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Communist Infiltration in the CBC

on Tuesday, 01 November 1955. Posted in Societal debates

The following report on increasing Red influence in the CBC is taken from the current issue of The Canadian Intelligence Service:

During the past year we have repeatedly warned of the communist propaganda line infiltrating CBC newscasts and programs. It is now evident that the CBC is stepping up its pro-communist line and becoming the major instrument of Red psychological warfare in Canada today.

The fantastic success of this Red infiltration and subversion is evident from the glowing eulogies of CBC programs carried in the communist press.

On October 1st, CBC Trans-Canada carried the last of its Focus series — a two-hour commie-line play entitled We Shall Not Be Moved, which received two full columns of build-up in the September 25th CBC Times, and rapturous applause from the Kremlin mouthpieces.

The Daily People's World, official communist organ of the US West Coast, on October 13th featured this report:

"The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. made radio history Oct. 1 when it presented a two-hour special program,'We Shall Not Be Moved' in which Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, now jailed as a Smith Act victim, is portrayed as a leading figure.

"The program related in story, narration, music, chorus (incluling a complete rendition of "I Dreamt I Saw Joe Hill Last Night" by Paul Robeson on a recording) the frameup, trial, fight back movement, execution, and Chicago funeral of Joe Hill.

"The production took over the best possible broadcasting time — 8 to 10 p.m. Saturday. There were no interruptions — even the usual station breaks were omitted."

"Diana Maddox, Canada's leading actress, played the part of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn; another top star, Hugh McNamara, enacted Joe Hill, and a supporting cast of nearly 100 players and singers, including many of Canada's finest performers, made it brilliant and exciting. Nothing was played down, distorted or withheld out of deference to the... U.S. State Department, nor our of fear of reaction..."

The play included this letter supposedly written by Hill (an early revolutionary 'labor' agitator in the US, finally convicte of murder) to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn:

"Dear Elizabeth... I would like to kiss you. Not because you are a girl, but because, like me, you are a rebel. You are a rebel girl. You should hurry and dig up a lot more like yourself. We sure could use them and the whole world needs them."

This commie organ concludes:

"Perhaps someone has made a recording of this program as was done with the play 'The Investigator' from the same network. It would be a smash hit."1

THE 'CANADIAN' COMMUNIST weekly, The Tribune (Oct. 17) carries this letter to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn:.

"You were not in your cell Saturday evening, October 1st. You travelled across the Canadian border. You were in many Canadian homes..."

This same communist paper (Oct. 10), under a 3-column headline, "THREE CHEERS FOR THE CBC", gloats:

"A new and welcome note was struck on CBC... The program drew no parallels with trials of today, but the likeness could hardly be missed. Specially poignant was the role of Elizabeth Flynn, a close friend to Joe Hill and the original of his song The Rebel Girl. Today the same class persecution has imprisoned Elizabeth Gurley Flynn under the Smith Act for her part in the fight for the rights of the American people, as Joe Hill was in 1915.

"For the excellence of this program all concerned must be congratulated. John Reeves, the producer, deserves special applause. He struck a new vein for Canadian radio to work, and it is a rich one.

"We're keeping our ears open for similar programs on Canadian themes. And if you think as we do, why not let us and the CBC know about it."

The Communist Strategy

The truth of the matter, of course, is that Elizabeth Gurley Flynn is one of the leaders of the communist conspiracy in the US, and is presently serving a prison term for her role in Red subversion and conspiracy.

The whole idea behind the current Red 'peace and co-existence' propaganda is to lull us into a false sense of security and slumber so that we'll relax our stand against Red aggression abroad and subversion at home.

The Reds have a jargon of their own today which refers to communists not in terms of the deceivers and murderers they are, but rather as 'progressives' and 'champions of the people's rights', and to anti-subversive and security measures as 'class persecution'. The commies are using this propaganda line in a supreme effort to spring their convicted agents from prison and defeat or emasculate anti-communist security measures. And by depicting the conviction and execution of Joe Hill as a frame-up, they now try to make the public believe that present-day communist subversion and conspiracy are only an illusion.

This is the present communist line, and it is i becoming obvious that the CBC is being used to beam this line to the US and at the same time brainwash its Canadian listeners.

It is difficult to understand how such an incredible situation has developed in our CBC. This material is not merely slanted in favour of communism – it IS communism, pure and simple. The people responsible for staging this production must be either outright communists, or 'egg-heads' under the influence and control of those directing today's Red line.

The CBC is financed at the Canadian taxpayers' expense. Why should we be taxed for national defence AGAINST communism and at the same time be taxed to finance communist propaganda over our radio network!

A Shame and a Disgrace

The same issue of The Canadian Intelligence Service comments editorially on this disturbing situation in the CBC in these words:

A careful perusal of the documentation we have presented during the past year discloses the extent of communist influence in the CBC, and the consistency with which our radio network promotes the commie 'line.'

The Red organ, THE TRIBUNE, urges its readers to let the CBC know how much they appreciate these 'progressive' productions. This means that thousands of Reds are busy congratulating Mr. Dunton, and Members of Parliament and urging even more of the same.

It is a shame to collect taxes for national defence AGAINST communism, and at the same time use tax dollars to PROMOTE it right on our own radio. It is a shame to compel Canadian actors and artists to prostitute their talents in promoting the Red propaganda line.

Communists are workers of evil, but they are active workers. They are working night and day to influence, to infiltrate, to corrupt and undermine. And what are WE doing? Just reading and soaking up this information like a sponge? Or are we DOING something about it? Are we advising in no uncertain terms our own MP, The Hon. James McCann, Ottawa (under whose department comes the CBC), and Mr. Davidson Dunton, CBC Chairman, Ottawa of our viewpoint, and demanding that a stop be put forthwith to this misappropriation of taxes and communist-aiding policy.

Can we do less, and still keep faith?


1.) The 'Investigator" was a commie-line play written by a 'Fifth Amendment Red' and produced by the CBC last year. It was rapturously received by the communists, who widely distributed the recording (supplied them by the CBC) throughout the US and Europe.

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