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Work and the Christian

on Wednesday, 01 April 1959. Posted in Social Credit

When non-Communists insist that "full employment" must be planned in order to provide monetary incomes, they indirectly support the Communist theory that "Labour produces all wealth". But a little reflection reveals that the greatest sources of health, fresh air and sunshine, are a gift. The Christian must view them as a gift of God. Not only are the sources of wealth a gift but every technological advance reduces the role of labour in the utilisation of these sources.

Modern man is the heir to thousands of years of accumulated knowledge of how to use the truths inherent in God's universe. The truth concerning what is termed the mechanical advantage was discovered, not created by the man who first used a lever to lift much greater weights than he could by the use of his own muscular energy. Numerous similar truths which today are taken for granted, are the basis of modern technology. God's truths can increase freedom, just as Christ taught.

Accumulated knowledge concerning the truths of the universe, the cultural heritagę, is the main element in productive processes today. Every individual is morally_entitled to his share of this heritage which could lead to increasing leisure and freedom for the individual towards perfection in the eyes of God. To deny man his rightful heritage by control through "Full Employment" and the wage system is to side with the forces of anti-Christ.

(From Eric D. Butler's "Social Credit: and Christian Philosophy".).

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