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Adult 'Education'

on Saturday, 01 October 1955. Posted in Education

The Atlantic Regional Conference of the Canadian Association For Adult Education was recently held in Charlottetown. As a newspaperman I had the opportunity to cover this conference. The educational group of about 150 delegates was offered two entertainments. One was a film depicting commentator Ed Murrow's interview with Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. In effect, the show was a defence of Oppenheimer who was removed from work on American nuclear secrets by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission because he was adjudged a security risk.

"Later that evering at the educational conference, delegates were invited to listen to a recording of the play, the'Investigator.'..."

Desmond Burge, writing in "The Ensign", Aug.: 20/55.

Dr. Oppenheimer is the US scientist removed from contact with "classified" information as a result of a thorough government investigation into his background, which revealed:

(1). a long record of communist and communist-aiding activities;

(2). extensive family connections with communism: and

(3) admitted financial support of the communist apparatus.

Edward R. Murrow is the well-known American commentator who defended Oppenheimer, even after his communist record was revealed, and who consistently defends those supporting the communist line and attacks government security measures and efforts to expose subversion.

"The Investigator" is a satire ridiculing Senator McCarthy and attempts to clean subversion out of government, written by Reuben Ship, who was deported from the US to Canada after his communist record was exposed by the Un-American Activities Committee and he hid behind the 'Fifth Amendment.' The CBC purchased this commie-line 'play' from Ship, produced and fed it to Canadians at the taxpayers' expense, and then sold the recording of the production back to Ship. The recording is now being publicized and promoted in the communist press throughout the Englishspeaking world and has netted considerable financial support for Red causes.

The BBC, not to be outdone by the CBC, recently broadcast this 'play' in Britain!

This gives us some idea of the direction and slant of the material recommended by the Canadian Association For Adult 'Education'.

A little investigation and perusal of the Association litrature reveals that:

The Atlantic Regional Conference in Charlottetown included delegates from other Maritime Provinces.

The Adult 'Education' Association is given financial support by the Departments of Education of B. C., Sask., Ont., N.B., N.S., P.E.I. and Newfoundland, and by the Federal Citizenship Branch.

Others contributing include: The University of Toronto, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Carnegie Corporation, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, and hundreds of well known church organizations, women's organizations, labour unions, businesses and corporations, banks and financial institutions, and, prominent public and political figures.

The Canadian Institute of International Affairs — notoriously left-wing — is listed as a "partner in certain joint ventures"; and UNESCO is thanked "for a great deal of practical help."

The choice of 'entertainment' — a film defending support of communism or a 'play' ridiculing exposure of communism — is rather significant, and reveals the complexion of those behind the promotion and direction of the Canadian Association For Adult 'Education'. Their choice of 'entertainment' is that offered regularly to readers of the Daily Worker.

But do the shareholders and directors of the firms and corporations contributing to this 'education' know this? Do the public figures supporting it know precisely what they are supporting? Do Canadians, whose tax-dollars foot the bill, understand what they are buying? Or have we become a nation so indifferent to principle and morality that we couldn't care less?

The Reds have demonstrated their skill in using and exploiting non-communist organizations to further their own ends. They are past-masters of subversion. And the extent of support the Reds have manoeuvred for their 'line' from wealthy individuals and foundations in the past would indicate that they are more than a match for many business leaders who make a microscopic investigation before placing a dime in a market or enterprise, but are as gullible as new-born babes when it comes to the very security of this country.

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