just one piece at a time, while threatening the West with the consequences of any firm counter-action, and gambling that we will not stand firm and defend just one territory and a few million people,

Korea and Indo-China

The West, fighting Red aggression through the UN, failed to win in Korea. Why, with superior veapons, did we fail to win? Our military leaders — MacArthur, Clark, Van Fleet, Stratemeyer and Willoughby — who came back told us the reason. We were never allowed to win. We were not permitted to knock out the enemy's power plants, his home airbases, bridges and supply depots; we were not even allowed to pursue his aircraft beyond a certain 'line'. Every time the enemy was on the ropes and we poised for a decisive blow, says Gen. Van Fleet, orders came from the UN and that blow was never delivered!

But why? we ask. Well, after all, our action was channelled through the UN, and the Reds are powerful members of the UN. Red China was at war with us, killing our boys, but our aircraft were not permitted to fly over Red Chinese territory! The Kremlin directed the aggression on the one hand, and sat in the UN helping to direct or frustrate, our counter-action. Just imagine the consequences had we fought the war against Hitler under these conditions!

Actually, by using her UN post to prevent any effective action against Red aggression, the Kremin has used the UN as a major instrument in her strategy for world power.

Dr. M. S. Korowicz, former Polish UN delegate who took his first opportunity to flee into US asylum, told the Un-American Activities Committee

"that the Communist leaders consider the UN the best platform to spread propaganda to the West."

Communism can never be defeated through the UN, or by surrendering our sovereignty and freedom to some 'world' government (which is the ultimate objective of those behind Communism and those using the atomic bomb to terrify us into giving up our sovereignty) because the Reds are powerful members inside the UN, and would, numerically, dominate any 'world' government.

The armistice in Korea did not bring peace to Asia. It merely freed the Reds so that they could concentrate on Southeast Asia; and last year Korea was repeated in Indo-China as another key territory and 13 million more people slipped, behind the Iron Curtain..

The Reds know that were they to attempt to seize several key territories in one move, the US and Britain would declare war on Communism. But, by nibbling off þit at a time, the Reds are taking all of Asia without any real opposition. Their strategy of "Operation Nibble" is paying off.

Our Last Chance in Asia

Mr. Eden, who negotiated the betrayal of Indo-China last year at Geneva, is hailed as the great statesman of 1954 who worked for 'peace'.

But in 1938, when Hitler's armies were moving during the Czech crisis, Sir Winston Churchill warned:

"The belief that security can be obtained by throwing a small state to the wolves is a fatal delusion."

True words — but as true today as in 1938. We cannot find security by allowing one little nation after another to fall to the Red wolves.

'Co-existence' is a Communist strategy whereby we wallow in a stupor, dazzled by Red platitudes of 'peace' and 'brotherhood' while they gather up the rest of Asia. 'Co-existence' is the very Communist strategy laid down by Manuilsky 25 years ago by which the Reds hope to carry out Lenin's blueprint for world conquest, paralyzing or neutralizing the West while they conquer Asia.

If we allow the Reds to take Formosa today, this will not bring peace tomorrow. Rather will it give the Reds still another stepping-stone, another advance base from which to make their next demands, from which to launch their next attack. If Formosa is betrayed today, it will be Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea and Burma tomorrow.

On Formosa today we have our last chance to upset the Red strategy and blueprint for world conquest. If we back down, all Asians will know that when the chips are down we do not stand by our anti-Communist allies — and the psychological defeat will be catastrophic for the Free World.

A Strategy For Victory

Basically, the question facing us is this: Do we stand today against further Red aggression with our friends and allies, while we still have some? or do we allow them to fall, one by one, behind the Iron Curtain until we stand isolated and alone?

We risk war if we stand! Yes; and if we don't stand, but wait until we are alone, then what do we risk? Surrender, or certain war under adverse conditions. Appeasement is the road to war. And, I ask: Why should we fear the consequences of standing on principle and doing what is right?

We are today a favoured people. In a world half hungry, we have surpluses. In a world half slave, we still enjoy a substantial measure of freedom. But the very fact that the Almighty has bestowed upon us these rịch blessings places upon our shoulders a corresponding responsibility to use them to the glory of God. We must, in any strategy for victory:

1.- Return to God's Law. Righteousness, not expediency, must become the determining factor in our lives. We must make all material power and action subject to the Moral Law.

2.- Tap a source of power far greater than the hydrogen bomb — a spiritual strength yet largely untapped, and in which alone lies victory.

God is not going to wipe out, or allow Satan to blot out, all life on this planet. The Lord's purposes must and will be fulfilled. The forces of evil will yet be bound. Jesus Christ, Son of God, will yet rule supreme in the lives of men and nations.

With His promise of ultimate victory, as we are tempted in the days ahead to compromise principle and morality, let us remember God's warning:

What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and lose his soul.

* Published monthly at Flesherton, Ontario. Subscription - $2.00 a year.


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