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The Great March On Quebec

on Monday, 01 August 1955. Posted in Social Credit

The above cartoon is reproduced from the August 1st issue of VERS DEMAIN, the French-language Social Credit journal which has a paid-up circulation of approximately 100,000.

The Annual Congress of the Social Credit movement in Quebec and French-speaking sections of Canada will be held in historic Quebec City on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September. There will be delegations from several provinces, prominent Social Crediters from English-speaking sections of Canada, and visitors from Europe.

Two years ago this Annual Congress, held in the eastern townships of Quebec, drew an extremely large attendance, one of its features being a five-mile motorcade of decorated automobiles — over five hundred flag-bedecked autos — which toured several townships.

Last year, in the newly developed section of Quebec Province far to the northwest of Quebec City, the Annual Congress drew still larger support and attendance. Some reports estimated total attendance at close to 20 thousand.

This year the Congress is in Quebec City, and delegations from practically every parish in Quebec Province, and scores from other eastern provinces, will be converging on the ancient capital — autos bedecked with Social Credit flags, pennants and insigna; men, women and children wearing their white Social Credit berets.

It is not without significance that many municipal councillors, mayors, and provincial legislators will be in attendance this year.

The first session (Sept. 3) will be held in Victoria Park Arena, where delegates will be officially welcomed by the Mayor of Quebec City.

The past year's activities and progress will be reviewed, and the objectives and strategy for the next year set.

The second session, the afternoon of Sept. 4, will feature a great parade to the Provincial Parliament Buildings, where the Congress will present its demands to the Government, and hear the replies of Ministers and Members of the Legislature.

In the evening, proceedings will be devoted to municipal problems; and mayors and councillors — scores of whom will be present, many of them delegates to the Congress — will be invited to join with their people in demanding the adoption of Social Credit as an alternative to more debt and taxation..

This Congress is of first-rate significance. All roads lead to Quebec City this September 3rd and 4th. Everyone is welcome.

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