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Poisoning at L'Isle Jesus

Written by Thérèse Tardif on Wednesday, 31 December 1969. Posted in Fluoride

Fluoridated water

The Union of Electors is at present carrying on a vigorous battle against public poisoners — the fluoridators of public drinking water. We have been carrying hard-hitting articles, in all our recent issues, against this movement.

As a result, a goodly number of people are arriving at an understanding of what fluoridation means. Recently, young Bert Dionne, son of Leopold Dionne of Pont Viau (a suburb of Montreal), went, out of sheer curiosity, to visit the local aqueduc with his friends.

They were in for quite a surprise. In a room on the second floor, Bertrand and his pals discovered a number of sacks which bore the label, "Sodium Fluoride - Poison". Now Bertrand, being a good Crediter himself, was quite familiar with the movement's battle against fluoridation. So without any delay he betook himself off and advised his father of what he had discovered. His father, in turn, advised other Crediters.

On Saturday, February 14, four Crediters, Jacques D'Aoust, Alcide Ouellet, Gerard Tremblay and I, went to make an investigation at the Pont Viau Aqueduc. For the occasion I took along my camera.

40 lbs of poison a day

The obliging attendant was proud to show us around this very up-to-date filtering plant. He demonstrated all the processing the water undergoes before it is distributed to the public. We arrived before one machine (see first photo). "This," said the attendant, "is the machine for the fluoride. It seems that it is "good for children's teeth." On the second floor, in a separate room, were the bags of fluoride (see: photograph 2). Forty pounds of this violent poison are thrown into the water every day.

Gerard Tremblay questioned the attendant: "Since when have you been putting fluoride in the water?". "For nearly six months", replied the attendant:" "The town council voted a resolution in favor of this measure, with the authorization of the health department of Quebec. There are only three other municipalities which fluoridate their water — L'Abord a Plouffe, St. François de Sales and Pointe Claire." (Note: these three and Pont Viau are municipalities in the district of L'Isle Jesus on the fringe of Montreal)

"What districts are you supplying with water?" asked Tremblay.

"Duvernay, St. Vincent de Paul and part of Laval-des-Rapides. And we shall soon be furnishing water right out to St. Elzear."

"Fluoride is a very violent poison," remarked Tremblay. "Isn't it dangerous for you to be putting it into the machine?".

"Oh, we take a good many precautions," the attendant assured him.

After the water is purified with chlorine and aluminum sulphate, the fluoride is added.

L'Abord à Plouffe and Pointe Claire Gerard Tremblay telephoned the filtering plant at L'Abord à Plouffe to know if the water there was fluoridated and what parts of the sector received this water. He was told that water there had been fluoridated for several months and that this water was also furnished to Laval-des-Rapides and St. Martin. I myself phoned Pointe Claire and was able to confirm that the water there was also fluoridated.

Counsellor Marcel Dufresne

Our investigators then paid a visit on town councillor, Marcel Dufresne.

— D'Aoust: "How does it happen that our water supply is being fluoridated?"

— The councillor: "We adopted this measure with the authorization of the Health Department of Quebec and on the recommendation of Dr. Martin.". (Note: Dr. Martin no longer lives in Pont Viau.)

 — D'Aoust: "Did you consult the wishes of the town people?"

— The councillor: "No. We did it on our own. However, if enough pressure were brought to bear on us we would throw it out."

Town secretary, Bernard Langevin

Mrs. Leopold Dionne telephoned the town secretary of Pont Viau to get further information.

— Mrs. Dionne: "At what session of the town council was the measure to fluoridate our water adopted? Who proposed the measure and who seconded it? What districts are receiving this water?

— The secretary: "We voted this resolution at the session of July 7, 1958. It was proposed by René Patenaude and seconded by Mr. Fortin. We supply this water to Laval-des-Rapides, St. Vincent de Paul and Duvernay."

The secretary told Mrs. Dionne that the municipal council did not need the permission of the people to take such decisions; that the law permitted it to so act. No notice had been given the people that the water had been fluoridated.

The meeting of the town council

A group of Crediters from Pont Viau went to the session of the town council in order to question the mayor and the councillors about the fluoridation of the water.

Mayor Rosaire Gauthier admitted that he knew little about fluoridation. He said that the council had passed the resolution because the engineers had said that it was good. When the Crediters asked what engineers, they were unable to get an answer. The mayor demanded that he be brought proof by competent people, that fluoride is harmful. Mr. Dionne answered that he was objecting to fluoride on principle: "It is a question of liberty. For myself, I don't want to drink fluoride. Those who want it can go and buy it at the drugstore." It ended with the council refusing to discuss the matter, any further and demanding that proof be given it that fluoride is harmful.

In the name of liberty

In the name of liberty, we deny that the town councils have the right to make their people drink poison by ordering fluoride to be put into their drinking water.

Even if fluoride were a good medicamient, no one can be forced to take a medicament.

If there are doctors who speak in favor of fluoridation, there are also others who speak against it. Fluoride is a violent poison; everyone agrees on this. Consequently it is too dangerous to use without having the complete agreement of all those competent to speak on the matter. And even then it should be given only to those who want it. There is no right to impose medicine on any one except children through parents and the mentally ill.

The town secretary of Pont Viau replied to our protests by comparing fluoride to chlorine. Well, Mr. Secretary, they are not the same, nor is their use the same. Chlorine is a product used to treat the water. It is absolutely necessary to purify the water. Fluoride, by your own admission is a medicine to prevent tooth decay in children; it is a product to treat people and the water is only a vehicle. There is no need to put it in everyone's drinking water in order to get it into children. Parents can give it to them in capsules. I'm sure no one would complain!

It is absolutely chilling to see how complete is the disdain of our public men for the individual or the individual's liberty. The individual exists, for them, only to have hispockets dredged. He has no liberty in their eyes; his lot is to do what he's told without a murmur.

Well, good gentlemen of public office, this state of affairs is going to be reversed. You are going to serve the people as is your duty and obligation; not they serve you. And it is the people who are going to make the decisions — even before the health department of Quebec,

The Union of Electors is going to see to that!

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