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Mass Moulding of Man's Mind

on Sunday, 01 July 1956. Posted in Societal debates

In a recent article in the English "Daily Mail", Mr. W. J. Brown, asks: "Will you just be an echo in 1956?". After pointing out that three times more money is spent on education today than fifty years ago by the British people, he gives his impressions of what is happening to the individual:

"We are echoes of a mass newspaper circulation, of mass radio, of mass television. Never in the history of the human race has the mind of man been more constantly assailed, or more, continually conditioned, by mass instruments for moulding opinion than it is today...

"The result is that it is rare indeed to meet an independent mind...

"Indeed, one of the marks of the current age is a profound distrust of thinking... This habit of not thinking, of taking on trust the thoughts of others, extends itself to the field of politics, economics, and social organization generally...

"Modern man probably does less thinking than at any time in man's history... He becomes a puppet, dancing at the end of strings pulled by others."

— (Reproduced in "The New Times")

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