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The implementation of Social Credit will be obtained by apostolate work, not by political parties

Written by Louis Even on Saturday, 01 May 2010. Posted in Social Credit

In this article, I will talk about Social Credit as taught by the “Michael” Journal for the last 55 years, and not about so-called “Social Credit parties” to which our Movement is opposed.

What is Social Credit?

The Social Credit financial proposals can be summed up as follows: everyone would receive, each month or on a regular basis, a dividend that would allow one to have access to the necessities of life. This dividend would increase as production does away with the need for manpower and employment.

Louis Even founder of MichaelAs you know, employment is rewarded by a salary while capitalism is rewarded by a dividend. Thus it is that every man is born a capitalist today in our modern world. Why? Because individuals inherit many things that have been passed down from previous generations that allow production to be made ten times, a hundred times faster, to be a hundred times more abundant than a few centuries ago. And this is not due to modern workers. It is due to the inheritance passed down from generation to generation: knowledge, advances in technology, applied science, etc.

On the other hand, at all times, total purchasing power must be at the same level as total production. That is to say if there is, for example, thirty billion dollars worth of production in a year in a country, there must be during the course of that year, thirty billion of purchasing power to obtain it. And possibly more since some people do not use all of their purchasing power. Production must not sit still in the face of needs.

Above all, the Social Credit dividend is an acknowledgement of the rights of the individuals. Each person has a fundamental right to the earth’s goods. We have said often: as a human being, one has the right to a share of earthly goods and it is the duty of the country to see to it. In our country, production can easily achieve this goal. And since money is required to purchase goods: the fundamental right to a share of production is therefore the fundamental right to a given quantity of money; this is the dividend.

A dividend better recognizes the individual’s right to a share of earthly goods than social security does today. These are good laws. Why are they good? Because they help those in need. But they allow the people to be helped as those who are in need, instead of rewarding them as capitalists. They are helped so that they look like beggars; they have to beg to receive the necessities. And so to obtain their monthly unemployment insurance allowance, an allowance owed to them by law, they have to submit their case, to have it studied by inspectors. Where is the human dignity in all this? There are better ways of doing things.

We, as Social Crediters, consider social assistance laws as being of interest but only as temporary measures. We must go beyond these. Individuals must be recognized as holders of the benefits of association and life in society. Fine! But when will this happen?

When will Social Credit be applied?

When will it happen? When mentalities are won over to this idea. There is progress in mentalities... Fifty years ago one could not speak of unearned money to be distributed free. This is the case today with social security laws. This money is not earned through work but it is distributed nonetheless; this represents a step forward. Other steps were also taken. Our Movement works towards improving the spirit in which laws are applied. We cause civil servants to become more human. We force governments to better understand the needs of individuals by making them known.

Here is a case in point, and Social Crediters are good at this. They travel everywhere, they know what is going on, they cry out, they demand change. The “Michael” Journal, that is spread ever further by the Social Credit apostles, speaks out against and denounces situations of misery that go without aid. It also denounces the poor mindset in which laws are applied, it points out the shortcomings in these matters. And it goes on asking for Social Credit to be applied.

You may ask: “When will you get Social Credit applied? You will not obtain it until you have people in power!” This line of reasoning is wrong. We will not change people’s mentality by sending members to parliament! Quite the opposite! To place people in parliaments is the goal of political parties. And today’s Social Credit Party is the exact copy of the other parties. It is worst than other parties since it makes bad use of a good idea to do the same nefarious things.

Today, look at the White Berets, at what they do. Are they for “Social Credit” political parties? No! They are hard workers. Apostles look elsewhere, away from the political party. The financiers were very happy to see a Social Credit Party in Canada exist to steal the idea. Why? Because a Social Credit Party sullies the expression “Social Credit.” When you visit a family to discuss Social Credit, if the people in front of you are Liberal or Conservative, they will say: “We don’t belong to your party!” They will only consider the idea of a party instead of considering the doctrine and thus they are turned off. Right from the start they are opposed to the presentation of the Social Credit doctrine.

Social Credit is a universal principle good for all people, not only in our country but worldwide. It is a doctrine that the whole world can accept. So if you squeeze it into a political party you close off the minds of others. You make them turn down your visit. This is not the way to go. Furthermore financiers are very happy to divide the people, thus preventing them from joining forces. The financiers, do not fear parliaments. When all they have before them is parliament, it suits them just fine. Why? To get into the parliament, one needs the financiers to start with. They are the ones who finance the elections.

Secondly, when in parliament, financiers are backstage. And they are powerful: without occupying any of the countries they lead. They direct the lawmaking process of the country without seeking to be elected. They are a power. A power upon the elected and they have no fear of them. Financiers are more powerful than the elected. Change the elected officials all you want; bring in large and small ones, the blue, red or people with new ideas, it does not matter. They may come to parliament filled with sincerity, (a rare commodity.) But even with sincerity, in order to remain in power, they will go the way the others have. They will be unable to do anything. They keep on telling you: “I am unable: it is the party, it is parliament or the government.” Or else: “It is impossible: there is no money, etc.”

The financiers hold the first place backstage. They hold the first place among the population as well. We need to change the people’s mentality. We must build a power within the people that will do what the financiers do backstage. We must build a power within the people that will not place its trust in elections or the elected representatives but rather on the people themselves and upon the affirmation of their ideas. Then and only then will you have something lasting, enduring and powerful: nothing less than this can be acceptable.

You may say: “It will take time to achieve this.” Sure enough, it takes time to transform a people. It takes time to transform an idea: to transform today’s idea where all was done for money. We belong to a civilization of money. We must turn it into a civilization of man, into a civilization of the spirit and brotherhood. It takes a lot of time when the very opposite was done for years, if not for centuries. But progress can be seen. To those who say: “You are not getting anywhere,” we answer that we obtain a lot more than they give us credit for.

Those who have promoted so-called Social Credit parties obtained nothing. Those who were in parliaments under a Social Credit label gave the people nothing permanent, nothing long-lasting, nothing good. They did not pull a single person out of misery or distress, while those not in parties, such as those trained by the “Michael” Journal, the people found in the “Michael” Movement — call them White Berets or what you wish — these people take action, they go to the people. They take today’s laws and have them applied. They settle situations. They help others. They build a better world for tomorrow. Stone by stone they build, unlike parliamentarians and those who depend on elections, not to save the people but to say they will save the people, seeking to have a majority in parliament so as to legislate first.

You will not obtain a Social Credit majority in parliament before the year 3000 or 4000. You will never get it, it is not the way to go. And should a so-called “Social Credit” party ever get a majority of seats in parliament, they could do nothing because financiers are more powerful than all elected governments worldwide. Something else is needed: once more, the power of the people.

And we obtain results not only through the social security laws that we have. These are results indeed. We have led people to admit that those who are in need have a right to live and if they have the right to live, they have also the right to some money. That in itself is a major point. Other points came to be accepted: we have lead to the acceptance that financial dictatorship is the cause of much hardship. We are employed at its destruction. You will say: “It cannot be broken!” But the more we grow in numbers, the more it crumbles.

People must be empowered and politicians must be brought down to size. We will obtain results slowly but surely faster than we think if this power of the people, through education, is made greater. And this power will grow in as much as the people are led in the right way and not side-tracked with false information.


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