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The great thieves that the Social Crediters are taking on

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Wednesday, 01 November 2006. Posted in Social Credit

Jesus confronts the thieves

Once there was a great feast in Jerusalem. Jews throughout Palestine and elsewhere came to the Temple for several days, to offer up sacrifices to the true God and to rejoice together for the privileges granted by the Most High to the chosen people.

This state of affairs lasted several days. They prayed together They ate together. They congratulated one another. They kissed one another. They exchanged gifts with one another, extended good wishes, etc.

It was the holiday season. Just like our holiday celebrations for Christmas.

But all of a sudden, there is a stir within the crowd. People murmur. People jostle each other. One shouts out in the Temple. Look at Jesus of Nazareth, the prophet, the one who carries out so many miracles, look at Him. He made a whip out of his girdle and He's casting out men carrying bags of gold into their hands. It's the traffickers of money, the moneylenders, that He's casting out. He's turning over their counters. He's whipping their beasts.

One had never seen meek Jesus so infuriated. But, listen to Him, Jesus of Nazareth. He speaks out: "Do not make My Father's house a den of robbers."

Oh! There were thieves there! They were meddling amongst sacrifices, prayers, congratulations, good wishes; they were thieves who were fattening up at the expense of the poor's blood. Just like today in our world, and even in our own country.

The great thieves in our country

There are thieves here, amongst us.

Who are they? Who are they who are fattening up from the poor's blood?

Do I mean the common workers who are robbing their owners? No, they are not big thieves. Do I mean tenants, owners who are robbing one another? No. Not at all. Do I mean the owners who are gobbling up all the profits of the businesses? No, this is no big deal either. This whole situation is but the consequence of a great robbery.

The real thieves, the great thieves who are living among us, are the controllers of money and credit, who are controlling our lives, and without their permission none can breathe any more, according to the very words of Pope Pius XI.

Those are the thieves who spoil all our holidays, all our good wishes, all our festivities.

At the turn of the New Year 2007 people will extend their good wishes for the New Year. But then, who really will believe in the good wishes of prosperity that they will extend to you?

No one believes, today, under the system of government we have, no one believes that we are heading for prosperity. Every one sees, on the contrary, that we are heading towards ruin.

I'm a worker. I don't know if I will still have a job next week. Nevertheless, I have to feed my family, and I live from one paycheck to the next. I can be ruined any time.

I'm a proprietor. During the holidays my sales were 50% less than they were last year. And the expenses, wages, rent, taxes increased. The ruin of my business is close at hand.

And as for me, says another one, my income is more or less assured; but prices, the prices I pay for goods are forever going up. Every day, I get stung with new prices at the stores. What will become of us? Our money buys less and less at the stores.

And the housing crisis, what misery! Federal and provincial governments increase state controls. That doesn't change anything. Housing costs even more. How can we become proprietors? We cannot afford repairs. Taxes mortgage all that we own.

They are inducing us towards war

Under the present financial system, there is only one way out, only one: that is to send soldiers on a battlefield, somewhere in the world. The Government will take care of their needs as far as clothing and food are concerned. And we, over here, will have the great advantage of producing bread, clothing and weapons for the killers of men.

As far as the war is concerned, let it come! One extends good wishes of peace to you, but one is laughing at you: it's the war that one needs in order to live under the present financial system.

When war is in progress, we have plenty of money in circulation. With our financial system, people must produce cannons in order to have the right to eat the bread that the bakers produce. It's true therefore that people wish for war under the present financial system! But this system is a system of thieves who are fattening up from the blood of the poor.

The great thief of bread and of blood, it's this diabolic financial system which controls all of us, from the poorest to the wealthiest, from the most humble citizen to the most powerful governments.

A system of thieves, a system of lies

This system brings money into circulation when one destroys wealth. Money to kill and destroy, in plenty! This same financial system removes money from circulation when one produces bread and housing.

When the stores are filled to bursting, our pockets are empty. And when the stores are empty, our pockets are full.

When there is wealth, money disappears. When wealth is destroyed, money returns. That's a topsy-turvy state of affairs. Finance operates contrarily to realities. It operates backwardly, opposing realities.

Why such a state of affairs? Are the people in charge of the financial system crazy?

No, they are not crazy. They are thieves! Those in control of the financial system want war and they want the population to seek war, so that the governments can declare war.

Those in control of the financial system are precisely the exploiters of war who are fattening up from the blood of the poor.

They run off with the goods by declaring crises

And these people, these very same ones, those who control the financial system, what is their role in peacetime? Their role is to keep money as scarce as possible. It's the controllers of the financial system who declare crises and sustain them. These crises are beneficial for them, and they get handed over into their hands all of the wealth that the population creates.

You built a house. It's only partially paid for. In times of war, you have sufficient money to make your payments. But then, peace returns to the land. Now there's a crisis: unemployment. You cannot pay your debts any more. You lose your house. It's the financier who takes it.

The financier, the one who controls the financial system. When he ordered the crisis, he knew very well that you would lose your job and your house. But, that is precisely what he wanted.

A very small number of citizens are owners in a city like Montreal. What a pity! Yes, and it's all because of the crises and the wars which go to and fro under the control of the financiers, the great thieves, the controllers of crisis and wars, the controllers of money and credit.

They were condemned by Pope Pius XI in his encyclical letter Quadragesimo Anno, in 1931, 75 years ago:

"Those who, because they hold and control money, are also able to govern credit and determine its allotment, for that reason supplying so to speak, the lifeblood to the entire economic body, and grasping, as it were, in their hands the very soul of production, so that no one dare breathe against their will."

Only the Social Crediters take on the thieves

Who are the ones who listened to the voice of the Pope denouncing the great thieves? Who? Only the Social Crediters, the Pilgrims of St. Michael of the "Michael" Journal.

When the Pope recommends workers-unions, he finds people to organize them. That is right. But when the Pope condemns the financial system, the controllers of money and credit, where is the united citizenry to cast out the great thieves?

We're afraid, you see, of these masters of our lives, the financiers! What the Pope said is quite true: the financiers control our lives. It is much too true. They control our lives so much that one cannot speak out any more. The whole world is all chained up!

We must cast out this financial dictatorship. It is the monster with thousands of heads and tentacles.

Who will face up to this monster? Who will have such courage? The Social Crediters! Yes, the Social Crediters have that kind of courage. And this courage that the Social Crediters have paralyzes the enemy and the cowards.

The Social Crediters want to cast out the financial dictatorship. And they will carry it off.

For 2007, the Social Crediters, the Pilgrims of St. Michael of the "Michael" Journal wish for their compatriots that the great thieves be casted out from the country.

And who are we going to assign to carry out this gigantic task? The Federal Government in Ottawa.

You people in office in Ottawa, your primordial duty is that of putting the country's wealth into the country's homes, in order to make the country's families prosperous.

I who speak to you, I'm only a citizen. I'm not a government. I'm not a Minister. I'm not a Member of Parliament. I'm not a town councillor. I'm simply a poor taxpayer, taxed up to the hilt. And I demand with every strength of my being that the financial dictatorship be casted out. I shout it out everywhere I go. And from the rooftops whenever I can.

And you, at the head of a government, what are you doing to cast out the financial dictatorship?

People of the Federal Government, why not free yourselves once and for all from this slavery. Take up the responsibility of the country's business into your own hands. The natural resources exist. The workers exist. Science exists. The only thing missing is money. And the Parliament can easily pass a law in order for money to come into being. Vote this law: the law of Social Credit, which will put the country's wealth into our homes, and which will put into your own hands, the Government, the power to freely administer the country, to lead the country to a true prosperity, which is the prosperity of the families who make it up.

The Federal Government must use the Bank of Canada in order to apply the Social Credit principles. The Bank of Canada was established in 1934 by the Federal Government to "regulate credit and money in the best interest of the country's economic life." The Bank of Canada founded in 1934 did not yet begin to accomplish this function for which it was established. Therefore the Federal Government seriously failed in its duty since 1934. It is high time for the Government to amend its politics of letting the Bank of Canada to continue violating the rights of the nation. It is time for the Federal Government of Canada, which is sovereign, to take up in hands its responsibility of subjecting the Bank of Canada to the law and to the rules of its own Constitution.

It is our fervent wish that the Social Credit Act will be implemented for the whole Canadian population. And we wish for the Federal Government to be liberated from the chains of finance.

Gilberte Côté-Mercier

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