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UN and Big Foundations Typified by 'Chisholmism'

on Wednesday, 01 June 1955. Posted in Societal debates

The majority report of the Reece (U S Congressional) Committee on Foundations disclosed that it was the Rockefeller Foundation which made possible the Kinsey studies on sex, in which conclusions were reached that homosexual molesters of children “may have contributed favourably to their (the children's) later socio-sexual development," and that pre-marital sex relations of women "provide an opportunity for the females to learn to adjust emotionally to various types of males”.

Julian Huxley, former chief of UNESCO, which is supported by Christians and is admittedly the greatest international attempt ever made to influence human thought and moral outlook, wrote:

"The advance of natural science... has brought us to a stage at which God is no longer a useful hypothesis. A faint trace of God... still broods over our world like a smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat. But the growth of... knowledge will rub even that from the universe. I do not believe in the existence of a god or gods."

Make no mistake: the Huxleys, the Kinseys, the Chisholms, the Keenleysides, and the Hissesthis is the stuff of which the UN is made.

No wonder the Kremlin stays in the UN, helping to spend our tax-dollars to:subvert our own civilization! One Chisholm, in our book, does more to undermine and subvert Christian society in one week than a Tim Buck does in a lifetime.


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