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Regimentation and a poll tax

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Tuesday, 01 December 1959. Posted in Societal debates

Up to the date of the passing of the national hospital insurance plan, (obligatory), there did not exist in Canada, any form of obligatory registration, nor was there a poll tax, that is, a tax on every head.

But with the passage of this law, the era of forced enrollment opened in Canada and for the first time we have a tax levied on each individual.

We have entered a stage in social development, which is purely Communist; we are embarking on a form of government in which each individual is strictly subordinated to the rule of the state, where each one has a dossier in the state files, complete with all information on him, where each must give all details of his state of health and where each must pay an annual tax on himself each year. This is enforced by an army of functionaries and bureaucrats, investigators and spies, all the time-honored symbols of the Communist state. And we have the threats of fines and imprisonment equivalent to the threats of concentration camps in Communist countries.

Make no mistake about it, those Socialists who so vigorously clamor for obligatory state health insurance are not looking primarily to the welfare of the poor. They are seeking to establish a totalitarian state, in which state, they will be riding the poor horse.

Those who spoke out so loudly for hospital insurance, proclaiming at the same time their championship of the poor, should go to New Brunswick and ask the wretched poor there if they are satisfied with the hospital insurance law. Not one of the poor is satisfied,not one. How can they be when this obligatory health insurance by the state constitutes for them nothing but one more tax for which the horde of tax collectors will call on them, giving them, the collectors, one more excuse for wielding a tyranny which is already so bad that it is unbelievable unless you witness it? Certainly the poor don't want obligatory state health insurance!

Those Socialists seek the Communist state and they know well that obligatory state health insurance is one giant stride towards the attainment of this goal. There is nothing which gives the state a tighter grip on the individual than to have the control of his body and to regiment him and tax him.

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