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on Saturday, 01 October 1955. Posted in Societal debates

The CBC and Communism

John H. Blackmore, MP for Lethbridge, Alberta, speaking in the House of Commons on July 26 last, referred to the communist influence in the CBC. He said:,

"I think the ordinary individual would be surprised to hear... that we have had 19 pro-communist speakers having astonishingly free access to the programs of the CBC... while we have had only four people speaking against communism, and their opportunities to speak have been few and far between."

The Western MP said the CBC is as procommunist "as though it were being directed immediately from Moscow," adding:

"I do not know whether it is going to be necessary to organize, to move that the appropriation for this CBC be reduced to $1 and fight a major conflict on the floor of this house in order to bring this organization under control. I wonder whether that will have to be done next year, or whether the men who have been mismanaging and abusing the privilege they have had in connection with this organization will be warned and will desist from the nefarious and subversive tactics relative to communism which they have been employing now for over two years."

The Couchiching Conference, sponsored annually by the Canadian Institute of Public Affairs, with CBC co-operation, was broadcast nightly this year from August 13-19.

Chairman of this Conference was Dr. H. L. Keenleyside, and guest speakers included Philip C. Jessup, former US 'ambassador-at-large.'

Several years ago the widely-respected national Catholic weekly, The Ensign, reported:.

"The association of our former Ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Hugh L. Keenleyside, with Lombardo Toledano and others of this leftist group of Mexican politicians attracted quite a bit of attention at the time. His visits to New York, still as Ambassador, to address radical groups of Wallaceites (Henry Wallace ran for President in 1948 with communist support — Ed.) were considered by many as equally outside the natural interests of a Canadian diplomat."

Dr. Keenleyside resigned from his External Affairs post about the time his activities were disclosed, and he has since held a high post in the UN.

Dr. Philip Jessup was one of the pro-communist clique in the US State Department under Truman. His record1 includes:

MEMBERSHIP in no less than 6 organizations cited by the Attorney-General or legislative committee as Red fronts. CHAIRMANSHIP (and one of the real leaders) of the infamous Institute of Pacific Relations which was found, after exhaustive Congressional hearings, to be a communist instrument.

Urging that the U.S. send arms to the communist elements in Spain, and that arms be withheld from England and France during the Hitler-Stalin Pact.

CLOSE ADHERENCE to the communist line in signing a petition urging that the U. S. stop manufacturing atomic bombs and destroy atomic bomb material (which would have helped Russia to catch up and overtake the West in this field).

SUPPORT of the notorious communist, Frederick Vanderbilt Field, in his communist activities.


CONTINUED SUPPORT of Alger Hiss, after his Red activities had been known.

Not without reason, the US Senate refused to confirm an appointment for Jessup as US delegate to the UN.

Now that Parliament has adjourned, are we in for a liberal dose of brainwashing via our CBC! It would seem that Mr. Blackmore and other Members will have to bring this disgraceful situation to a showdown next Session.

The very background of such men as Keenleyside and Jessup is a strong indication of the left-wing slanting of our CBC. This information should be placed in the hands of your MP, and he should be urged to clean this pro-communist influence out of our tax-supported CBC.

*  *  *

Behind the 'Geneva Spirit'

"Professionals were appalled to note news photos of Ambassador 'Chip' Bohlen, leaning over Mr. Eisenhower's shoulder at Geneva. They recall how he leaned over Roosevelt's shoulder at Yalta. Bohlen was one of the principal 'diplomatic technicians' who shaped and prepared the groundwork of that famous sell-out in 1945. Diplomatic people here wonder why a "new team of technicians was not sent to Geneva — one headed, for instance, by former Ambassador Loy Henderson, now Deputy Under-Secretary of State. Henderson consistently opposed the appeasement-of-Russia policy symbolized by Yalta.".

HUMAN EVENTS, (Washington), July 23.

"To grasp the magnitude of the Geneva disaster, we need only to state the argument of those who claim Geneva was a success — namely, that "We have made friends with the Soviet government.". For this is another way of saying that we have made friends with the apostles of Hell.

"We have, indeed, made friends with the Soviet leaders — who denounce God; who despise freedom; who deny individual rights; who exalt treachery; who counsel deceit; who practice terror, intimidation and torture as part of each day's work; who have, where possible, exterminated every human being and every human institution that has opposed them; and who have acknowledged, as their supreme mission, the destruction of this country and the last vestiges of our way of life. Such men are now our very good friends."

Sen. Joseph McCarthy, August 1, 1955.

*  *  *

The Economic Problem

The following four paragraphs are reprinted from Intelligence Survey (Melbourne), July '55.

While it is undoubtedly true that the Communist-dominated countries have their internal economic problems, it is unrealistic to ignore the fact that the economic problems of all the Western nations are rapidly becoming more acute. The current policy being imposed in Australia by Dr. H. C. Coombs, a Fabian Socialist, is one which is apparently designed to reduce demand and to try and prevent a too rapid increase in the rising price level. But, as Mr. A. N. Curphey, General Manager of the Victorian Chamber of Manufacturers, has recently pointed out, there is already a glut in most fields of production. Reducing demand at present can therefore only intensify the growing problems of both primary and secondary producers.

The British Government has also introduced a policy of credit restriction. The only criticism offered by the British Socialist Opposition is that the Government should have imposed this restrictive policy months ago. The result must inevitably be not only a reduction in the demand for British production, but also a reduction in the demand for Australian goods. Now, in spite of the fact that events have demonstrated beyond all argument that greater production does not of itself prevent inflation, the economic "experts", most of them Socialists of one brand or another, are again shouting that the solution to the economic problem can only be found by still greater production, less imports, and increasing exports.

There has been no attempt to explain how all Western countries, including the U.S.A., can increase their exports while restricting imports. But coinciding with the current "peace" offensive launched by the Communists at Geneva, there has also been launched a campaign demanding that an enormous volume of exports could be sent to Soviet Russia and other Communist-dominated countries. All sections of the "capitalist" press have taken up this campaign which the Communist press first launched months ago!

It becomes progressively clearer every day that unless the Western nations can solve their own internal economic problems and enable the individual to obtain from the economic system a genuine higher standard of living with increasing freedom, the Communists will exploit the West's economic problems for their own advantage.

*  *  *

South African Note

The following report is from Intelligence Digest (England), July, 1955.

Prime Minister Strijdom is proving at least as realistic as Malan; his Cabinet is made up mainly of middle-of-the-road Nationalists.

A large section of the Press has made a great deal of fuss about the movement of negroes from certain city areas. It is true that these movements have been accompanied by violence; but the violence did not originate with the negroes who were being moved. It was fomented by European and Indian landlords of the abominable shacks in which the negroes had lived and for which they paid extortionate rents.

The new settlements to which they are being moved are a tremendous improvement; in most cases these negroes are getting, for the first time in their lives, running water, electricity, and simple but vermin-free rooms and rents are lower.

When certain Johannesburg negroes were moved to the new Meadowland settlements, there was general satisfaction at the prospect of lower rents. Some of the landlords of the Johannesburg slums thereupon hired groups of thugs and sent them into Meadowlands to beat up the new tenants and scare them back into their old slums.

This is played up by the world Press and by the Communists into stories of violence and desperate resistance. Other similar cases could be quoted.


1.) See US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Hearings on Nomination of Philip Jessup, Sept. 27, 1951, pp. 1-39; Oct. 2, 1951; pp. 41-102, 108-142.

NOTE: For a comprehensive report on communist influence in the CBC, send twenty cents to the Canadian Intelligence Service, Flesherton, Ont., and ask for their report on Communism in the CBC.

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