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The Question of Sovereignty

on Monday, 01 August 1955. Posted in Social Credit

Is the question of sovereignty centrally important? Some friends would immediately reply: "Unwilling to part with sovereignty! That is a hard-shell attitude. Too many people trying to preserve too much sovereignty has made the world a difficult place to live in. We must be willing to sacrifice some sovereignty. The only way to get peace is to take part in a world government. The same kind of law must be made to apply to nations as to individuals in a nation.".

At first sight that might seem to be a fair statement. As a member of the "Bahai World Faith" would say: "Christianity united man with God, and man with man, but not nation with nation. Bahai does that. 'Bahai teaches a higher kind of love, a love of humanity. We must take a supranational view and be willing to surrender our wills. God has created all men and they are his children. Equality is one of our basic tenets. Therefore, we must build a world brotherhood, a world government, a world language, a world culture. Such is the line of progress. The various religions, mind you, at their time, made their contribution – Moses, then Christ, then Mohammed, and then Bahai-la, in that order."1

Many more among us are Bahais that attend meetings of the "Bahai World Faith”, including lay and religious adherents of the Christian Churches. We can thank the Bahais for bringing the issue squarely into the open. Can you be a Bahai and at the same time a member of the Christian Church? The issue is sovereignty, freedom to manage your own affairs — individually, as a family, municipally, provincially, federally, internationally. Is sovereignty inherent in the Christian religion or not?

* * *

Using a quotation which has by now become well konwn in the Social Credit Movement, if not famous:

Inherent in Christianity is "a concept of Life — or more accurately a philosophy — which recognizes man as a spiritual being created for a Divine purpose which he should be free to pursue before Almighty God. This concept of Life — expressed most perfectly in the teachings of the Christian Gospels — confers upon the personality of every individual a sanctity which precludes the right of any other person sitting in judgment upon him or thwarting the free expression of his personality. (The implication of any individual attempting to dictate and order the life of another is that he is usurping an authority which belongs to Almighty God alone.) A society based upon such a concept must be a free association of individuals, each deriving the utmost benefit therefrom in terms of freedom to express and develop his personality. In other words, the organization of society must be subordinated to the objective of personal freedom, and from this basic consideration are derived the principles which should govern all social organization."

* * *

Next the Moral Law, the Canon of Rightness as Douglas calls it — Authority. The thesis is that there is Truth, a universal and eternal Law, which underlies all things. In reality, individuals and society prosper by discovering and living in accordance with it. Its results are inevitable and automatic; it cannot be altered or "set-up". It definitely has nothing to do with "progress" in man-made organization. Apparently the Bahais, and the many Bahais who do not know they are Bahais, think it does.

If there is such a Canon, people and societies must be free to discover and apply it. A rush ahead into "organization", resting upon the conceit of men thinking they know what is best for other men, is diabolic.

* * *

Along this line, something we read in "Vọice", June 18, 1955, is well worth quoting:

"God created each person different from another, as He created each flower different from another. You do not demonstrate or practise the love of God or your neighbour by trying to flout His law and bring them all into conformity. On the contrary (if you do) you are practising communism.

"I quite realize that in an imperfect world there have to be some laws which make for conformity. Such as for instance (traffic laws)... But it is most important that there should be a minimum of such laws. Fluoridation is in an entirely different category... The technique of socialism by gradualness is precisely in getting people to agree to abandon this principle in small ways and then in larger until eventually we get the Communist, Atheistical World-State — the final monopolistic tyranny, the rule of Anti-Christ.

"God created 'Johnnie' out of step, and also created a Moral Law to which he must conform; that is, within the bounds of that Moral Law he should be out of step. A perfect State is one whose laws are no more and no less than those which conform to the Moral Law. It is the business of the Church to know and to preach this Moral Law.

"Advocacy of World Government built on immoral foundations can only lead to almost inconceivable suffering and disaster."

– D. H.


1.) The objectives of the Bahais include: World Government, World Language, and World Culture. Christianity is fine, they teach, but a step lower in progressiveness than the Muslim religion, both of which are behind Bahai in evolution. In other words, Bahai is the religious aim of World Government and quite the contrary to the teachings of Christ. — Editor.

Defalcator or Defective?

We quote from Candour, Apr. 29,1955:

"...the consistency with which Einstein took the fellow-travelling line suggests more of design than folly. He must have known that a Communist's sole loyalty is to the Soviet Union and that there were scores of Communists in key positions in the United States. Yet he urged all scientists, if called upon to testify in loyalty investigations, to plead the Fifth Amendment. This instruction, had it been generally obeyed, would have proved a boon to Soviet agents and a cruel disservice to the American nation in its efforts to ensure that its affairs were in safe hands. America succoured Einstein when he felt impelled to leave Germany, where his pro-Communist leaning had been much in evidence. Was this the best means he could find of repaying Americans for their hospitable reception of him? I repeat, the man was politically either a moron or a moral defective. Either way, his political activities were an offence against decency."

Food For Thought

“The Planners'popular newspaper, The Daily Mirror, has for a full-week carried a double page feature article on what it terms''the robot revolution', and summarises its conclusion in monster headlines: ‘Political Planning Or Chaos?'It quotes the Socialist M. P., Mr. Ť. C. Pannell:

6'Now is the time to prepare. If automation comes in with the speed which is prophesied, the dock strike, the rail strike and the seamen's strike will be as chicken feed compared with the trouble at that time."

“The Daily Mirror asserts that “if we go wrong, mass unemployment and the dole queue will be back again.'

“The answer is quite şimple, and we are happy to tell The Daily Mirror and others what it is. It is that if an automatic factory produces the same amount of goods with the labour of five men where'fifty were employed before, then the fortyfive men who are displaced from work should have the goods and services, which they previouly enjoyed, without the work. In other words the automatic factory should pay a dividend in lieu of a wage. The millions of workers who are thus released from paid employment, and who are alleged to be so keen to help the backward coun. tries will then have paid leisure, which, if they so choose, they can use to go to these countries and help the backward peoples to develop their own factories."

- VOICE (Belfast), July 16, 1955

“The industrial machine is a lever, continu. ously being lengthened by progress, which enables the burden of Atlas to be lifted with ever-increasing ease. As the number of men required to work the lever decreases, so the number of men set free to lengthen it increases."


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing".


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