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The money deception

on Saturday, 01 September 2007. Posted in Social Credit

Here are excerpts from the speech of Dr. Anthony Spiteri of Malta at our Congress:

I am here today after completing another year of teaching at the University of Malta where I teach social philosophy, trying to relate it to the philosophy of Social Credit. Hence, Social Credit I refer to as New Testament socio-economics common sense.

One of the big words in philosophy is the word dialectics. What does this mean? Very generally, it means dialogue. No one single view of things should dictate over others. It means taking competing positions into account; not being pigheaded; being receptive to other view points. So thinking dialectically means learning well the positions within the spectrum of ideas. Coming to know your own way of thinking through the understanding of other views, and then by reasoning clearly, taking the best of them into a rational combination or synthesis. To be sure, this idea of being tolerant towards other perspectives may indeed have its virtues. It is charitable to listen to other views, and it is loving to do so. It is certainly a sign of strength to admit one's weaknesses and to correct one's thoughts and actions in the light of richer ways.

But there are some matters that are just plain evil. Hence, not to be tolerated. Sure, it is not always easy to tell which ones are which, but there are some that are just plain evil. With the events of 9/11 (its anniversary six years ago next week), we come up against one example of sheer stark evil. This evil is the evil of the world of deception. Mass deception! Money deception! Being consensually stunned into a money trance. And this week with the Pilgrims has helped me realize the financial and banking games behind this deception. Should I be tolerant towards them or prayerful for their defeat? I think I should be intolerant towards them and prayerful; intolerant towards the manufacturing of poverty, and single minded about a system of credit that does not hurt any more. I think the colour of truth on this issue is not grey. It is very white – white like the colour of the Lamb. Thank you very much!

Anthony Spiteri

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