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Vote for Doubling Family Allowances

on Wednesday, 01 February 1956. Posted in Societal debates

The current session of Parliament opened the 10th of January. Let the Government, let your representative in Parliament, know what you want from them, not only for yourself, but for all the families of Canada.

Write to the Prime Minister, write to your representative, asking for doubling the family allowance rate.

The letter given here (see this month's Letter of the Month to the Prime Minister of Canada), addressed to Right Honourable Louis St-Laurent, may serve as a model. This letter is in favour of doubling family allowances, which would simply mean bringing them back to their original value in purchasing power. Vote, and make others vote, showing them your paper and asking them to write the letter.

Our Social Credit Office (Box 27, Delorimier Station, Montreal) can also furnish postcards, all ready for mailing, adressed to the Prime Minister. You have only to sign them and drop them in a mail box. No postage required. We sell them 100 cards for $0.75. You can easily sell them to people around you for one cent each; they will sign and mail them, and that will mean 100 more votes for doubled family allowances.

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