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Those who never give up

Written by Louis Even on Wednesday, 01 November 2006. Posted in Social Credit

A true Social Crediter cannot keep for himself the treasure of light that he has received. He does not have that right either, for he or his descendants will never see its implementation if the Social Credit idea remains confined only within the spirit of those who already know about it, if these people content themselves with thinking about all the good Social Credit would do for the blossoming of the human person and of Christianity — but actually do nothing to make this brilliant Social Credit solution known to others.

Not only must we understand the Social Credit philosophy and make it understood by others, but we must also take the required steps to have it implemented into the laws of our nation. The "Michael" Journal explains how the enemy, the financial powers that want complete domination, are firmly in control today. We will never overcome these powers by simply lamenting about this state of affairs or by sitting around idly.

It is also childish to think that the money power and political machines can be overcome by raising funds and setting up another similar machine. The enemy can always have the upper hand in this area: spend as much money as you like, the Financiers will spend much more. Spend twice as much, and they can spend four times as much without any difficulty.

If we really want to overcome the money power, our energies should therefore be spent elsewhere.

Those who read this journal — and especially those who solicit subscriptions to increase its circulation — know better. For a long time, they know that it is through an enlightened population that the exploitation of the ignorance of the people will stop, and that it is with men and women who stand firm that the influence of politicians who sold themselves will stop.

To ovecome the power of the Financiers, we must go to the public, since it is through the exploitation of the ignorance of the public that the Financiers remain firmly in the saddle.

To go to the public: some will say that this is what we have been doing for years, and the only result we got was ungratefulness and humiliation.

We personally heard and read reflexions like this: "I am for the Cause. In fact, I once devoted my time to educate the people. But people are too stupid. They do not deserve that we make any more effort to inform them. I have done my part, and it is over with me now. I wish good luck to others, but as for me, I am sick and tired of it!"

Well, let us suppose that what this person said is true, and that the public is actually stupid, ungrateful, apathetic, and ready to sell himself to the highest bidder: will we gain anything by abandoning the public? Will people be better if we stop visiting them?

If the public were alert, determined, immunized against political corruption, they would come to us. However, if people are heedless, cowardly, or venal, it is all the more important for us to go and educate them.

Why did Our Lord come on earth, if not because the people were far away from God? After He made so many miracles and efforts for the multitude, what kind of gratitude and reward did He get? In fact, Jesus even lost his election when the people had to choose between Him and Barrabas. Moreover, before Good Friday, He had been abandoned or chased away many times by those to whom He dedictated Himself wholeheartedly. If Jesus had given up, if He had decided to go back to heaven, because the public was to ungrateful, too corrupt, too cowardly, where would be our Redemption today?

It is not for themselves, for personal rewards, that the Pilgrims of St. Michael, the Social Crediters of the "Michael" Journal, go out to reach their brothers and sisters.

The joy of the true friend of the people is found in self-dedication for the people, not in any reward he could get from the people. If we must rejoice when we find a good response among the public, it is not because it will make our task easier, but because the light has enlightened minds, because the truth has moved hearts. And we should continue to educate the population, because there is still much to be done.

For those who love freedom, the first dictatorship to overcome is that of laziness. As Gérard Mercier said, the greatest enemy of our cause is our own idleness, inactivity. It is this inclination to have an easy life that must be shaken up, if we want to win over other people.

What will 2007 be as regards the advancement of the Social Credit Cause? It will be what the Social Credit apostles themselves decide it to be. The enemies of our Cause, the Financiers, can lay obstacles, but they can never force a Social Crediter to give up the fight. When a Social Crediter ceases his apostolate work, it is himself who decides to do so, not the enemy.

We are talking here about a fight. There is action, life, in a fight. This life can be sustained only through the vision of a great ideal and the fire of a great love for one's neighbor. You, dear apostles of the "Michael" Journal, have this ideal in your minds of Social Crediters, and have this love in your hearts of Christians.

I would like to quote here these verses of the French poet Victor Hugo, taken from Les Chatiments:

"Those who live are those who fight; they are those whose souls and faces are filled with firm intention; filled up in the soul and the face, those who walk, thoughtful, filled with a sublime goal, having in front of their eyes unceasingly, night and day, some holy labor, or some great love!"

Long live Social Credit, and long live the "Michael" apostles!

Louis Even

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