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What Should be Repaired?

on Tuesday, 01 October 2019. Posted in Social Credit

If a piece of machinery is not working, what should we repair: the part that is operating correctly or the defective part? One must repair what is not working properly, of course!

So we ask what is not working correctly with the present economic system? Is there a problem with production in our country? No, as quickly as we buy goods they are replaced on store shelves.

During the years of the Depression, in the 1930’s, production was well-organized and products were never lacking. However, this was not the case with money. The supply of money was not equivalent to production; there was a shortage of money relative to production. In 1939, when World War II was declared, the amount of money in circulation increased. There is never a lack of money to finance wars and destruction!

Why are all political parties satisfied with the present monetary system? Is it because they are beholden to the money powers? Or is it because it is easier to lead people by the nose when their pockets are empty?

The Pilgrims of St. Michael want nothing to do with any political party, whether established or new. We want people to be free. This is why we want money to be as abundant as national production and that every family has an income that is guaranteed; as guaranteed as the existence of production.

Social Crediters are not looking for complications. We note that products exist and so do peoples’ needs. Only money is lacking. In order for newly issued money to buy the products that are sitting on store shelves it must reach consumers and households. So new money must be distributed directly to consumers.

That is why Social Credit proposes a Dividend be distributed without condition to every man, woman and child. The National Dividend would consist of a sum of extra money in addition to what is earned in wages and salaries. There are enough goods for everyone that are just waiting for consumers with money to purchase.

The Louis Even Institute, which publishes the journal, MICHAEL, is not a political association which wants to benefit only a few [friends of the party] but wants to help everyone. We are not afraid of the Social Credit Dividend being given to all and we represent every citizen without exception.

This does not mean that everyone’s fortune will be equalized. Those who earn more will continue to have more money.

The Dividend, the part of purchasing power based on progress, is an entitlement to each person because the fruits of progress belongs to everyone. The poorest individual of our nation has equal ownership of the forests, waterfalls, the social organization and the scientific and cultural heritage of our nation as does the Prime Minister or the wealthiest man in the country. Each is equally entitled to a Dividend on the common capital when the common capital is productive.

This is what Social Credit demands, and this is what those whose hearts and minds are not closed through prejudices or selfishness expect.

If a government official earns a salary of $10,000 per month, and if the Dividend is $800 per month, the official will receive $10,800 per month. The newborn child, in a poor family, will get $800 per month in the form of a Dividend.

This is what Social Credit is all about; it cares for the poor. This is what inspires noble-hearted men and women to end the scandal of poverty by making this solution known even if it hurts the money masters and their lackeys in houses of parliament.

In a Social Credit system, there would never be any financial problems, whether this entailed providing large families with the cost of living, building or repairing roads or financing health care and education. The premise is that all that is physically possible would be made financially possible. If something is physically impossible one does not even attempt it. But when something is physically possible and desired by the population, it is just plain stupid to do without because it is “financially impossible”. This is an artificial impediment and It is nonsense that people starve in a century of plenty. Even in third-world countries, products are not lacking in the stores; just like in developed countries, it is always a problem of money.

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