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Fluoride And Foodstuffs

on Sunday, 01 March 1959. Posted in Fluoride

In and around Montreal there are a number of large businesses which prepare a great variety of foodstuffs. These products go onto the shelves of stores in every part of the country.

It is not surprising, therefore, that citizens outside of Montreal were gravely concerned at the rumors which were rife to the effect that the city of Montreal intended to fluoridate its water supply. Would this not effect the foodstuffs which were prepared and packaged in Montreal? Letters to this effect came into Montreal, addressed to a number of these business concerns. Below are given a few of the answers.

Viau Limited (Biscuits and Candies)

Through its sales manager, Mr. R. Frenette, the Viau company answered as follows:

"We wish to inform you that we have in our plant a chemist whose business it is to see that our water supply is kept free from foreign elements.".

The Jito Products Co. Ltd

The Jito Company's reply came through its manager, Mr. I. Bissonnette:

"We wish to advise you that we do not use the water coming from the public water system. We use only distilled water in our products. You can make no mistake in using our medicaments."

Kraft Food Limited

The Kraft Food Company answered through its vice-president, and director of publicity, Mr. E: J. Coleman:

"Would you be kind enough to inform for us, all the signatories of your letters, that we have been in touch with the directors of the public water system. They have replied that, as far as they were concerned, nothing has been decided with regard to the fluoridation of water. We trust that this news will dispel any fears you may have had."

But Catelli Would Like Fluoridation

The Catellt Food Products Limited gave us quite a different answer. The reply came over the signature of R. Samson of Catelli-Habitant Ltd.

Mr. Samson begins with a eulogy of iodine and chlorine, two members of the halogen family. Then he goes on to laud the properties of fluoride, the third member of the family; in relation to its effects on the teeth of children. He says:

"Although this is a very powerful ingredient which, when in a state of florine gas, can even dissolve glass, it is, when in a salt form with calcium, capable of protecting the teeth of all individuals who drink water containing this ingredient."

Catelli has quite a scientist in the person of this Mr. Samson. He has discovered that fluoridated water is beneficial to "all individuals", a factor which seems to have escaped all the other promoters of fluoridated drinking water — which includes a goodly number of scientists and medical men. These latter affirm only that it will help the teeth of children between the ages of three and six. Mr. Samson finishes by saying:

"Consequently, regardless of what you may think, we believe that it is absolutely necessary for the protection of the citizens of Montreal, that they use water containing fluoride as we mentioned above, rather than to suffer from bad teeth through a lack of this element in the water they drink. We hope that you will realize the importance of this factor and that you will be convinced of the necessity for the residents of Montreal to use, in the future this water containing fluoride, as has already been spoken of in the papers."

Twice in less than ten lines, this gentleman from Catelli's has affirmed that it is necessary, that it is "absolutely necessary" to fluoridate the water in the aqueduct. Does Mr. Samson think there is literally no other way for those who need or want fluoride, to get it except through fluoridating the drinking water of an entire city? This is a very curious remedy if it has no value when served in tablet form or when put into a glass of water without first having gone through the city's water pipes!

Mr. Samson can hardly wait to see the drinking water of Montreal fluoridated. He doesn't go quite so far as to assert that, if the city of Montreal doesn't hurry up and fluoridate its drinking water, Catelli will start putting it in its food products in order to save the teeth of Montrealers and all who use their products; but if his sentiments are shared by the other directors of Catelli, it won't be long before such an event takes place.

However this may be, the company of Catelli food products has placed itself squarely on the side of those who would fluoridate the public drinking water. This information may be useful or interesting to consumers who do not share Mr. Samson's enthusiasm for imbibing this powerful poison, fluoride.

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