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These Doctors Have Self-respect

on Wednesday, 01 April 1959. Posted in Fluoride

The following interesting report is taken from "The National Fluoridation News". The doctors of Memphis in the United States do not repeat like_parrots, the opinions coming from the so-called "experts". They make their own investigations.

The case of fluoridation was presented to a reunion of the civic clubs of Memphis and of the county of Shelby, December 8, 1958.

The president of the Water Commission, Major Thomas H. Allen, stressed the fact that the function and duty of a public water system was to furnish the community with pure water, as little contaminated as possible. He sees in the addition of fluoride, an adulteration of water. He does not consider that the water commission is qualified to prescribe medicines. He cannot imagine that anyone, consciously and with good will would agree to absorb a toxic substance during all this life with no other control than that of a machine.

Doctor Mac DeMere said that, at the beginning he had given some credence to the "official" reports on this subject up to the time he decided to carry out his own investigations. Since then he had studied the subject and intended to continue his studies. From what he had learned he could not favor the fluoridation of water.

Dr. Jonathan Forman of Columbus, Ohio, one of the invited doctors, condemned such medication, obligatory, collective, unscientific in the method of its prescription.

"Fluoridation, said Dr. Forman, usurps the right of the individual to accept or refuse medication.

"This is the first time in human history that a dose of medicine has been prescribed without consideration for the height, sex, weight, or age of the individual.

"People drink different quantities of water and if the water contains a certain percentage of medication, some are going to absorb more of it than others."

Dr. Forman remarked that if he had decided to go into the drug business and sell water in bottles, fluoridated to the required percentage of 1 part of fluoride to a million of water, the government would demand that he make 14 experiments in addition to those already known in order to determine the harmlessness of his product. However no such experiments have ever been carried out by the Department of Public Health with regard to the fluoridation of water in the public water systems.

He said also that a number of industries have been obliged to spend considerable sums of money to remove the fluoride from the water they use.

A dentist, Dr. Wayne Paulus, was one of those who introduced fluoridation into Tennessee. At Memphis, however, he declared that he had simply "heard, accepted and supported". A strange thing that, like many other proponents of fluoridation, he knew very little about fluoride at that time. Since that time however, he had made his own research and was 100% against fluoridation.

Dr. Breen Bland remarked that it would be something marvellous to find an overall cure for dental caries; but that fluoride was far from such a cure. Even at the dosage recommended, a millionth of a part, fluoridated water would disfigure at least 25% of the teeth of children.

Six other dentists from among the most important of Memphis were also present at this conference and declared themselves opposed to fluoridation.

This reunion at Memphis was one of the rare occasions when dentists and doctors of some reputation have dared to come out publicly and proclaim their convictions despite the pressures and threats which are directed against those who dare to go against the prevailing opinion.

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